Journal #95 - Words by Hu Fang / Illustrations by Mojo Wang - Faceless Man
Journal #95
Journal #95 - November 2018

Faceless Man


Hu Fang is a novelist, art critic, and the cofounder and artistic director of Vitamin Creative Space in Guangzhou. His published novels include Dear Navigator, Garden of Mirrored Flowers, and New Arcade, Shopping Utopia. He lives and works in Beijing and Guangzhou.

Mojo (Chuan-Jie) Wang is a self-taught illustrator. He was born and rasied in Shanghai. After receiving his bachelor's degree in industrial engineering from Shanghai University of Engineering, he worked as an in-house illustrator/photo editor at ELLE Men magazine. Mojo is currently pursuing his MFA at the School of Visual Arts in New York City

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Journal # 95
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Hu Fang
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