January 8, 2024

Open Letter to the Berlin Senate Cultural Administration and to Joe Chialo, State Minister for Culture and Social Cohesion

January 4, 2024

We—Berlin-based cultural producers of various disciplines—protest:

For the preservation of the freedom of art and the freedom of expression

Against the compulsory commitment to the controversial IHRA definition of antisemitism as a prerequisite for cultural funding from the federal state of Berlin

Against the political instrumentalization of antisemitism clauses.

The Berlin Senate Cultural Administration is planning to award funding from the cultural budget of the state of Berlin on condition that applicants sign an antisemitism clause, with immediate effect.

Anyone who signs the antisemitism clause in its present form must acknowledge that they are for a “diverse society” and against “any form of antisemitism according to the definition of antisemitism of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance and its extension by the German government.”1

This decision by the Senate Cultural Administration does not recognize that there is a controversial debate about the IHRA’s definition of antisemitism, as well as an alternative definition developed by international scholars: the Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism. The latter was explicitly drafted in order to prevent the imputation of antisemitism from being abused and politically instrumentalized, and responds to ambiguities within the IHRA definition.

We strongly protest against the inclusion of this specific antisemitism clause as a legally binding requirement for cultural funding by the State of Berlin.

The measure was implemented without any prior open debate or consultation; no transparent decision-making process was carried out, and no affected persons, associations, or institutions were consulted. This understanding of freedom of expression and of artistic freedom is profoundly undemocratic! The Senate Cultural Administration fails to recognize that such a forced acknowledgement is an encroachment on constitutionally guaranteed fundamental rights.2

The Berlin Cultural Administration’s elevation of a specific definition of antisemitism into a doctrine of cultural policy represents an absolute exception, a differentiation that does not exist for any other form of discrimination. We are against this hierarchization of forms of discrimination (and resulting division) of marginalized social groups, and consider this to be dangerous.

We see the fight against all [other] forms of discrimination and inequality as a task that also applies to culture. The fight against racism goes hand in hand with the fight against antisemitism, as well as against Islamophobia. It is our concern to fight all these battles in solidarity and independently of current events.

However, the horrific events of October 7, the war in Gaza, and the heated polemical debates that are taking place in Germany on this subject give rise to fears that clauses such as those discussed here will only serve to create an administrative basis for disinviting and canceling events with cultural workers who are critical of Israel. This also affects Jewish cultural workers in Germany who show solidarity with Palestine, who advocate for dialogue and peace-oriented solutions, and who are confronted with accusations of antisemitism by non-Jewish Germans—an extremely shameful and absurd constellation!

The IHRA’s “non-legally binding working definition of antisemitism” is not intended to aid criminal prosecution, but serves to improve the monitoring of antisemitic tendencies in society. Additionally, it is not intended as an instrument for the state sanction of cultural expressions and invitation policies, and is unsuitable for this purpose due to its open wording. The German government’s own extension of the IHRA definition only serves to amplify its one-sided application in relation to criticism of Israeli government policy.3

Using the IHRA definition of antisemitism, which is open to interpretation, as an instrument to sanction the [possible] withholding or withdrawing of funding is fatal!

Financial support and public platforms are currently being withheld and withdrawn as a means to exert pressure to exclude critical positions on Israeli government policy and the war in Gaza from public discourse. The planned clause will make it easier for the administration and politicians to use this leverage and further restrict the space for necessary discourse.

International and especially Palestinian artists are particularly affected by the clause. Many already report that they feel held under general suspicion due to ethnic or religious attributions. A climate of fear is emerging in a field in which many of us are already exposed to precarious working conditions and residence permits. The extent of self-censorship that already exists today is damaging Berlin’s cultural sector. Not only individuals are affected by this intimidation and insecurity, but also institutions, as can be seen from the few public statements released on this matter by institutions.

The Senate’s procedure represents a step backwards in light of successful efforts in recent years to diversify and open up Berlin’s art and cultural sector as a location for international art discourse. We condemn the repressive cultural policy signal that this sets.

It is to be expected that funding applicants will exclude certain groups and individuals from planned projects in anticipatory obedience. The fear is that no one will be protected by this antisemitism clause, but many will be put at risk.

With its plan, the Senate Cultural Administration actively contributes to the further intensification of the aggressive and often nonobjective public debate and the deepening of social divisions. Discussion and learning spaces in which political contexts might be culturally communicated and debates facilitated are thus hindered, instead of being encouraged. This contradicts our own commitment to a diverse society.

It is not the task of the cultural administration to define the social boundaries of freedom of art and opinion, provided that the expression of opinion remains within the boundaries of the legal framework. Rather, this is the complex task of culture itself, as well as of intellectual discourse and of the critical public. In this pluralistic field, it is important to develop social norms and agreements for social coexistence. Norms are not an instrument of power, and under no circumstances can they be used against the constitutional rights of individuals and groups, or as a means of exerting pressure to stifle social debate.

In cultural funding, the principle of equality applies regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnic or religious background, or political position. The relevance and quality of all funded cultural projects is ensured by qualified expert juries and committees.

As artists and cultural professionals, we reject political interference in the function, methods, and freedom of cultural production and call on the Senate Cultural Administration to withdraw the antisemitism clause immediately!

For the German text, and a link to sign, see

Notes January 7, 2024:

The English version of the letter includes two corrections of translation errors. These changes have been left visible (in brackets), acknowledging the large number of people who had already signed the original version.

Due to numerous attempts at defamation through obviously false entries, the signatures from openletter.earth were moved here. New incoming signatures are checked daily for scam attempts and then published.


