#92 June 2018


One Eye Closed: An Exercise in Stereoscopy

Action, Activism, and Art and/as Thought: A Dialogue with the Artworking of Sonia Khurana and Sutapa Biswas and the Political Theory of Hannah Arendt

Untitled (Environments)

Sticky Notes, 1-3

Mother Earth: Public Sphere, Biosphere, Colonial Sphere

The Word Made Fresh: Mystical Encounter and the New Weird Divine

E autobiography di un idioma

Maso and Miso in the Land of Men’s Rights

Dragging (My) Shadows on a Circle: On Anger, Vulnerability, and Intimacy

Feminism, Art, Contradictions

But Still, Like Air, I’ll Rise

Feminism Will Not Be Televised

#92 June 2018 One Eye Closed: An... Action, Activism, and... Untitled (Environments) Sticky Notes, 1-3 Mother Earth: Public... The Word Made Fresh:... E autobiography di un... Maso and Miso in the... Dragging (My) Shadows... Feminism, Art,... But Still, Like Air,... Feminism Will Not Be... or, on being the other...