June 2, 2022

Artists’ Statement in Support of ruangrupa

Graffiti on the wall of a space allocated to the Question of Funding collective, documenta fifteen, 2022. Referencing the California Penal Code, “187” is slang for murder.

Lumbung Community Statement

We, the lumbung community (the artists and members of documenta fifteen), add our collective voices in support of the letter that was published on May 7 by ruangrupa, the artistic team of documenta fifteen, and some curators of the failed forum “We Need to Talk! Art – Freedom – Solidarity,” in response to the ripple effects of the false accusations of anti-Semitism made against some members of this lumbung community.

Since that time there has been further racist activity against us, and it has crossed over from the digital space into our physical spaces. On May 28, the exhibition and living spaces of documenta were broken into and defaced with what can only be interpreted as a death threat. This is a very worrying escalation of the situation that began almost six months ago here in Kassel.

We are united against the racist attacks that started this sequence of events. And we stand firmly against all forms of discrimination, including racist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, sexist, transphobic, anti-Muslim, anti-Palestinian, anti-Roma, ableist, casteist, classist, and ageist actions and attacks.

We also express our dismay and disappointment at the amplification that the original baseless blog post of disinformation and manipulated content received in some of the mainstream media. We denounce the media participation in these smear campaigns.

We invite you to read the May 7 letter from ruangrupa here.

We look forward to seeing you during the hundred days of documenta fifteen.


Cecilia Campos / Serigrafistas Queer

Ana Carolina Fernández Alfonso / Serigrafistas Queer

María Collado

Marianne Dautrey / Siwa Platform

sally mizrachi

Lina Mejia Alvarez

Arafat Sadallah Siwa Platform

Francesca Masoero / Le 18

Hama GORO / Centre Soleil d’Afrique

Kenan Darwich & Sami Rustom (Fehras Publishing Practices)

Dan Perjovschi

Erick Beltran

Joen Vedel (Jimmie Durham & A Stick in the Forest by the Side of the Road)

Wilma Lukatsch (Jimmie Durham & A Stick in the Forest by the Side of the Road)

Alejandra Rojas / Más Arte Más Acción

Abhinit Khanna / Party Office

Fadescha / Party Office

Ali Akbar Mehta / Party Office

Shaunak Mahbubani / Party Office

Iain Chambers (Jimmie Durham & A Stick in the Forest by the Side of the Road)

Maria Thereza Alves

Elisa Strinna (Jimmie Durham & A Stick in the Forest by the Side of the Road)

Atis Rezistans

Marwa Arsanios


INLAND- Campo Adentro

Saodat Ismailova

Sebastián Díaz Morales

Andre Eugene & Leah Gordon of Atis Rezistans | Ghetto Biennale

Hajnalka Somogyi / OFF-Biennale Budapest

Nino Bulling

Arts Collaboratory / Kunci Study Forum & Collective

Jaroslava Tomanova

Noor Abed / documenta fifteen team

Joachim Hamou

Yagoutha Belgacem / Siwa plateforme

Martin Swan / Project Art Works

Safdar Ahmed / Refugee Art Project

Fernando Arias / Mas Arte Mas Accion

Kate Adams / Project Art Works

Morten Goll / Trampoline House

Jonathan Colin / Más Arte Más Acción

Ramon Film Productions. Nabwana Isaac Godfrey/ Nakasujja Harriet

The Question of Funding

Graziela Kunsch

Helen Charlton, Project Art Works

Sourabh Phadke

Alice Yard

Richard Bell

Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa / Africa Cluster of the Another Roadmap School (ARAC)

BOLOHO + Reading Room

Andrea Thal / Africa Cluster of the Another Roadmap School (ARAC)

Rossana Alarcón Más Arte Más Acción

Claudia Fontes / La Intermundial Holobiente

María P. Malavasi Lachner / TEOR/éTica

Carlota Mir - trampoline house

Olutayo Aje / Africa Cluster of the Another Roadmap School (ARAC)

Lineo Segoete (ARAC)

Zachary Rosen (ARAC)

Liam Morgan

Baan Noorg Collaborative Arts and Culture

Eszter Szakács / OFF-Biennale Budapest

Katalin Székely / OFF-Biennale Budapest

Nikolett Eross / OFF-Biennale Budapest

Joey Cannizzaro (Party Office)

Jumana Emil Abboud

Crater Invertido Cooperativa (Mexico City)

Krishan Rajapakshe (*foundationClass*collective)

yasmine eid-sabbagh

reinaart vanhoe

andrés villalobos / arts collaboratory

Asia Art Archive


Cam-Anh Luong (*foundationClass*collective)

Nadira Husain (*foundationClass*collective)

Issa Freij

Subversive Film

Mohamad Halbouni (*foundationClass*collective)

Ali Kaaf (*foundationClass*collective)

Lydia Antoniou

Ulf Aminde (*foundationClass*collective)

Lontananza Mathieu /Siwa Platform

Harry Sachs (ZK/U)

Matthias Einhoff (ZK/U)

Philip Horst (ZK/U)


Anwar Al Atrash (*foundationClass*collective)

khalid Albaih

Haythem Zakaria / Siwa Plateform

Tyuki Imamura

Jasa McKenzie

rana elnemr / Africa Cluster, Another Roadmap School (ARAC)

Robert Gabris

Abiye Okujagu (*foundationClass*collective)

Thomas Engelbert


Paula Fleisner / La Intermundial Holobiente

Loup Uberto

Sara Dare / Project Art Works

Kasia Wlaszczyk / documenta fifteen team

Niki Dimopoulou / documenta fifteen team

Cem A. / documenta fifteen team

Eugene Yiu Nam Cheung / documenta fifteen team

Kira Goldbourne / documenta fifteen team

Sara Alberani / Trampoline House

anna sherbany

Chang En-Man

The Black Archives / New Urban Collective

Ben Brix


Leo Flemisch

Jone Kvie

Fondation Festival sur le Niger

Dina Mimi/ JEA team


Nakasujja Harriet, Nabwana Isaac Geofrey/ Ramon film productions -Wakaliwood

daria chernysheva / crater invertido / arts collaboratory

Miream Salameh/Refugee Art Project

Nguyễn Trinh Thi

agus nuramal.pmtoh

Sead Kazanxhiu

Ilona Nemeth

Kiri Dalena / Respond and Break the Silence Against the Killings

Pablo Martín Ruiz / La Intermundial Holobiente

Hamja Ahsan

El warcha collaborative design studio

Benjamin perrot

Eszter Lázár / OFF-Biennale Budapest

Daniel Baker

Shabu Mwangi / Wajukuu Art Project

Ngugi Waweru / Wajukuu Art Project

Joseph Waweru / Wajukuu Art Project

Amelie Aranguren

Ethel Brooks

Safdar Ahmed / Refugee Art Project

Moor Mother / Black Quantum Futurism

Cao Minghao

Chen Jianjun

Selma Selman

Guille Mongan/Serigrafistas queer

Pinar Öğrenci

Hamza Badran / Jimmie Durham & A Stick in the Forest by the Side of the Road

Christian Nyampheta

Miriam Schickler *foundationClass*collective

Mitchell Esajas, The Black Archives

Jessica de Abreu, The Black Archives


Archives des luttes des femmes en Algérie

Palestine, Protests & Demonstrations, Germany

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