  1. Naomi Hennig
  2. Joerg Franzbecker
  3. Nino Bulling, artist, Berlin
  4. Anike Joyce Sadiq, artist, berlin
  5. Antje Majewski, Artist, Berlin
  6. Natascha Sadr Haghighian, artist, Berlin
  7. thomas kilpper, artist, -, berlin
  8. Line Skywalker Karlström, Visual artist, Berlin
  9. Kim Bode, Artist, Berlin
  10. Rüzgâr Buşki, Artist, Berlin
  11. Filipa César, artist, Berlin
  12. Lotta Schäfer, Berlin
  13. Raphaël Grisey, Artist/filmmaker, Berlin
  14. Stefanie Leinhos, Artist, Leipzig
  15. Louna Sbou, Artistic Director, Oyoun, Berlin
  16. Haytham el-Wardany, Writer
  17. Aisha Franz, Artist, Berlin
  18. Katharina Karrenberg, Artist, reality studies, berlin
  19. Sonja Hornung, Artist, Berlin
  20. Daniele Tognozzi, Artist, Berlin
  21. Cathleen Schuster, artist, Berlin
  22. Miriam Schickler, Berlin
  23. Marcel Dickhage, Artist, Berlin
  24. Asaf Aharonson, Artists, Berlin
  25. Florian Wüst, film curator, Berlin
  26. jochen becker, kritiker/kurator, berlin
  27. Ruth Noack, Kuratorin, frei, Berlin
  28. Nikola Hartl, Art worker, Curator, Berlin
  29. Louis Henderson, Filmmaker, Berlin
  30. Christian Hanussek, artist, Berlin
  31. Joshua Schwebel, artist, Berlin
  32. Frederik Foert, Germany, artist, Berlin
  33. Yvonne Wilhelm, artists, knowbotiq, Berlin
  34. Aram Bartholl, Artist, Berlin
  35. Owen Gardner, Musiker, Berlin
  36. Alma Itzhaky, Artist, Berlin
  37. Caspar Stracke, filmmaker, Berlin
  38. Alon Sahar, Filmmaker, Berlin
  39. Salwa Aleryani, Artist, Berlin
  40. Gretchen Blegen, Artist, Berlin
  41. Stella Meris, Artist, Berlin
  42. Julia Lazarus, Artist, Filmmaker, Curator, radicalfilm.net, Berlin
  43. Kaya Behkalam, Artist, Berlin
  44. Leila Hichri, Fotografin, Bamberg
  45. Tirdad Zolghadr, Berlin
  46. Lucas Odahara, Artist, Berlin
  47. Benjamin Huseby, Designer, Berlin
  48. Serhat Isik, Designer, Berlin
  49. Matt Lambert, Filmmaker, Berlin
  50. Jesse Darling, Artist, Berlin
  51. Pary El-Qalqili, Filmmaker, Berlin
  52. Scott Roben, Artist, Berlin
  53. Caitlin Berrigan, Artist, Berlin
  54. Marc Siegel, Berlin
  55. Susanne Sachsse, Artist, Berlin
  56. Saverio Cantoni, artist, Berlin
  57. Samuel Hertz, Artist, Berlin
  58. Nirit Sommerfeld, Singer, Munich
  59. Rob Crosse, Artist, Berlin
  60. Venkat, Data analyst, NHS, Sheffield
  61. Åsa Sonjasdotter, artist, Berlin
  62. jennifer chert, gallerist, berlin
  63. Ahmet Öğüt, Artist, Berlin
  64. Setareh Shahbazi, Artist, Berlin
  65. Verena von Stackelberg, Kinobetreibern, Wolf Kino, Berlin
  66. Irene, editor, Errant Journal, Berlin
  67. Lea Jungmann, Educator / art therapist, Berlin
  68. Stella Zekri Ouiddir, Musikerin, Body Language, Berlin
  69. Dalia Maini, Editor, Dalia Maini, Berlin
  70. Agnieszka Polska, Artist, Berlin
  71. Nathan Gray, Artist, Berlin
  72. Alex Piasente-Szymański, Artist, Berlin
  73. Lucy Beech, Artist, Berlin
  74. Sina Najafi, Editor, Cabinet magazine, Berlin
  75. Davide Prati, Artist, Berlin
  76. Nhat-Vu Dang, Jewellery maker, Berlin
  77. Franziska Drabner, Sozialarbeiter*in/ artist, Berlin
  78. Franziska Pierwoss, Artist, Berlin
  79. Katharina Hetzeneder, Berlin
  80. Marcel Friedhoff, Berlin
  81. Karin Michalski, artist/curator, Berlin
  82. Marco Stoltxr
  83. Assaf Gruber, Artist and filmmaker, Berlin
  84. Marco Stoltze, Filmmaker, Morph, Berlin
  85. Martins Kohout, Artist, Berlin
  86. Kuo-Wei Lin, Artist, Artist, Berlin
  87. James Krone, artist, Berlin
  88. Judy Landkammer, Film Editor, Berlin
  89. Adam Ham, Berlin
  90. Zoë Claire Miller, artist, Berlin
  91. Simon Speiser, Künstler, Berlin
  92. Oliver Laric, artist, Berlin
  93. Beste aydin muasya, Artist, Berlin
  94. Miriam Poletti, Artist, Berlin
  95. Ana Teixeira Pinto, art critic, Berlin
  96. Ashkan Sepahvand, artist, Berlin
  97. Daniel Kötter, filmmaker, berlin
  98. Virgil B/G Taylor, artist, Berlin
  99. Alice Münch, Künstlerin, Berlin
  100. Shirin Sabahi, artist, Berlin
  101. Julius Pristauz, Artist & Curator, Berlin
  102. Benedicte Gyldenstierne Sehested, Artist, Berlin
  103. Sanna Helena Berger, artist, Berlin
  104. Sonia Fernández Pan, Writer, Berlin
  105. Sami Khatib, researcher, Berlin
  106. Christof Zwiener, artist, Berlin
  107. Magda Mayas, Musician, Berlin
  108. stefan pente, artist, Berlin
  109. Caroline Spellenberg, curator, producer, Neue Auftraggeber, Berlin
  110. Samuel Revell, Zürich
  111. Onur Çimen, Writer, Berlin
  112. Christopher Kline, Artist, Berlin
  113. Andy Fitz, Artist, Berlin
  114. Lauryn Youden, Artist, Berlin
  115. Lyra Pramuk, musician and composer, Berlin
  116. Nicolas Endlicher, Artist, Herrensauna UG, Berlin
  117. Sol Calero, Artist, Berlin
  118. Cathrin Mayer, Curator, Berlin
  119. Erin Honeycutt, Berlin
  120. Tomás Nervi, Artist, Berlin
  121. Yoav Admoni, artist, Berlin
  122. Rosa Aiello, Artist, Berlin
  123. Dalia Neis, Writer/Musician
  124. Luzie Meyer, artist, Berlin
  125. Liad Hussein Kantorowicz, Artist & Musician, Berlin
  126. Rajkamal Kahlon, Artist, Berlin
  127. Sarnt Utamachote, filmmaker, curator, Berlin
  128. Raphael Daibert, Berlin
  129. Raphael Moussa Hillebrand, Choreograph, Berlin
  130. Patricia Reed, Artist, Theorist, Berlin
  131. Nikhil Vettukattil, artist
  132. Federica Bueti, Scholar and curator, Freelance, Berlin
  133. Kandis Friesen, Artist, Berlin
  134. Nina Katchadourian, Visual artist, professor, Berlin
  135. Filipe Pirl, Artist, Berlin
  136. Andreas Bolm, artist/filmmaker, Berlin
  137. Leila Haghighat, Berlin
  138. Malina Heinemann, writer, Berlin
  139. Lisa Schorm, project space maker, Berlin
  140. Sandra Teitge, Curator, Berlin
  141. Dre Roelandt, Berlin
  142. Su Yu Hsin, artist, filmmaker, Berlin
  143. Sinja Vurande, Manager, Berlin
  144. dina el kaisy friemuth, artist, berlin
  145. Michail Stangl, Curator, Berlin
  146. Sara Sejin Chang (Sara van der Heide), Artist, Berlin
  147. Boglárka Börcsök, Artist, Berlin
  148. Klaus Salminen, Director, Nordic Media House, Berlin
  149. Andrea D’Arsié, Artist, Berlin
  150. Lian Rangkuty, translator, Berlin
  151. Gülin Mansur, Artist, Berlin
  152. Franziska Aigner, Artist, Berlin
  153. Kantatach Kijtikhun, Artist, Berlin
  154. Frauke Boggasch, Artist, Berlin
  155. Nicky Miller, Filmmaker, Berlin
  156. Constanza, Artist, Berlin
  157. MYSTI, Poet, Berlin
  158. Chiara Figone, Berlin
  159. Anky Heidenreich, cultural worker, Berlin
  160. Juliette Bonneviot, Artist, Paris
  161. Michael Thieke, Musiker, Berlin
  162. anonymous
  163. Kun Liang, Filmmaker, Berlin
  164. Rocco Donà, Graphic designer, Berlin
  165. Chiara Garbellotto, Kulturvermittlerin, Berlin
  166. Gülsüm Güler, artist, Berlin
  167. Andreas Siekmann, Berlin
  168. Roberta Burghardt, Architect, Berlin
  169. Elif Saydam, Artist, Berlin
  170. Bill Bultheel, artist and composer, Berlin
  171. Simona Dervishi, Berlin
  172. Sorayya Akbari Takhtmeshloo, Berlin
  173. Elvan Tekin, Artist, Berlin
  174. Nuray Demir, artist, Berlin
  175. Petra Wagner, 60385, colektiv.de, Frankfurt
  176. Tamara Antonijevic, Dramaturg, Berlin
  177. Lisa Varotto, Berlin
  178. Jelly Luise, Artist, independent / freelance artist, Berlin
  179. Melanie Roeder, Berlin
  180. Jessica Sligter, Composer, Berlin
  181. Dirk Herzog, Berlin
  182. Alaa Zouiten, Musician, curator, Berlin
  183. Tim Plamper, Artist, Studio Tim Plamper, Berlin
  184. Mariam Mekiwi, Artist, Berlin
  185. Helmut Erler, self employed, heyrec.org, Berlin
  186. Susanne Oberbeck, artist, musician
  187. Andy, London
  188. Christian Alborz Oldham, Artist, Berlin
  189. Estelle Hoy, Art Critic, Berlin
  190. Gabriel Gifford, Musiker, Berlin
  191. Sandy Kaltenborn, Designer, Berlin
  192. Ada Maria Hennel, Berlin
  193. Gitte Villesen, Artist, Berlin
  194. Eva Durovec, Berlin
  195. CEM, Artist, Berlin
  196. Ali El-Darsa, Visual Artist, Berlin
  197. Aldo Kempen, Berlin
  198. Tobias Koch, artist, Berin
  199. Felix Deiters, artist, Berlin
  200. Deborah Ligorio, Artist, Designer, Berlin
  201. Kerstin Honeit, Artist
  202. Niki Vetter, Cultural Worker, Berlin
  203. Jenna Sutela, Artist, Berlin
  204. Caroline Beach, Artist, Berlin
  205. Nina Martin, Researcher, Curator, Grant Writer, Berlin
  206. wendelien van oldenborgh, Artist, Berlin
  207. Isabelle Lange, 12043, Berlin
  208. Nick Houde, Berlin
  209. Abilaschan Balamuraley, Berlin
  210. Matthias Reichelt, Kulturjournalist, Freelance, Berlin
  211. Miriam Döring, Artist, Berlin
  212. JP Raether, Artist, Berlin
  213. İz Öztat, Artist, Berlin
  214. Sarah Paar, filmmaker, Berlin
  215. Maria Nogueira
  216. Hanna Keil, Artist, Berlin
  217. Veit Gebhardt, cultural worker, Berlin
  218. Nadin Reschke, Artist, Berlin
  219. Angela Harutyunyan, professor, Berlin
  220. Chima Okerenkwo, Film Curator, Berlin
  221. Lorenzo Sandoval, artist/filmmaker/curator, Berlin
  222. Marta Marja Ruszkowska, Berlin
  223. Kasja Boric, artist/publicist, berlin
  224. Jan Berger, Artist, Berlin
  225. Guoxin Tian
  226. Lior Kahana, Journalist, Berlin
  227. Derya Yıldırım, Berlin
  228. Hassan Khan, Artist /Musician, Berlin
  229. Petra Hermanova, Artist, Berlin
  230. Angelika Stepken, curator, Berlin
  231. Jon Eirik Boska, Artist, Berlin
  232. Hanno Stecher, Berlin
  233. Frances Margaret Hill, Berlin
  234. Matt Welch, Artist, Berlin
  235. Eyal Vexler, Cultural Producer, Berlin
  236. Lina Viste Gronli, Artist, Somerville
