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#95 WONDERFLUX Journal
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#76 October 2016

Editorial—“The Perfect Storm”

If You Don’t Have Bread, Eat Art!: Contemporary Art and Derivative Fascisms

What Can We Learn from Vampires and Idiots?

In the Nebulous Zone between Class Antagonism and Violence

With the Blow of a Paintbrush: Contemporary Fascism and the Limits of Historical Analogy

So Far, So Good: Contemporary Fascism, Weak Resistance, and Postartistic Practices in Today’s Poland

Who Makes the Nazis?

Male Fantasies: The Sequel(s)

Some Theses on “Populism”


#76 October 2016 If You Don’t Have... What Can We Learn from... In the Nebulous Zone... With the Blow of a... So Far, So Good:... Who Makes the Nazis? Male Fantasies: The... Some Theses on “Populism” Transdemocracy