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Urban Village
December 20, 2017
Urban Village

Urban Village ABCs

All examined, unanimously agreed, fully understood.

After all, is it urban people's nostalgia, or country people's homesickness about the city?

Strength must be persistent to ensure.

Today, experience is more important than just knowing.

Guangdongism vigor.

The situation cannot be judged right now.

Culture set the stage, economy puts on the show.

The competent man in the village, the villain in the town, the vulgarian in the city.

Slogans are also poetry.

Standard scenery.

Welcome to the secluded areas of urban and rural junctions.

The street is ours... right?

Who is changing our daily life?

What else is worth looking for over and over?

Far away, there is grass, cows, and sheep. There is also blood and sweat.

Hello, we are newsfeeds.

Rural problems are complicated. It is not easy to do anything.

Listen to the words of others, go your own way.

Uh... I can't tell, I'm just a worker.

In the near future, culture and industry will begin to push and block each other.

The Urban Village Is our fun park.

We are the pets of the times.

Time is money, efficiency is iife.

Is now the future of the past?

Ake, the "flee ghost."

After all who has the final say in this world?


Urban Village is collaboration between e-flux Architecture and the 7th Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (UABB) within the context of its theme, "Cities, Grow in Difference."

Liu Qingyuan is and artist and associate professor at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.

Urban Village
Urban Village
Liu Qingyuan
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