  237. Mark Curran, Artist and Educator, Berlin
  238. Yong Xiang Li, Artist, Berlin
  239. Bryan Eubanks, Musician/Publisher, Berlin
  240. Charlotte Wiedemann, Author, Berlin
  241. Michael Baers, Artist, Writer, Researcher, Berlin
  242. Martin Beck, Berlin
  243. Azar Mahmoudian, Curator
  244. Ulrike Gabriel, Künstlerin, Berlin
  245. Adèle Aïssi-Guyon, Artist, Berlin
  246. Todd Sekuler, curator/anthropologist, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Berlin
  247. Katia Fouquet, Künstlerin, Berlin
  248. Dani Brown, Artist, Berlin
  249. Jazmina Figueroa, writer, Berlin
  250. edin zenun, art, berlin
  251. Nadine Pellegrino, Berlin
  252. Carola Spadoni, artist, Berlin
  253. Maximilian Schmoetzer, artist, Berlin
  254. carrick bell, Artist, Berlin
  255. Melih Aydemir, Art worker, Berlin
  256. Ellinor Aurora Aasgaard, Artist
  257. Lorena Juan, artist and curator, Berlin
  258. James Cameron, Journalist, Private, Berlin
  259. Tair Borchardt
  260. Joel Grip, Musician, Berlin
  261. Marco Clausen, Kulturarbeiter, Berlin
  262. Jeremy Woodruff, Jewish composer, Berlin School of Sound, Berlin
  263. Selani Thomas
  264. Claudia Frickemeier, Fotografin, Berlin
  265. Albin Looström, Artist, Berlin
  266. Nicholas Bussmann, Komponist, Berlin
  267. Nadja Buttendorf, artits, berlin
  268. Chloe Mari Domaradzki, Sozialbetreuer, Malteswe, Berlin
  269. Jan Ralske, Filmmaker, Berlin
  270. Tindaya Deniz, Researcher, Leipzig
  271. Hildegard Kiel, Berlin
  272. Nina Kettiger, Artist, Berlin
  273. Laura Lizama, Artist, Berlin
  274. Gudrun Ingratubun, Artist, Berlin
  275. Lyónn Wolf (formerly Emma Wolf-Haugh), Artist - writer, Independent, Berlin
  276. Ule Gerhardt, researcher, Berlin
  277. FRZNTE, Performer & DJ, Berlin
  278. Martin Forberg, Berlin
  279. Alex Brack, Cinematographer, Berlin
  280. Sukandar Kartadinata, instrument maker and musician, Berlin
  281. Sebastian Bodirsky, video worker, Berlin
  282. Katharina Bévand, artist, Berlin
  283. Nomi Sladko, 12053, Freelancer, Berlin
  284. Chris Gylee, artist, Berlin
  285. Young boy dancing group, Artist, Berlin
  286. Aslan, artist, Berlin
  287. Utku Tavil, musician, sound technician, Berlin
  288. Paz Ponce, Curator, neue häute e.V., Berlin
  289. Shuang Li, artist, Berlin
  290. Dominique Hurth, artist, Berlin
  291. Marco Canevacci, artist, Berlin
  292. Philipp Farra, Artist, Berlin
  293. Sven Christian Schuch, Curator / Art Worker, Hamburg / Berlin
  294. Lana Bastasic, writer, Berlin
  295. Hannes Priehn, programmer, Berlin
  296. Patrick Spaet, Writer, Berlin
  297. Saint Toll Wood, Künstler, Berlin
  298. Peter Spillmann, artist, Berlin
  299. Liz Allbee, Musikerin, Berlin
  300. leo, performeer, Berlin
  301. Kasia Wlaszczyk, Cultural worker, Berlin
  302. Zeina S, writer, berlin
  303. Jake Kent, Artist, Berlin
  304. Kasia Fudakowski, artist, Berlin
  305. Thorben Gröbel, Architect, Berlin
  306. Edwin Nasr, Curator, Berlin
  307. Elske Rosenfeld, artist, Berlin
  308. Sonya Schönberger, Artist, Berlin
  309. Raimar Stange, monopol / artmagazineCC / artist / camera austria, Berlin
  310. Anna von Glasenapp, Producer, Berlin
  311. Iman Issa, Künstlerin, Berlin
  312. Jordan Juras, Berlin
  313. Dorota Michalak, Artist, Berlin
  314. Judith Hamann, Musician, Berlin
  315. Adam Russell Jones, Artist, Berlin
  316. jule flierl, Choreografin, Berlin
  317. Simone Guido Izzi, Sound Artist, Berlin
  318. Sebastien Stolarczyk, Werkstatt leiter, Berlin
  319. Helena Klassen, Theaterpädagogin, Freelance, Berlin
  320. Seba STOLARCZYK, Artist, fashion designer, musician, HOUSE OF BASE, Berlin
  321. Ferhat Kartal, Designer, Design & Consulting, Berlin
  322. Alicja Sowiar, Berlin
  323. rara, musician, Berlin
  324. Hermann Heisig, Artist/ dancer, Self organizing, Berlin
  325. Anja Lutz, Berlin
  326. Isabell Spengler, Artist, Berlin
  327. Em Chabridon, Grafiker, Berlin
  328. Sam Lubicz, artist, Berlin
  329. Emanuele Guidi, Curator, writer, Berlin
  330. Karl Essayan, Berlin
  331. Jason Corff, Artist, Berlin
  332. Liane Lauprecht, Trainerin für Gewaltfreie Kommunikation, Duisburg
  333. Reece Cox, Artist, Berlin
  334. Jessika Khazrik, 12049, Independent artist, writer and educatress, Berlin
  335. Kelly schrouder, Berlin
  336. Bao-Tran Tran, Musician, mobilegirl, Berlin
  337. Simon Sheikh, Curator, Berlin
  338. Jan Fleischer, Student, Berlin
  339. Freya Medley, Artist, Berlin
  340. Mina Alibabanezhad Salem, 68766, Hockenheim
  341. Elke Marhöfer, artist, Berlin
  342. Antonia Baehr, Choreographe, Berlin
  343. Beatrice Balzer, Berlin
  344. Mario Llana Romo, TEACHER, Freelancer, Berlin
  345. Maya Land, Artist, Berlin
  346. María Ferrara Jiménez Barrio, Schauspielerin, Berlin
  347. Quang Nguyễn-Xun, artist, Berlin
  348. Nora Brünger, curator, Berlin
  349. Ioannis Papadakis, Director, Fashion, Berlin
  350. Sophia Msaoubi, Graphic Designer, Berlin
  351. Nadine Fraczkowski, photographer
  352. Hannah O’Flynn, Artist, Berlin
  353. Svenja Goltermann, Autorin, Zürich
  354. Karen van den Berg, Professor of Art Theory and Curating, Zeppelin Universität, Friedrichshafen
  355. Laurie Young, Artist, Berlin
  356. Julie Savery, Berlin
  357. Fatin Abbas, Writer, City
  358. Yasmine Louali, Artist, Beaux-Arts Paris, Paris
  359. Melissa Strain, berlin
  360. Johanna Lucht, Artist, Berlin
  361. Love Landefjord, Cultural worker, Berlin
  362. Kenda Hmeidan, Berlin
  363. Malin Arnell, Visual artist, Berlin
  364. Will Jivcoff, Photographer
  365. Andre Jahr, Andre Jahr, Lychen
  366. Marijn Degenaar, Graphic Designer, Artist, Berlin
  367. Lukas Ludwig, curator, Berlin
  368. Chandrika Yogarajah, Film director, Berlin
  369. Milagro Chinaglia, Assistant director, Berlin
  370. Sahar Homami, Artist, Sahar, Berlin
  371. Oliver Baurhenn, curator, ctm-festival.de, Berlin
  372. Konstantin Ames, poet, essayist, Berlin
  373. Inky Lee, artist, berlin
  374. zora mann, artist, berlin
  375. Heleen De Boever, cultural worker, Heleen De Boever, Berlin
  376. Sally, Artist, Berlin
  377. Gabriella Torres Ferrer, Arts/Visual Comms, Berlin
  378. Matthias Esch, Artist, Berlin
  379. Omar Nicolas, Artist, Berlin
  380. Dragana, Radiology assistant, Berlin
  381. Johannes Brau, Cultural organiser, ACUD MACHT NEU, Berlin
  382. Narine Melkonian, 68766, Hockenheim
  383. Juliet Carpenter, Artist, Frankfurt am Main/Berlin
  384. Kourosh Mostoufi, Freelance Artist, Berlin
  385. Xenia Helms, Journalistin, Berlin
  386. Bailey keogh, Artist, Berlin
  387. Sebastjan Brank, Berlin
  388. Ghaliz Haris, Artist, Cultural worker, Berlin
  389. Nadja Krüger, cinematographer, Berlin
  390. Bùi Việt Hoa Jin, cultural worker, Berlin
  391. Cherry Adam, Photographer, Berlin
  392. Jasmina El Bouamraoui, Illustrator, Berlin
  393. Kate Donovan, Artist, Berlin
  394. Mirek Janek, Filmmaker, Prag
  395. Hiyam Biary, Artist, Performer, Berlin
  396. Tomás Pocinho, Musician, Berlin
  397. Philip Widmann, Berlin
  398. Matthias Francisco Koole, Musician, Berlin
  399. Steve Heather, Musician, Berlin
  400. Sybille Neumeyer, artist, Berlin
  401. Kolbeinn Hugi Höskuldsspn, Artist, Berlin
  402. Tra My Nguyen, Artist, Berlin
  403. Adrienne Teicher, Sound Designer, hyenaz, Berlin
  404. Lucile Desamory, artist/filmmaker, Berlin
  405. Jesse Strikwerda, MUA, -, Berlin
  406. Kathryn Fischer, musician, Mad Kate and HYENAZ, Berlin
  407. Vivien Cahn, Film, Berlin
  408. Amber Fasquelle, Singer, Freelance, Berlin
  409. Marta De Pascalis, musician, Marta De Pascalis, Berlin
  410. Georg Graw, Künstler, Graw Böckler, Berlin
  411. Marianna Simnett, Artist, Berlin
  412. Paul Sonntag, Cinematographer, Berlin
  413. Martina Jurak, Gallery assistant / visual artist, Berlin
  414. Marquet Lee, Costume Designer, Berlin
  415. Zorana Musikic, Photographer / Filmmaker, Berlin
  416. Lizza May David, artist, berlin
  417. Tin Wilke, artist, Berlin
  418. Ursula Boeckler, artist, Graw Böckler, Berlin
  419. Erfan Aboutalebi, Artist, Berlin
  420. Amel Alzakout, Artist, Leipzig
  421. Lea Hopp, Artist, Berlin
  422. Mahshid Mahboubifar, Artist/Filmmaker, Berlin
  423. Didem Yazici, Curator, Karlsruhe/Istanbul
  424. Niloufar Tajeri, architect, theorist, Berlin
  425. Davide Luciani, Artist, Berlin
  426. David Bianchi, Artist and student, Berlin
  427. Sasa Tatic, Artist, Berlin
  428. Lianne Hall, Musician, Freelance, Berlin
  429. Mário Macedo, Filmmaker, Berlin/Porto
  430. Roberto Duarte, Artist / Filmmaker, Berlin
  431. Lotti Seebeck, Artist, Berlin
  432. Esra Ersen, Artist, Berlin
  433. Lou Drago, Artist, transience, Berlin
  434. Nayme Hassany, Event Producer, Berlin
  435. marc lohr, musician, berlin
  436. Audrey Penven, Photographer, Berlin
  437. Basta Blinn, Artist, Berlin
  438. Basma al-Sharif, artist/filmmaker, Berlin
  439. bela you, Artist, Berlin
  440. Pablo Lienhard, musician, Berlin
  441. Charlotte Millbank, Artist, London
  442. Hana Ćurak, theorist of culture, Berlin
  443. pari ludin, cultural worker, musician, berlin
  444. Susane Ali-Mohamed, Activist, Berlin
  445. Keira Sinclair, Berlin
  446. Annegret Schwarz, Berlin
  447. Khaled Abdulwahed, artist, Leipzig
  448. Julia Gyemant, Curator, Berlin
  449. Lila Steinkampf, Artist, Berlin
  450. Eugenia Seriakov, Nightmanager, curator, Self employed, Berlin
  451. Björn Ivan Ekemark, Artist, Berlin
  452. Constance Tenvik, Artist, Artist, Berlin
