My Favourite Job

Sashko Protyah

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Mental Ecologies of War​ My Favourite Job
Sashko Protyah

31 Minutes

February 15–March 15, 2023

My Favourite Job is an experimental film documenting the practices of a volunteer group that evacuated people from Mariupol in the spring of 2022, when the city was surrounded by Russian troops and civilian targets were heavily bombed on a daily basis. They meet after each trip to share information, support each other, and talk about their traumatic experiences. The film includes images from the volunteers’ mobile phone videos, the filmmaker’s personal archive, and animation models: images that evidence ex negativo the warfare-influenced ban on the circulation of images of Mariupol. Any documentation is made under extreme danger of getting killed at the hands of the occupying army, since the said photo or video may contain evidence of war crimes. The unrated first-perspective videos of mass destructions that appear in the beginning of the film were recorded and carried out of Mariupol at the operators’ own risk.

This screening is part of Infrastructures, Geographies, and Elemental Relations, the first of two chapters of the film program Mental Ecologies of War​, curated by Olexii Kuchanskyi and Elena Vogman. The second chapter of the program takes place at e-flux Screening Room on March 18, 2023. See the full program here.

For more information, contact program@e-flux.com.

War & Conflict, Film, Image, Internet
Ukraine, Documentary
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Sashko Protyah is a film director and activist from Mariupol, Ukraine. In his films, he works with topics of memory, otherness, and alienation. Protyah is particularly interested in experimenting with the inclusivity of moving-image production and alternative routes for the distribution of images. Today Protyah is based in Zaporizhzhia and volunteers for internally displaced people and the Ukrainian army. He is a member of Freefilmers, a cinemovement and NGO that promotes the decentralization of cultural processes and independent filmmaking, especially in Eastern Ukraine. Their latest projects focus on memories and archives beyond official historical narratives, and on gender violence in patriarchal capitalist society. Nowadays Freefilmers are engaged in building an activist and volunteer network of solidarity and support for Ukrainians who suffer from and fight against Russian imperialist aggression.

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