#57 September 2014

Editorial—“The End of the End of History?” Issue Two

The Places of History

To Make a World, Part I: Ultranationalism and the Art of the Stateless State

“A Monster Was Born”: Notes on the Rebirth of the “Corrupt Intellectual”

Why Neue Slowenische Kunst in German?

Democrisis: Notes on the Capitalist Imaginary of Europe

Red Berets and Economic Accomplices

The Dead Afghani before the Camera and before Death

Ágalma: The ‟Objet Petit a,” Alexander the Great, and Other Excesses of Skopje 2014

On the False Democracy of Contemporary Art

Nationalism: Persistence and Political Upkeep

Vigorous Flagging in the Heart of Europe: The Hungarian Homeland under the Right-Wing Regime

Hope in a Hopeless Situation

#57 September 2014 The Places of History To Make a World, Part... “A Monster Was Born”:... Why Neue Slowenische... Democrisis: Notes on... Red Berets and... The Dead Afghani... Ágalma: The ‟Objet... On the False Democracy... Nationalism:... Vigorous Flagging in... Hope in a Hopeless...