  453. Lindi Dedek, filmmaker/artist, Berlin
  454. Duc Anh Nguyen, Berlin
  455. Pauline maroun, Artist, Artist, Berlin
  456. Caram Kapp, Artist, cultural producer, Berlin
  457. Olivier Maarschalk-Altin, carpenter, Nest Design, Berlin
  458. Johanna Maierski, Publisher, Colorama, Berlin
  459. Sandra Hetzl, literary translator, ten eleven, Berlin
  460. Colin Self, Artist, Berlin
  461. Julia Milz, Filmmaker, Berlin
  462. Erik Göngrich, artist, berlin
  463. Marwa Arsanios, artist, Berlin
  464. Pauline Curnier Jardin, Artist, Berlin
  465. Esra Gultekin, Artist, Berlin
  466. Leonie V., Student, Berlin
  467. Rb Moran, artist, Berlin
  468. Urska Preis, vidual artist, musician, Berlin
  469. Lisa Götze, Visual Art, Berlin
  470. Maureen Berend
  471. Dylan Shir, Musician, Via App, NY/Berlin
  472. Maria Hartmann, PhD Memory Studies, Berlin
  473. Séverine De Streyker, Film director
  474. Ilia Papatheodorou, Künstlerin, Berlin
  475. Tomer Dotan-Dreyfus, Autor und Übersetzer, Berlin
  476. Boris Borowski, architect, Berlin
  477. Kareem Baholzer, Curator, artist, Berlin
  478. Leda Bourgogne, artist, Berlin
  479. laura fernández antolín, artist, berlin
  480. Shinsuke Sugitani, Musician/ Sound artist, Berlin
  481. Marieke Röntgen, Berlin
  482. hayao izrae, student, meta collective, berlin
  483. Leman Sevda Daricioglu, Artist, Berlin
  484. melanie bonajo, artist, Berlin
  485. Lilo Dossenbach, Writer, SOFT EIS Magaine, Berlin
  486. christopher weickenmeier, researcher, berlin
  487. Judith Raum, artist, Berlin
  488. Ki Stensson, artist, Berlin
  489. Elbe Trakal, artist, berlin
  490. Pip Day, Curator, Berlin
  491. Kayo Post, 12045, Berlin
  492. Pawel Dudus, Artist, Berlin
  493. David Riff, curator, artist, Berlin
  494. Iokasti Mantzog, Artist, Berlin
  495. Deborah Feldman, Author, Berlin
  496. Andreas Kalbermatter, Artist
  497. sinaida michalskaja, artist, berlin
  498. özlem altin, artist, berlin
  499. marum, artist, Berlin/Lisbon
  500. Oskar Pawelko, Artist, Freelance, Berlin
  501. Cibelle Cavalli Bastos, Artist, Berlin
  502. Vilja Mihalovsky, artist, Berlin
  503. Wayra Schuebel, press officer, Wayra Schübel–Art Communication, Berlin
  504. Auguste Schwul, Curator, Berlin
  505. Melanie Glück, Berlin
  506. Felicia Chen, Berlin
  507. Locuratolo, Artist, Witten
  508. Ulrike Jordan, art historian, Berlin
  509. maria f. scaroni, choreographer, educator, organizer, social pleasure center, berlin
  510. Orhan Esen, Freier Kulturschaffender, Berlin
  511. Victoria Bergmann, DoP, Berlin
  512. Ingo Arend, Critic, Berlin
  513. Laurence Favre, artist, Berlin
  514. João Carlos Camargo Guimarães, Artist, Berlin
  515. Miran Newroz Çelik, Berlin
  516. Thomas Proksch, dancer, Berlin
  517. Max Grau, Artist, Berlin
  518. Sonja Vurande, Teacher, Berlin
  519. Anasol Michael, Art Student, Berlin
  520. Ayfer Karatas, Berlin
  521. Gregor krampitz, 13089, Photo Stahl Künstler, Berlin
  522. Luca Schüssler, Berlin
  523. Manuela Kölke, translator, Berlin
  524. Juliana Napier, Musician, Berlin
  525. Thomas Locher, Artist, Berlin
  526. Ziyad Hawwas, Film editor & video artist, Berlin
  527. William Glucroft, Journalist, Berlin
  528. Alfred Brooks, Artist, none, Berlin
  529. Lasse Långström, Film director, Berlin
  530. Susanne Kriemann, artist, Berlin
  531. Melmun Bajarchuu, Berlin
  532. Eszter Salamon, Artist, Berlin
  533. Mika Ebbing, Artist, Berlin
  534. Agata Lisiak, academic, Berlin
  535. Sergio Zevallos, Artist, Berlin
  536. Göksu Kunak, Artist, Berlin
  537. Ulrike Thomann, Artist, FREIBURG
  538. Lesley Moon, Trainer, Consultant, Berlin
  539. Ulrich Ludat, Artist, uli.l (arts) group, Saarbrücken
  540. Johannes Bruder, researcher, Berlin
  541. Andrée Bichara, Culturally active senior citizen, Berlin
  542. Maimouna Guirassy, Berlin
  543. Hokus Pokus, none, nille, Berlin
  544. Guillaume Cailleau, Artist / Filmmaker, Berlin
  545. marco bruzzone, Berlin
  546. Adam Berry, Journalist, Berlin
  547. Nine Fumi Yamamoto-Masson, artist, researcher, producer, Asians of Chaos, Bureau of New Futures, Berlin
  548. Giuliana Moura, Berlin
  549. Roi Assayag, Musican, Berlin
  550. Andria Dolidze, Düsseldorf
  551. Tzzexxi, artist, berlin
  552. Theresa Kampmeier, Artist, Berlin
  553. Mia Carvalho, Berlin
  554. Lucas Bihler, Artist, Berlin
  555. Jowe Harfouche, cultural worker, Berlin
  556. Stephan Mörsch, artist, -, Berlin
  557. Sophie Ruston, DJ/composer, Berlin
  558. Tyler friedman, Musician
  559. Ayo Jonassen, Art and therapy, Berlin
  560. Alexander Wolff, artist, Berlin
  561. Eva G. Alonso, Light designer, Berlin
  562. Elisa T. Bertuzzo, Researcher, Berlin
  563. Pedro Oliveira, Sound Artist / Researcher, Berlin
  564. Johannes Büttner, Artist, Johannes Büttner, Berlin - Friedrichshain
  565. Max Bach, Berlin
  566. Gesa Scheibner, Drehbuchautorin, Berlin
  567. Christin Berg, Filmmaker, Berlin
  568. Dylan Kerr, Artist, Berlin
  569. Andrea Siliberti, Berlin
  570. Kyle Hüber, Berlin
  571. Alexandra Dimitroula, Rehabilitationspädagogin, Berlin
  572. Antonia Majaca, curator, venice
  573. Daniela Busik, Berlin
  574. Matheus Rocha Pitta, artist, Berlin
  575. alison darby, artist, berlin
  576. Jasmina, screenwriter, Berlin
  577. Luiza Prado, Artist, Berlin
  578. Melih Kös, stadtplaner, Berlin
  579. Eleni Karanikola, Student, Berlin
  580. Cathy Walsh, Artist, Berlin
  581. Tracy Fuad, writer, na, Berlin
  582. Marielle Schavan, Performer / theatre maker, Berlin
  583. Elle Francis-Woods, Artist, Berlin
  584. Anne de Vries, art
  585. Doireann O’Malley, Artist/Lecturer, Berlin
  586. Adrienne kammerer, Artist, Berlin
  587. Cru Encarnação, Artist, Berlin
  588. Zoë Ritts, Architect, Berlin
  589. guillaume airiaud, Artist, Berlin
  590. Niusha Ramzani, Berlin
  591. Miji Lee, Artist, Berlin
  592. Manu Linder, student, vienna
  593. Rubén Grilo, Artist, Berlin
  594. neuza rodrigues, head of media department, berlin
  595. Sabine Meyer, Berlin
  596. Laurén Maria Kleist, Berlin
  597. Maja Gebhardt, Dozentin, Hilfe von Mensch zu Mensch e.V., Berlin
  598. Carlos Bustamante, filmmaker, Berlin
  599. ana eloisa sommer-madison, student, berlin
  600. Sirin Erensoy, Curator, Berlin
  601. Wolfgang Hoffmann, Kultur Unternehmer, Aurora Nova GmbH, Berlin
  602. anonymous
  603. Caroline Adler, Researcher, Berlin
  604. márcio kerber canabarro, Artist, Berlin
  605. Vittoria de Franchis, Art Curator, Berlin
  606. Anisha, Kunstvermittlerin, Berlin
  607. Anna Busdiecker, Berlin
  608. Amissa, Danceteacher, Berlin
  609. José Alexandre, Product, Berlin
  610. Solveig, Filmmaker Researcher
  611. Edna Martinez, Artist, Berlin
  612. Engincan Kumlali, Köln
  613. Matthew James Scown, translator, Berlin
  614. Selen Solak, Berlin
  615. Janan Laubscher, Artist, Berlin
  616. Mohammed Abdalkader, Head of Projects, Spore Initiative, Berlin
  617. Marlena von Wedel, Kuratorin, Berlin
  618. Luna Freund, Student, Berlin
  619. Marc Hennes, Artist, Berlin
  620. Anna-Roza Kyrani, Dancer and teacher, Berlin
  621. Josh Telson, Comedian, Berlin
  622. Remi Al Hamad, Minden
  623. Seth Pyenson, Editor and Translator, Berlin
  624. Dusty Whistles, artist, berlin
  625. Raul Walch, Künstler, Berlin
  626. Rakans, Artist & Community Founder, Berlin
  627. Carla Fronea, Graphic designer, Berlin
  628. Andreas Baustian, Parchim
  629. Max kutschenreuter, Filmmaker, ., Berlin / Amsterdam
  630. Ines Nogueira, Web entwickler, Berlin
  631. Anna Jäger, translator, curator, Berlin
  632. Samira Ghoualmia, Art Educator & Curator, Archive Books, Berlin
  633. Dr. Sylvie Tappert, Psychotherapy, Therapeut:innenkollektiv, Berlin
  634. Julian Fricker, artist, Zürich
  635. Sarah Osmani, Minden
  636. Eden Jetschmann, Artist, Berlin
  637. Christina Gourgoura-Tsourounaki, Artist, Berlin
  638. Andrew McCormack, Deine Auswahl, Berlin
  639. annette weisser, künstlerin, hochschulprofessorin, berlin
  640. Maxime Chabal, Artist, Berlin
  641. Ana Maria Rodríguez Bisbicus, Architect, Berlin
  642. Pia Heer, Photographer, Stuttgart
  643. Antonia Brown, Artist, Brussels
  644. Bernhard Hillenkamp, Civil Society & NGO supporter, Berlin
  645. Promona Sengupta, Artist, Berlin
  646. Bilge Emir, Berlin
  647. Lumi Lausas, Artist, Berlin
  648. Friederike Kötter, cultural worker, Berlin
  649. Jasmin Halama, artist, Berlin
  650. Anna Uebachs, Berlin
  651. siddhartha lokanandi, Bookseller, Berlin
  652. Celeste Burlina, Set designer, Berlin
  653. Robin Celikates, Professor of Philosophy, Berlin
  654. Thomas Schallhart, cultural educator, Critical Queer Solidarity, Berlin
  655. MItchell Keaney, musician, Berlin
  656. Savanna Ni’cheal Morgan, Artist and Editor, Archive Ensemble, Berlin
  657. Alke Heykes, Curator, Frankfurt am Main
  658. Moisés Horta, Artist, Berlin
  659. Sophie Seita, Artist and writer, London
  660. Stefan Otteni, theatre director, freelance, Berlin
  661. Lotte Arndt, researcher, Paris
  662. Javad Kooroshy, Journalist, 13407 Berlin, Berlin
  663. Tom Allen, Writer / researcher, Essen
  664. Jose Rojas, Visual artist, Berlin
  665. Tony Elieh, Musician/Photographer, Berlin
  666. Julieta Aranda, Artist, e-flux, Berlin
  667. Ulla Rossek, artist, Berlin
  668. daniel, Educator, Berlin
  669. Olexii Kuchanskyi, film programmer, -, Berlin
  670. Allex. Fassberg, Playwright, Berlin
  671. Lucia Gauchat Schulte, artist, Berlin
