Journal #95 - Words by Keller Easterling / Illustrations by Meijia Xu - If You Are Lucky
Journal #95
Journal #95 - November 2018

If You Are Lucky


Keller Easterling is an architect, writer, and professor at Yale. Her most recent book, Extrastatecraft: The Power of Infrastructure Space (Verso, 2014), examines global infrastructure as a medium of polity. Another recent book, Subtraction (Sternberg, 2014), considers building removal or how to put the development machine into reverse. Her other books include Enduring Innocence: Global Architecture and its Political Masquerades (MIT, 2005) and Organization Space: Landscapes, Highways and Houses in America (MIT, 1999). Her research and writing were included in the 2014 and 2018 Venice Biennales. She lectures and exhibits internationally.

Meijia Xu is a freelance illustrator originally from China and currently based in New York. She wants to use her abstract visual code to communicate with you and the world.

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Journal # 95
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Keller Easterling
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