Journal #88 - Anastasia Gacheva, Arseny Zhilyaev, and Anton Vidokle - Timeline of Russian Cosmism
Journal #88
February 2018
Journal #88 - February 2018

Timeline of Russian Cosmism

A timeline of Russian cosmism maps key developments relevant to cosmism starting from 1772 to 2000. The timeline is a work in progress: new entries, images, and films, especially those pertaining to the twenty-first century, will be added in the near future. Go to website →


Anastasia Gacheva is a philologist and Chief Research Associate at the Gorky Institute of World Literature at the Russian Academy of Sciences. She is coeditor of the complete works of Nikolai Fedorov and the anthologies Der russische Kosmismus (1993) and N.F. Fedorov: pro et contra (2004–08). Gacheva is in charge of the literary and philosophical estate for several cosmist thinkers from the 1920s and 1930s. She has published widely on the intellectual and creative dialogs between Fedorov, Dostoyevsky, and Solovyov. She has also written about Russian cosmism’s historiography and aesthetics, as well as migration movements in the postrevolutionary era.

Arseny Zhilyaev is an artist based in Moscow and Venice. His projects examine the legacy of Soviet museology and the museum within the philosophy of Russian Cosmism.

Anton Vidokle is an editor of e-flux journal.

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Journal # 88
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Anastasia Gacheva
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