  672. Elena Vogman, Researcher, Berlin
  673. Monai de Paula Antunes, Artist, Archipel e.V, Berlin
  674. Pietro Senese, Humboldt-Universität, Berlin
  675. Richard Heffernan, Woodworker, Berlin
  676. Zwoisy Mears-Clarke, Choreograf*in, Rösrath
  677. Bianca Benenti, Artist
  678. Erika Kokay, Journalist, Berlin
  679. Gotaute Kalmataviciute, Berlin
  680. Yusuf Etiman, culture worker, Berlin
  681. Antonia Alampi, Curator, Berlin
  682. Irene Trejo, Artist, Berlin
  683. Jeremy Wade, artist, berlin
  684. Michele Faguet, writer, Berlin
  685. Anthony Obst, Researcher, Berlin
  686. Jorinde Schulz, Writer, Berlin
  687. Janine Sack, Berlin
  688. Natasha Ginwala, curator, writer, educator, Berlin
  689. Bianca Heuser, producer, Berlin
  690. Gal Kirn, Theorist, Berlin
  691. Baldeep Kaur, Researcher, Berlin
  692. Kevin Gray, Artist, Berlin
  693. Kristofer Woods, Berlin
  694. Mohammad Al Attar, Writer, Playwright, Berlin
  695. Marte Eknæs, Artist
  696. Hannah Widerberg Fisher, Artist, Berlin
  697. Tashy Endres, architect & community organizer, Center for Transformative Organizing, Berlin
  698. Candice Breitz, Artist, Berlin
  699. Josephinex Ashley Hansis, cultural producer, Freelance, Berlin
  700. Daniel Kartmann, Musician, Stuttgart/ Berlin
  701. Fette Sans, artist, Berlin
  702. Hannah Gregory, writer and editor, Berlin
  703. Louise Hery, Berlin
  704. Kathrin Dröppelmann, Artist, Berlin
  705. Veronika Bauer, Artist/educator, Berlin
  706. Ipek Seyalioglu, Artist, Berlin
  707. David Bloom, Artist, Berlin
  708. Ina Masoumi
  709. Yuval Gal Cohen, Singer, JID - Jüdisch-Israelischer Dissens, Leipzig
  710. Sarah Parolin, Producer, Berlin
  711. Gregor Zoch, Producer, Berlin
  712. Mónica Martins Nunes, filmmaker, Berlin
  713. Monique Ulrich, artist, researcher, Berlin
  714. Eun-Ju Rüschenschmidt, Hebamme, Berlin
  715. Kelly Krugman, Berlin
  716. Nicola Bullock, Artist, Berlin
  717. Aaron Benjes, Artist, Berlin
  718. Coline Robin, Artist, Berlin
  719. Eva Seufert, artist, Berlin
  720. Salma, DJ, Freelance, Berlin
  721. Ana albuquerque, Dj/curator
  722. Samuel Weikopf, artist, musician, Berlin
  723. Grashina Gabelmann, cultural worker, Berlin
  724. Zorka Obrenic, artist, Berlin
  725. Beat Zimmerwald, Curator, Berlin
  726. Matjaz Rajh
  727. Jenna Bliss, Artist, New York
  728. Natalia Ali, Artist, Berlin
  729. Nazli Kaner
  730. Anna Lublina, Artist, Berlin
  731. Younes Klinge, Artist, Berlin
  732. Iris Salcedo Garcia, Musician/DJ, Lazy Rosario, Berlin
  733. STEPHAN SANDER, Berlin
  734. niklas, urban researcher, berlin
  735. Ricarda lutter, Dortmund
  736. Yassin Alhajsaleh, Writer, aljumhuriya.net, Berlin
  737. Victor Nissim, Musician, Independent, Berlin
  738. Tarik Barri, AV Artist, Berlin
  739. phoebe schmidt, berlin
  740. Monica Tedja, Filmmaker, Berlin
  741. Judith Sieber, art historian, Berlin
  742. Andrew O’MALLEY, Artist, Berlin
  743. Emanuel Heim, artist, berlin
  744. Blaise Kirschner, Artist, Berlin
  745. Mirah Gary, Berlin
  746. Konstantina Levi, Filmmaker, Berlin
  747. Barbara Suhren, Kinobetreiberin, fsk-Kino, Berlin
  748. Oliver Husain, artist, Frankfurt a.M.
  749. Ak Knol, artist, Berlin
  750. Lisa Blanning, Culture producer, Berlin
  751. Leyla Celik, Student, Berlin
  752. Sasha B., Kulturmanagement, /, Hannover
  753. Armin Lorenz Gerold, artist/composer, Berlin
  754. Siri Salminen, Berlin
  755. iga ssck, performer, berlin
  756. Adam Fearon, Artist, Berlin
  757. Rheim Alkadhi
  759. Caique Tizzi, Artist, Caique Tizzi, Berlin
  760. Shelley Etkin, Artist, Berlin
  761. Dorje de Burgh, artist, berlin
  762. Lara Golz, DJ, Refuge Worldwide, Berlin
  763. Jessica Páez, Creative Producer, Berlin
  764. Andrea Scrima, writer, artist, Berlin
  765. Leticia da rosa, Berlin
  766. Harley Aussoleil, artist + curator, Berlin
  767. Marina Cyrino, Musician, Berlin
  768. Thanh Nguyen, Student, Berlin
  769. Mika Bangemann, artist, Berlin
  770. Peter Landry, Musiker, Berlin
  771. Niklas Taleb, artist, Essen/Germany
  772. Ira Wilhelm, translator, Berlin
  773. Gia Garison, Artist, Berlin
  774. Flo Maak, artist, Berlin
  775. Ute Classen, Kulturmanager, Ute Classen Kulturmanagement, Aachen
  776. Olga Sonja Thorarensen, Artist, Berlin
  777. Billie Clarken, Artist, Artist, Berlin
  778. Miedya Mahmod, writer, poet, Bochum
  779. Amandine Cheveau, Artist, Berlin
  780. gabriela müller, Berlin
  781. Michael Westendorf, Theater OST, Berlin
  782. Parvathi R, Performer, Berlin
  783. Daria Geske, Artist, Berlin
  784. Emmi Venna, choreographer, berlin
  785. Katrin Kroschk, Berlin
  786. Michał Krajczok, Musician, Sounddesigner, Berlin
  787. Nora Bierich, translator, Berlin
  788. Lara Alarcon, Artist, Berlin
  789. Taina Moreno, creative producer, TALES, Berlin
  790. Sarai Meyron, Artist, Hann. Münden
  791. Giulia Messia, art manager, Berlin
  792. Felix Mathias Ott, Artist, Freelancer, Berlin
  793. Clement Layes, Choreographer, Public in private, Berlin
  794. Pablo Santracana López, artist, Berlin
  796. Beny Wagner, Artist / Filmmaker, Berlin/London
  797. Tekla Aslanishvili, Artist, filmmaker, Berlin
  798. Jumana Manna, artist, Berlin
  799. Rachel Glassberg, Musician/Writer, BERLIN
  800. Karolina Jakubowska, Berlin
  801. Don Aretino, Designer, Berlin
  802. Andrea Burelli, Musician, Composer, Educator, Berlin
  803. Ipek Burçak, Artist, Berlin
  804. Cagla Aribal, Writer, Berlin
  805. Dana Lorenz, Artist, Berlin
  806. maría sofía marsano, employee, berlin
  807. John Farah, Musician, Berlin
  808. Julius Pedersen, Musician, Part of deliluh, Berlin
  809. Aoife Devaney, Berlin
  810. Clara Czuppon, Berlin
  811. Veronika Janovec, artist, Veronika Janovec, Berlin
  812. Johanna Schumacher, Cultural worker, Berlin
  813. Ariane Podlesny, Berlin
  814. Begüm Erciyas, choreographer, Berlin
  815. Susan finlay, Writer, Berlin
  816. Ruth Adank
  817. Fiona Lynch, Berlin
  818. Giovanni Bonelli, Musician, Berlin
  819. André Uerba, Choreographer, Short Hope, Berlin
  820. Emanuele Porcinai, Artist, Berlin
  821. Danja Burchard, Cultural Producer, I.c.a.p., Hamburg
  822. Mohamed Megahed, Berlin
  823. Larisa Fica-Dragomir, photographer, Berlin
  824. Aleyna Balci, Berlin
  825. Lena Reisner, Curator, Berlin
  826. Nicole, Artist, Berlin
  827. Juan Donoso, Impact Producer, Berlin
  828. Luke Flierl, Recruiter, na, Berlin
  829. Marco Anulli
  830. Dieter Lesage, philosopher, Berlin
  831. Ina Wudtke, artist, Berlin
  832. Sophie Asmus
  833. Stephan Böegel, Photographer, Berlin
  834. Jörg Maier-Rothe, , Berlin
  835. Bianca Maass, Berlin
  836. Alison Midgley, Cultural workers, Berlin
  837. Tom O’Doherty, Artist, Berlin
  838. Kata Kovács, Artist, Berlin
  839. Sarah Martinus, Artist, Ritualist, Musician, Praxis Sarah Martinus, Berlin
  840. Y. Hammoudeh, Student, Berlin
  841. Vanda Skacalova, artist, Berlin
  842. Régis Lemberthe, Artist, Berlin
  843. Franziska Detering, Musician, Berlin
  844. Joana Tischkau, choreographer, Berlin
  845. Vitor aguiar, Designer, Hamburg
  846. Robert Lakomczyk, Artist, Berlin
  847. Florence To, Artist, Berlin
  848. Andrea Dama, artist, Berlin
  849. Penny Rafferty, Writer, Berlin
  850. Sheree Domingo, Author, 12059
  851. Liz Rosenfeld, Artist, Berlin
  852. Milena Starosta, Berlin
  853. Avantika, Artist, Berlin
  854. Chantal-Fleur Sandjon, Writer, Berlin
  855. Alexander Cocotas, Writer/photographer, Berlin
  856. Ayasha guerin, Artist & Professor, Los Angeles / Berlin
  857. Sujatro Ghosh, Artist, Berlin
  858. Jonas Wilke, Student & Musician, Berlin
  859. Oliver Koerner von Gustorf, Author, Berlin
  860. Benjamin, Artist, Berlin
  861. Hannah Hallermann, Artist, Berlin
  862. Ben Mauk, writer and journalist, Berlin
  863. william grob, Artist, Berlin
  864. Maria Kanitz, Institut für Neue Soziale Plastik, Berlin
  865. Mario Mentrup, Director, Actor, none, Berlin
  866. Shannon Bool, Artist, Berlin
  867. Elsa Mack, art historian, Berlin
  868. Jorge De Hoyos, Dancer, Choreographer, CrossFit Coach, independent contemporary freelance scene in Berlin, Berlin
  869. Kornelia Kugler, artist, Berlin
  870. Jinran Ha, Artist, Berlin
  871. Maximus Folly, Sound artist, Berlin
  872. Nicole Schuchardt, Producer, Berlin
  873. Mon Sisu Satrawaha, artist, filmmaker, curator, Weimar
  874. Ela Spalding, Artist ~ facilitator, Berlin
  875. Luris Farhat, Artist, Berlin
  876. Anna Baum, Artist/ Researcher, Berlin
  877. Johanna Markert, Curator, anorak, Berlin
  878. Cedrik Fermont, Composer, Berlin
  879. Kallia Kefala, Berlin
  880. Marc Brandenburg, Artist, Freelance, Berlin
  881. Pelle Dwertmann, Music label manager and designer, ACE TONE Records, Berlin
  882. Jelena Lapi, Artist, Berlin
  883. Litchi Ly Friedrich, Dancer, artist, House of Saint Laurent, Berlin
  884. anonymous
  885. Cory Tamler, Artist/writer, Berlin
  886. Evanthia Tsantila, artist, Berlin
  887. Sari Escribano, writer, Berlin
  888. Maximilian Haja, Artist/design, Munich
  889. Julie Carrere, Artist, Berlin
  890. Jan Kunkel
  891. Marc Gabriel, Artist, Berlin
  892. Brian Currid, Berlin
  893. Julia B. Laperrière, Choreographer, Berlin
  894. Dr. HILA AMIT, Writer, Berlin
  895. Paola Bascon, Artist, Berlin
  896. Jakob Wittkowsky, Artist, Amsterdam
  897. Marianna Sonneck, artist, community builder, Club Real, Organisms Democracy, Berlin
  898. Jason oberman, Musiker, Self-ständig, Berlin
