#105 December 2019

The Loophole of Retreat—An Invitation

Extended Notes on the Riot

Images from “Loophole of Retreat”

bound together by this matter

The Music of the Spheres

A Gathering of Aporetic Form


Suspended Munition: Mereology, Morphology, and the Mammary Biopolitics of Transmission in Simone Leigh’s Trophallaxis

Beauty Is a Method

Selvage/Obsidian: A Response

Still images from ILLUSIONS Vol. II, OEDIPUS

Politics of Marooning and Radical Disobedience


of wishing and superheroes


Reflections on Black Sisterhood and the United Order of Tents

Still images from Spit on the Broom

the order was in the hour of worship

#105 December 2019 Extended Notes on the... Images from “Loophole... bound together by this... The Music of the Spheres A Gathering of... Maps Suspended Munition:... Beauty Is a Method Selvage/Obsidian: A... Still images from... Politics of Marooning... How of wishing and... Interstice Reflections on Black... Still images from Spit... the order was in the...