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#88 February 2018

Editorial—Russian Cosmism

Timeline of Russian Cosmism

The Stofflichkeit of the Universe: Alexander Bogdanov and the Soviet Avant-Garde

Optimists of the Future Past Perfect

Fedorov’s Geographies of Time

Anagogia in Cosmism and Communism

Genealogy of Humanity

Russian Cosmism: A Foretaste of Revolution

Contingency and Necessity in Evald Ilyenkov’s Communist Cosmology

How to Keep Communism Aloft: Labor, Energy, and the Model Cosmos in Soviet Cinema

#88 February 2018 Timeline of Russian... The Stofflichkeit of... Optimists of the... Fedorov’s Geographies... Anagogia in Cosmism... Genealogy of Humanity Russian Cosmism: A... Contingency and... How to Keep Communism...