  899. Steins Sebastian, Artist, Excursion 3000, Berlin
  900. Carl Manley, Unemployed, Berlin
  901. Noemi Berkowitz, artist, Berlin
  902. Ghayath Almadhoun, Poet, Berlin
  903. Young-Rong Choo, Translator, Cultural Worker, Berlin
  904. Frank Willens, Performing Artist, Berlin
  905. Eva Meyer-Keller, artist, Berlin
  906. Laura Cugusi, Berlin
  907. Mason Leaver-Yap, producer
  908. Portrait XO, Artist, Berlin
  909. Phoebe Blatton, Berlin
  910. Alexandra Ivanova
  911. Richard Pflaume, Photographer, Berlin / Frankfurt
  912. claire terrien, artist, producer, Plus Ou Moins Cirque Productions, Berlin
  913. Guevara Namer, Filmmaker Artist, Berlin
  914. Nancy Sabbagh, Producer, Berlin
  915. My Ewen, Artist & filmmaker, Berlin
  916. Uta Chotjewitz, social worker, Berlin
  917. Peter John Hearn, Customer service, CPM, Barcelona
  918. Litó Walkey, artist, berlin
  919. mizu sugai, artist, berlin
  920. Shirin Mohammad, Artist, Berlin
  921. Sami Rustom, artist, Berlin
  922. Grayson Earle, artist, die Angewandte, Berlin
  923. Oren Berkowitz, Berlin
  924. Anna, Writer and psychologist, Berlin
  925. Robin Leveroos, Artist, Berlin
  926. Nassim Soleimanpour, Playwright, Nassim Soleimanpour Productions, Berlin
  927. Eva Scharrer, art critic, Berlin
  928. Paulina Langer, Designer, Berlin
  929. Marcio Zygmunt, artist, Marcioz, berlin
  930. David Adam, artist, Dresden
  931. Sigourney Pilz, Berlin
  932. Katharine Halls, translator, Berlin
  933. Pablo Diserens, Artist, Berlin
  934. Andrea Klumpp, Bergen
  935. Katy Higgins, Freelancer, Berlin
  936. Alanna Lynch, Artist, Berlin
  937. Ceren Oykut, Artist, Berlin
  938. Tanja Al Kayyali, artist, Berlin
  939. Diego Hernandez, Label Manager, Eck Echo Records, BERLIN
  940. Yvonne Edmonds, Freelancer, Berlin
  941. Saskia Fischer, Artist, Stuttgart
  942. Kaé Uchihashi, Texterin, Berlin
  943. Jonas von Lenthe, publisher, wirklichkeit books, berlin
  944. Paula Durinova, artist, filmmaker, Berlin
  945. Giorgi Gago Gagoshidze, Artist, Berlin
  946. Stix Omar, Artist, Berlin
  947. wojciech kosma, Artist, Berlin
  948. Ameena Quansah, Berlin
  949. Thomas Fornoff, Berlin
  950. Michael Barenboim, Violinist, Berlin
  951. Katrine Staub Larsen, Choreographer/performer, Berlin/Copenhagen
  952. beate maria wörz, artist, Berlin
  953. Marissa Mac, Painter, educator, Darmstadt
  954. Mars Löffler, artist, Berlin
  955. anonymous
  956. Hugo Lebrunet, Artist, Berlin
  957. Tang Han, Artist, Berlin
  958. Robin Dreger, Artist, Berlin
  959. Mark Soo, artist, Berlin
  960. Rahmen Chendrick, Filmmaker, Berlin
  961. Alexis Kyle Mitchell, Artist, Berlin/Glasgow/New York
  962. Sanders Isaac Bernstein, Writer, Berlin
  963. Martin Fuller, Sociologist, Berlin
  964. Devrim K. Öngiden, Berlin
  965. Annika Haas, researcher, Berlin
  966. Julika Quilisch, Berlin
  967. Despina Polichronidi, Medical student, Berlin
  968. Vincenzo Fagnani, Berlin
  969. Josefin Granetoft, Cultural worker, Berlin
  970. Merve Çanakçı, Artist, Berlin
  971. Geraldine Hepp, Kulturschaffende, Berlin
  972. Giuseppe Forchia, Artist, Berlin
  973. Anka Helfertová, artist, München
  974. Nat Marcus, Artist, TABLOID Press, Berlin
  975. Pablo G, Filmmaker, Berlin
  976. anonymous
  977. Lilli-Hannah Hoepner, Director, Berlin
  978. Helga Eslner, Artist, Berlin
  979. Daniela Lunelli, Artist, Berlin
  980. Madelyn Byrd, Artist, Berlin
  981. Chris Magnusson, Artist, Berlin
  982. Tamara Bettemir, Cultural manager, Berlin
  983. Caroline mccarthy, Artist, Berlin
  984. Yasmine Heinel, artist, Berlin
  985. Yvonne Sembene, Choreografin, Berlin
  986. Camilla Brogaard, Artist, Berlin
  987. Jessica Seid, teacher, berlin
  988. Ottjörg A.C., artist, Berlin/Sofia
  989. Carolina Dawabe, Artist, Berlin
  990. Robert Fehse, Designer, Berlin
  991. Emma Czerny, Musician, Berlin
  992. Ina Jahn, Heidelberg
  993. Christian Strippel, researcher, Berlin
  994. Olaf Neumann, Kunstschaffender, Berlin
  995. Toni, Artist, Berlin
  996. Gøneja *, artist, Berlin
  997. kandis williams, Artist, Berlin
  998. Caroline Alexander, Artist, Berlin
  999. Katerina, Researcher, Berlin
  1000. Nina Frank, Studentinn, Berlin
  1001. Rotem Yaniv, Veranstaltungstechniker, Berlin
  1002. Justina Los, Artist, Berlin
  1003. Amna Janne Akeela, Hamburg
  1004. Noa Winter, dramaturg, Berlin
  1005. Marissa Montanez, DJ/Musician, Berlin
  1006. Ulrike Zöllner, artist, Berlin
  1007. Ryan Ruby, author, Berlin
  1008. Thea Hope, Cultural Organiser, Berlin
  1009. Daniel Chein, Filmmaker, Berlin
  1010. Susan Langan, Artist, Berlin
  1011. Leniko Sennoma, Artist, UdK, Berlin
  1012. Fjóla Gautadóttir, Artist, Berlin
  1013. Liina Magnea, Artist, Berlin
  1014. Majla Zeneli, Artist, Berlin
  1015. Vika Kirchenbauer, Artist, Berlin
  1016. Tobias Hering, Kurator, Berlin
  1017. Tycho Koll, Berlin
  1018. Alex Grubler, artist, Berlin
  1019. etkin cekin, musician,artist,curator, berlin
  1020. Julián Galay, Composer/Artist, -, Berlin
  1021. Melodie Melak Fenez, organiser, Berlin
  1022. ābnamā, musician, Berlin
  1023. Stefania Palumbo, Art Curator, Berlin
  1024. Sari Räthel, Designer, Berlin
  1025. Ece Gökalp, Artist, Berlin
  1026. Ariana Dongus, Author, Berlin
  1027. cyrill ferrari, musician, producer, berlin
  1028. mimi kritik, künstlerin a.d., berlin
  1029. Anja Schrey, Artist, Berlin
  1030. Inci Fowzy, Consultant, Berlin
  1031. Lucia Sgrafetto, Graphic designer, Berlin
  1032. Jonas Lindt, Drehbuchautor, Berlin
  1033. Leo Seidel, Researcher, Berlin
  1034. Luka Ivanovic, sound artist, publisher, Blind Tapes, Berlin
  1035. Lina Bembe, Filmmaker, Berlin
  1036. Leo Kuhn, DJ, Delululand, Berlin
  1037. Angelika Levi, filmmaker, berlin
  1038. Julia Westheimer
  1039. Abenaa Adomako
  1040. Moshtari Hilal, Artist, Berlin
  1041. Notorische Ruhestoerung, Musician, Artist, Organizer & Activist, Berlin
  1042. Raúl Soria, Illustrator, Berlin
  1043. Jacob K. Langford, artist/art educator, Berlin
  1044. dmitry vilensky, artist, Berlin
  1045. Talía Vega León, Berlin
  1046. Burak Erkil, Outsider Artist / Guard, Berlin
  1047. Serena Abbondanza, artist, Berlin
  1048. Simon Knab, Künstler, Keine, Berlin
  1049. Karl Koast, Web Dev, Berlin
  1050. Paloma Sanchez Palencia, Artist, Berlin
  1051. Thilo Reich, architect, artist, Berlin
  1052. Alicia, artist, Berlin
  1053. Milena Maffei, Berlin
  1054. Katrin Anika Ströbel, Künstlerin, Marseille
  1055. Katharina Schuster, Berlin
  1056. Ceren Kalay, Creative Producer, berlin
  1057. Janina Huth
  1058. Monica Salazar, Berlin
  1059. Jon Aro, Musician, Berlin
  1060. Ant Hampton, performance maker, writer, Heidelberg
  1061. Maria Benson, 12163
  1062. Christian Stolle, Writer, Generation Mensch, Berlin
  1063. Anton Stein, Sound Engineer, Hamburg
  1064. ilgaz yalcinoglu, Music Manager, Berlin
  1065. Miri Malek, Music producer, Berlin
  1066. Melissa Antier, Pluridisciplinar artist, Berlin
  1067. Francois Pisapia, Artist, Berlin
  1068. Leon Teke, Student, Berlin
  1069. Vivien Dawit, Artist, BERLIN
  1070. Nafis Fathollahzadeh, Artist, Berlin
  1071. Ellie brown, Photographer, Berlin
  1072. Antonella Pintus, Leherin/Künstlerin, Berlin
  1073. Beth von Undall, Artist, Berlin
  1074. Robert Michael Giddens, Music, None, Berlin
  1075. Paul Riemann, Schauspieler, Autor, Berlin
  1076. Claudia Basrawi, Artist, Berlin
  1077. caleb salgado, artist, berlin
  1078. Giulia Valenti, Media, Berlin
  1079. Viking Stendahl, Artist, Berlin
  1080. Martina Würzburg, Konferenzdolmetscherin, Berlin
  1081. Yulia Roth, artist, Berlin
  1082. Nina Senger, arthistorian, Berlin
  1083. Rabih El-Khoury, Film curator, ALFILM, Berlin, Berlin
  1084. Sarah Wieser, Visual Artist, Munich
  1085. Agnieszka Roguski, researcher & curator, Berlin
  1086. Melissa Canbaz, curator, Berlin
  1087. Ophélie Kauffmann, artist, Berlin
  1088. Declan Hurley, Artist, Berlin
  1089. peter ablinger, composer, -, berlin
  1090. Ben Miller, writer, Berlin
  1091. CHRISTINA DEFELICE, Artist, Berlin
  1092. Nihal Uensal, Producer, Freelance, Berlin
  1093. Liesel Burisch, Artist, Berlin
  1094. Elisa Barth, Berlin
  1095. Barbora Lepsi, Artist, Berlin
  1096. Suza Husse, Berlin
  1097. Rupert Enticknap, Musician/performer, Berlin
  1098. Eli Howkings, Artist, Berlin
  1099. Shirin Ghaffari, Painter, Berlin
  1100. Billy Morgan, Artist, Amsterdam
  1101. Matthias Hofmann, cultural worker, Berlin
  1102. Sandra Man, Artist, Bberlin
  1103. Silvia Jimenez, Musician, Berlin
  1104. Xenia Gomes, film, Berlin
  1105. ronald Berger, performer, freelancer, Berlin
  1106. Susanne Soldan, Artist, Berlin
  1107. Felix Meyer, Berlin
  1108. Tomer Gardi, Writer, Berlin
  1109. Johanna Ryynänen, artist, Berlin
  1110. Ronja kasemi, Teacher, Berlin
  1111. Marcel Prüfert, Künstler, Berlin
  1112. Isabel de Sena, Berlin
  1113. Ulrike Panse, actress/ psychologist, Berlin
  1114. Hoora Sarajan
  1115. Maxime Libiszewski, Booking agent, Berlin
  1116. Karolina Serafin, Artist, Berlin
  1117. Camilla, Office manager, Berlin
  1118. Irit Neidhardt, film publicist, Berlin
  1119. Luïza Luz, Artist, Berlin
  1120. Enrico De Angelis, Independent researcher, Berlin - Lichtenberg
  1121. Philipp Valenta, Artist, Gelsenkirchen
  1122. Marina Ludemann, cultural Yorker, Berlin
  1123. Adrián Quintero, Designer, Independent, Berlin
  1124. Anahita Razmi, artist
  1125. Filipe Serro, artist, Berlin
  1126. Dietrich Meyer, Artist, Berlin
  1127. Gabriel Possamai, Berlin
  1128. julia, Student, Berlin
  1129. Jochen Schmon, PhD candidate, New School for Social Research, New York, Berlin
  1130. Rita A., Visual artist, Berlin
  1131. Stefanie Heinze, Artist, Berlin/ NYC
  1132. Bill Martin, Writer & Literary Translator, Berlin
  1133. Nicolas Daniel, graphic design, Berlin
  1134. em steinberg, bodyworker/artist, berlin
  1135. Alexandra Macia, Artis, Berlin
  1136. İlknur Koçer, artist
  1137. Parastu Karimi, Artist, Berlin
  1138. Anastasia Remes, Historian, Berlin
  1139. Amanda Priebe, Artist, Berlin
  1140. Selima Taibi, Artist, Mogli, Berlin
  1141. Eleni Mouzourou, artist, Berlin
  1142. Lama El Khatib, Cultural Worker, Berlin
  1143. Siemon De Temmerman, Berlin
  1144. Dr. Manzoor Nowshari, Reproductionsbiologe, Unparteiische, Berlin
  1145. CArolina Rossi, ARTIST, Berlin
  1146. Stavit Sinai, Dozentin in Philosophie, Berlin
  1147. simona dvorák, curator, Initiative for Practices and Visions of Radical Care, Paris
  1148. Matthias Reichert, Artist, Berlin
  1149. Anna Zett, artist, Berlin
  1150. A. McBride, Artist, Berlin
  1151. Barbaros Kisakol, Artist, Berlin
  1152. Stefan Pabst, Spenge
  1153. Bettina Djurovic, Berlin
  1154. Scott Caruth, Artist, Berlin
  1155. Margarita Hermann, Art Historian, Berlin
  1156. Layton Lachman, Artist, Berlin
  1157. Eren Ileri, Artist, Researcher, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Berlin, Vienna
  1158. Luz Diaz, DJ, Room 4 Resistance, Berlin
  1159. Mirae kh rhee, artist, berlin
  1160. richard valitutto, performing artist, Berlin
  1161. Jacqueline Poloni, Musician, Berlin
  1162. Claire Vivianne Sobottke, Artist / choreographer, Berlin
  1163. Saman Haddad, Artist, 4telbar, Bonn
  1164. Sylvia Sadzinski, Curator, Berlin
  1165. regina roeder, berlin
  1166. anonymous
  1167. Aude Langlois, Artist, Berlin
  1168. Roberta Murray, Artist, Berlin
  1169. anna geene, berlin
  1170. Fanny RIEDLING, Pastry Student, Grenoble (France)
  1171. För Künkel, Theaterschaffende, Berlin
  1172. Thais Nepomuceno, Filmmaker, Berlin
  1173. Stefan Sauter, Architect, Berlin
  1174. Isil Egrikavuk, Artist, Berlin
  1175. Jenny Döll, Berlin
  1176. Daliah Schulte, Curator, Cologne
  1177. Neele Marr
  1178. dagmar pelger
  1179. Zdenka Stulic, Artist, Berlin
  1180. Maya Saravia, Artist, Berlin
  1181. Tony Buck, human being, Berlin
  1182. Marylou Guerra, Chef Cook, Berlin
  1183. Katerina Stanishlevikj, Event peoducer, Berlin
  1184. Tobha, Artist & curator, Room4Resistance + Ecology of Care, Berlin
  1185. Micha Tsouloukidse, Cultural worker, Berlin
  1186. Sam Godfrey, Artist, researcher, Berlin
  1187. steffi weismann, Künstlerin, Berlin
  1188. Minji Park, Artist, Berlin
  1189. Annalise Van Even, Tanzerin / choreograferin, Berlin
  1190. Enzo Camacho, artist, Berlin
  1191. Constanze Klar, artist, Berlin
  1192. Julia Dubsky, Artist, Berlin
  1194. José Montealegre, Artist, Berlin
  1195. Boris Baltschun, artist, musician, Berlin
  1196. Juan Larraín González, Artist, Berlin
  1197. Gabriel Flynn, writer, Berlin
  1198. Ruilin Zhang, student, University of the Arts London, London
  1199. M.Morgan, Designer/Artist, Berlin
  1200. Kathrin Hippen, Artist, Berlin
  1201. Philipp Goll, Researcher, Berlin
  1202. kiana rezvani, artist, Berlin
  1203. Jasmin Eding, Socialworker, ADEFRA roots, Berlin
  1204. Elizabeth Ravn, Artist, Berlin
  1205. Jee-Un Kim, Berlin
  1206. Katja Zanger, Künstlerin, Berlin
  1207. Anne König, HR, Berlin
  1208. Livius Haerer, Berli
  1209. Kien Nghi Ha, Cultural Scientist, Berlin
  1210. Sasa Strauß, Artist, Sasa Strauss, Berlin
  1211. Lisa Klinkhammer, artist, Berlin
  1212. Matteo Marziano Graziano, Director and Choreographer, , Berlin
  1213. S. Coggin, Writer, Berlin
  1214. Jasmin El-Achkar, Nurse, Free Palestine Saarbrücken, Heidelberg
  1215. Ingrid Hora, Artist, Berlin
  1216. Sarie Nijboer, Curator, Berlin
  1217. Eleanor Duignan, Architect, Berlin
  1218. Tim Roth, berlin
  1219. anonymous, Musiker, Berlin
  1220. Ron Whyte, Artist, Philadelphia, PA
  1221. Johanna Ackva, Artist/Choreographer, Berlin
  1222. Mickael Marman, Artist, Berlin
  1223. Malu Peeters, Artist, Berlin
  1224. Guilherme Vilhena Martins, Writer/ Curator, Berlin
  1225. melissa taylor, tailored, berlin
  1226. Tarek Higazi, Berlin
  1227. Liese Kingma, Curator, EFS/Space of Urgency, Berlin
  1228. Mouna Assali, Artist, Berlin
  1229. Alina Gewalt, Barista, Berlin
  1230. Leah Marojevic, Dancer, Berlin
  1231. Karam Ghossein, Filmmaker, Berlin
  1232. Christian Diaz Orejarena, artist, Berlin
  1233. Tamaris Vier, Kulturmanagement, Freelance, Berlin
  1234. Aarti, Software engineer, Berlin
  1235. Anne-Mareike Hess, Choreographer
  1236. Margarita Maximova, Artist, Berlin
  1237. Mihaela Chiriac, curator, Berlin
  1238. Jakob Jurkosek, Photographer, Berlin
  1239. Maike Siebels, Berlin
  1240. Lily Deason, Student, University of the Arts London, London
  1241. Juliane Gebel, Berlin
  1242. Tom Kellner, Scholar, Berlin
  1243. Martyna Marciniak, artist & researcher, Berlin
  1244. elsa guily, unemployed, berli
  1245. Christiane Eggers, Berlin
  1246. Coila-Leah Enderstein, Artist, Berlin
  1247. Nicolas Castelli, Musician, Berlin
  1248. Julia Mensch, visual artist, Berlin
  1249. Miriam Siebenstädt, sound artist, Berlin
  1250. Milad Samarah, Berlin
  1251. Felix Kiessling, Artist, Berlin
  1252. Richard Hancock, Artist, Berlin
  1253. Jessica Valdez, Antidiscrimination trainer, educator, producer & poet, Berlin
  1254. Line Moerath, artist, Berlin
  1255. Weston Olencki, Musician, Berlin
  1256. Camilo Andrés Hoyos, psychologist, Bogota
  1257. Paniz Musawi Natanzi, Researcher
  1258. Federica Partinico, artist, Berlin
  1259. Anja McCormack, Artist, Deine Auswahl, Berlin
  1260. hoyah, Sound, Hoyah, Berlin
  1261. Stefan Roigk, Sound Artist, Berlin
  1262. Christiane Schmidt, filmmaker, Berlin
  1263. Jemma Desai, Writer/Lecturer
  1264. Raquel Rives, Artist, Berlin
  1265. Julia König, Artist, Köln/Berlin
  1266. Bully Fae Collins, Performer and Musician, Berlin
  1267. Bernhard-Heinrich Herzog, Berlin
  1268. anonymous
  1269. Gustav Heinsen, Designer, Berlin
  1270. Maikki Siuko, Curator and artist, Self employed, Berlin
  1271. Rebecca Layton, artist, Berlin
  1272. kerstin stakemeier, writer, 10.OG, Berlin
  1273. Kirstine Elisa Kjeldsen, Artist, Berlin
  1274. Linda Kettler, -, KHB, Berlin
  1275. Alexis Chan, artist, Berlin
  1276. Abina Manning, Cultural worker, Berlin
  1277. Sten Rudstrom, Improviser, Berlin
  1278. Alexander müll, Komponist, Alexander Müll, Berlin
  1279. Florian Hermes, Berlin
  1280. Nancy Lupo, Artist, Berlin
  1281. Karma Clarke-Davis, Artist, Berlin
  1282. Anna Hankow, Photographer, Berlin
  1283. Thomas Heaphy, Künstler, Berlin
  1284. Sofia Lomba, Artist, Berlin
  1285. alison yip, germany
  1286. zhiyuan yang, Artist, Berlin
  1287. Harald Stojan, Artist, Berlin
  1288. Sid Talukdar, Freelancer, Berlin
  1289. Carolina Ortega, Theater Regie, Berlin
  1290. Anna Dinwoodie, Writer & translator, Berlin
  1291. FRC, musician, self, Berlin
  1292. Yaser Safi, Visual Artist, Berlin
  1293. Andrea Goetzke, Kuratorin, Kulturproduzentin, Berlin
  1294. Selina Becker, filmmaker, freelance, Berlin/Bangkok
  1295. Julia Sjölin, Artist, Berlin
  1296. Nicolai Rohrer, Musician, Berlin
  1297. Sabine Ercklentz, Musician, Berlin
  1298. Javier Guerrero, Musiker, Berlin
  1299. Maren Karlson, Berlin
  1300. Tomas C. Toth, artist, CROSSLUCID, Berlin
  1301. Tai Linhares, Berlin
  1302. Daniel Correa Mejia, Artist, Berlin
  1303. Catherin Schöberl, Artist, Basel
  1304. Lucia Maetzke, malerin, selbstständig, basel
  1305. Oskar Korsár, Artist, Berlin
  1306. Lukas Oppenheimer, Artist, Berlin
  1307. Pilvi Takala, Artist, Berlin
  1308. Juliette Vandame, Film Production, Babelsberg Studios, Berlin
  1309. Aminatu Sesay, Student, Mönchengladbach
  1310. Jo Jakob Hübner, Artist, Student, Berlin
  1311. Wolfgang Tillmans, artist, Berlin
  1312. Alexandra stein, Artist, Paris
  1313. Nadja Bournonville, Artist, Berlin
  1314. kevin bui, music producer, les lilas
  1315. Breeanne Saxton, Choreographer, Berlin
  1316. Guillermo Rojas, Musician, Berlin
  1317. Sahar barghouti
  1318. Philipp Dollinger, student, UdK, Berlin
  1319. Max Negrelli, cultural producer, Berlin
  1320. Maxwell Jeffrey Stephens, Artist, Berlin/Bremen
  1321. Ada Van Hoorebeke, Artist, Berlin
  1322. Alexander Iezzi, Artist
  1323. Nikolas Moeller, Sound Techniker, Freiberufler, Berlin
  1324. Julica, Ceramicist, Wangen im Allgäu
  1325. Antoine carle, Pflegekraft, Berlin
  1326. Steffen D., Autor
  1327. Pui yan fong, Student, Leuphana, Hamburg
  1328. anonymous
  1329. Freya van Husen, Artist, student, HU Berlin, Berlin
  1330. Sofía Fernández, Designer, KWS, Berlin
  1331. Stella Zannou, Artist, Berlin
  1332. Lamis, Actress, Freelance, Berlin
  1333. Johannes Lange-Kabitz, musician, Berlin
  1334. Marietta Auras, Producer & Director, Berlin
  1335. Felix Kusser, Director, 3 11 12 Production, Berlin
  1336. Manuel Resch, Artist, None, Berlin
  1337. Xiaopeng Zhou, artist, Berlin
  1338. Mayada, Berlin
  1339. Hilà Lahav, Musician, artist,cultural worker, Berlin
  1340. Christine Andersen, Berlin
  1341. Ruth Fruchtman, Writer, Freie Autorin, Berlin
  1342. Juliane Thomä, Berlin
  1343. Eugen Bergmann, Creative Producer, Berlin
  1344. Tom Foskett-Barnes, Musician, Berlin
  1345. Adela Lovric, Berlin
  1346. Nicky Böhm, Refuge Worldwide, Berlin
  1347. Felisha Carenage, Artist, Berlin
  1348. Emeli Theander, Artist, Berlin
  1349. Matthias Herrmann, Musiker, Berlin
  1350. Venus Jasper, Artist, Amsterdam
  1351. Daniel Salomon, Artist, Berlin
  1352. Madeline Robertson, Artist, Berlin
  1353. Bethan Hughes, Artist, Berlin
  1354. David Sorrenti, Freelancer, Berlin
  1355. An Paenhuysen, Curator, Independent, Berlin
  1356. Burkhard Beschow, Berlin
  1357. Şeyda Kurt, Author, Berlin
  1358. Bill Kouligas, Artists / Curator, PAN, Berlin
  1359. Sumona Dhakal, Cultural Worker, Berlin
  1360. Gregor Kasper, Artist, Berlin
  1361. Stella Burke, Freelancer, Berlin
  1362. Anna Dorothy Aquino, Visual artist, Madrid
  1363. Jules Reidy, musician, Berlin
  1364. Nono ‘Gigsta’ Vermoesen, musician, berlin
  1365. Feyd Angeles, Artist, Berlin
  1366. Pegah Ferydoni, Actor, Berlin
  1367. Debby Farber, Curator, Berlin
  1368. Michael Buter, Musician, Berlin
  1369. Gabriela Manda Seith, Curator, researcher, Berlin
  1370. Lotta Thiessen, Writer, berlin
  1371. Anna Casanova, Carpenter, Berlin
  1372. Eylül İşcen, Researcher, Berlin
  1373. Ayşe Orhon, Performer, Choreographer, Berlin
  1374. Christina Foerch, Journalist, Rottenburg
  1375. Erika Lead, Artist, Berlin
  1376. Cathal Sheerin, Producer, Berlin
  1377. Mark Barker, Artist, berlin
  1378. Pamela Selwyn, Translator, Berlin
  1379. Simon Phillips, Musician, Berlin
  1380. Stephan Dillemuth, Künstler
  1381. khaled kurbeh, Musician, Berlin
  1382. Maja Smoszna, Curator, Berlin
  1383. Dejan Marković, artist, Berlin
  1384. Marcos Zoe Nacar, tanzer, Berlin
  1385. Pamela Guest, Illustrator, Berlin
  1386. Angelina Kloz, Nürnberg
  1387. Dilo Vala, Darmstadt
  1388. Nina Tabassomi, Curator, *Berlin
  1389. Stina Werenfels, Filmmaker, Zürich
  1390. Julian Staffel, Artist/political activist, Berlin
  1391. Amirali Ghasemi, Artist, Berlin
  1392. Gabriella Hirst, Artist, Berlin
  1393. Lydia, Berlin
  1394. Aiko Okamoto, Berlin
  1395. Roseline Rannoch, Artist, Berlin
  1396. Milan Daemgen, Filmmaker, Berlin
  1397. Nixie Mae, Berlin
  1398. Friederike Gerken, Bibliothekar*in, Berlin
  1399. Johanna Ekenhorst, Berlin
  1400. Johannes Vogl, Artist, Berlin
  1401. Gareth Okan, Artist, Berlin
  1402. Stefanie Battisti, Berlin
  1403. Sophie Schlöndorff, Translator, Self-employed, Berlin
  1404. Pietro Librizzi
  1405. Diego Noguera, Artist, Berlin
  1406. Aşkın kırım, Artist, Berlin
  1407. Philipp Lange, Curator, Berlin
  1408. Dani Gal, Artist, Berlin
  1409. Una Daly, Artist, Berlin
  1410. Michaela Kobsa-Mark, Filmmaker, Berlin
  1411. Yili Rojas, artist, Berlin
  1412. Nancy du Plessis, Berlin
  1413. Sam Gray, Berlin
  1414. Areli Moran Mayoral, Artist, Berlin
  1415. Ethan Folk, Filmmaker, Berlin
  1416. Clara Becking, artist, filmmaker, Berlin
  1417. Eren Paydaş, Musician, Berlin
  1418. Elena Schmidt, artist, Berlin
  1419. Steph Holl-Trieu, artist and writer, Berlin
  1420. Gali Har-Gil, Student, Bard College Berlin, Berlin
  1421. Thomas Schaupp, Dramaturg/Curator, Berlin
  1422. Sean Lührs, Lehrer, Berlin
  1423. Nadia Wise, Berlin
  1424. Luz Quintans, Writer, Musician, Berlin
  1425. Vala Foltyn, Artist, København V
  1426. Axel Steinmann, Musical Artist, Berlin
  1427. Enad Marouf, Artist, Berlin
  1428. Jonas Weber Herrera, Artist, Berlin
  1429. Jesse Cumming
  1430. Savannah Turner, Editor / Cultural Worker, Berlin
  1431. Esther Poppe, curator/educator, Berlin/Frankfurt Am Main
  1432. Margot Primault
  1433. Özge Açıkkol, artist, Berlin
  1434. Larissa Gulitz, Artist, Berlin
  1435. Clarissa Thieme, filmmaker, artist, Berlin
  1436. Iza, artist, Berlin
  1437. Christina Harles, artist +educator, Berlin
  1438. Anguezomo Mba Bikoro, Artist
  1439. Lisa Stewart, Artist, Berlin
  1440. Paula Förster, Artist, Berlin
  1441. Assaf Abraham Hochman, Berlin
  1442. Slowfoam, Musician, Berlin
  1443. Lewis hammond, Artist, Berlin
  1444. Matthias Boguth, Musician, Berlin
  1445. Anna Achilles, Berlin
  1446. Alex Heide, Artist, Berlin
  1447. Buthayna El Haggar, Artist and Writer, Independant, Berlin - Cairo
  1448. district * school without center, art space, Berlin
  1449. philip rizk, film-maker, berlin
  1450. Nina Hynes, Artist, Berlin
  1451. angela dreßler, cultural worker, berlin
  1452. Eliza Goldox, Artist, Leipzig
  1453. Daavid Mörtl, Designer, Berlin
  1454. Ollie George, Berlin
  1455. Anja Pollnow, Berlin
  1456. Waseem Hasan, Untold story, Berlin
  1457. elisa müller, institut für widerstand im postfordismus, berlin
  1458. Cornelia Herfurtner, Artist, Berlin
  1459. Kat Klepper, Berlin
  1460. Kinga Kielczynska
  1461. Alex, Physiotherapist, Berlin
  1462. Kat Schneider, Artist, Berlin
  1463. Joseph Thomas, Berlin
  1464. Adriana Tranca, Curator, Berlin
  1465. Rico Repotente, guitarist, Berlin
  1466. Charis Elliott, Senior Creative Production Manager, Berlin
  1467. Selina Thüring, Director, Berlin
  1468. Cara Gallo-Jermyn, Dance Therapist, Berlin
  1469. Marie Ernst, Artist, Berlin
  1470. Lanyi Zhan, Artist, Berlin
  1471. Tomomi I., Artist, Berlin
  1472. Ellen Yeon Kim, Artist, Berlin
  1473. Carlos Vasquez, Filmmaker, Berlin
  1474. Christoph F. Ueberfuhr, Student/DJ, Copenhagen
  1475. Hans Steih, teacher, Kleve
  1476. corina hofner
  1477. Julia Hurvich, Musician, Berlin
  1478. Janna Heiß, artist, Berlin
  1479. Lena Stefflitsch, artist, berlin
  1480. Rachel Uwa, creative director, School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe, Berlin
  1481. Nese Oezgen, Researcher, Berlin
  1482. Derek Howard, Filmmaker, Free lance, New York
  1483. Janice Heinrich, Berlin
  1484. Hannah Eyre, Nanny, Berlin
  1485. Canan Turan, film curator/speaker/moderator/activist, Berlin
  1486. Julian Curico, Filmmaker, Berlin
  1487. Mario guzman, Artist, , Berlin
  1488. Paula Petsoulakis, Artist, Berlin
  1489. Ebb Bayley, Artist, Berlin
  1490. Laure Humblet, Marketing, Berlin
  1491. Thomas Swinkels, Artist, Berlin
  1492. Roberta Pasini, Worker, Berlin
  1493. Jess Curtis, Choreographer, Dirctor, Producer, Teacher, Gravity, Berlin
  1494. Enora Le Gouis, Music, Berlin
  1495. rahel savoldelli, actor, berlin
  1496. Julia Ottenberg, Berlin
  1497. Berit Levita, Cultural worker, Berlin
  1498. Timur Üzel, art worker, 1210beriln, Berlin
  1499. Adam Cooke, Berlin
  1500. Carla Renée Loose, Berlin
  1501. Burkhard Beins, Musiker, Berlin
  1502. Barbara Greiner, Cultural Worker, Berlin
  1503. Tatiana Makrinova, Artist, Berlin
  1504. Jess Zamora-Turner, artist, Berlin
  1505. Norbert Pape, Choreographer, Freelance, Berlin
  1506. Elsa Rassbach, filmmaker, Berlin
  1507. Kristina Nowak, Berlin
  1508. daniel paiva de miranda, berlin
  1509. Belén Marinato, Cultural manager, Berlin
  1510. Saina Tarverdy, Researcher, Berlin
  1511. Michelle-Marie Letelier, Artist & researcher, Berlin
  1512. Bassel Katamish, Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, TU Berlin, Berlin
  1513. Raschid Masri, Berlin
  1514. Mika Schmid
  1515. Zahraa Samer, Berlin
  1516. Sebastian Nübling, Director, Berlin
  1517. Juan Pedro Solórzano Moncada, Musician, Berlin
  1518. Gabriel Galindez Cruz, Choreograph, Berlin
  1519. Sanja Grozdanic, Berlin
  1520. Gülten Hamidanoglu, Köln
  1521. Diana Kapidzic, Artist, HeartBeat Sound, Munich
  1522. Shannon Leypoldt, Dance artist, Berlin
  1523. Ivy Rossiter, Musician, Berlin
  1524. Friederike Heine, Artist, Berlin
  1525. Katya Quel, Artist, Berlin
  1526. Katrine Hoffmeyer Tougård, Artist, Berlin
  1527. Olga, Sozial Pädagogin, BERLIN
  1528. Anis Hamdoun, Director Theatre/Film, Berlin
  1529. Bernardo Resnikowski, DJ - Artist, D2D-BASSISM-CRISP, Berlín
  1530. Niklas Goldbach, Artist, Berlin
  1531. Jules Elting, Actor, Berlin
  1532. Viktor Neumann, Curator, Berlin
  1533. Jessica David, Art director, Berlin
  1534. Benjamin Meyer-Krahmer, Professor, HGB Leipzig, Berlin
  1535. Fernanda Höhne, Set Designer, Berlin
  1536. Isaac Hickey, Musician, Berlin
  1537. Nadia Crocker, Student, Berlin
  1538. Ntontis, München
  1539. Amanda Romero, Dancer, Köln
  1540. Oliver Röpke, Berlin
  1541. Dr. Puja Singhal, Economist, PIK, Berlin
  1542. Hannah Whitlow, Artist, Berlin
  1543. Bahija Haddad, Writer & Academic, Berlin
  1544. Vanessa Disler, Artist, Berlin
  1545. Melanie Redmer, Artist, Berlin
  1546. Mickey Mahar, Tänzer, Berlin
  1547. Robin Ó, Artist, Berlin
  1548. Oraib Toukan, Artist, Berlin
  1549. Raphael Khouri, Playwright, Berlin
  1550. Nicole Trausinger
  1551. Gregor Hotz
  1552. Dafna Maimon, Artist, Berlin
  1553. Julius Gabriel, musicians, Berlin
  1554. Nadja Bozic, Booking Agent, Berlin
  1555. Mona Katawi, Editor & Translator, Berlin
  1556. Astrid Herrmann, Music Religion-teacher, WDP, München
  1557. Johanna Kandl, Artist, Berlin
  1558. Pınar Öğrenci, Artist, filmmaker, Berlin
  1559. Helmut Kandl, Artist, Berlin
  1560. Annika Hedderich, Berlin
  1561. anonymous
  1562. Aziz Hazara, Artist, Berlin
  1563. anonymous
  1564. Bettina Allamoda, artist, Berlin
  1565. Katja Pudor, Artist, Berlin
  1566. Anelia Heese, Author, Berlin
  1567. Jo Bröse, Istanbul/Berlin
  1568. Anthony Peltre, Unemployed, BERLIN
  1569. José Carlos, Activist, ARTivisten e.V., Berlin
  1570. Mahmoud Khaled, Artist, Berlin
  1571. Tina Kadkhodayan, Architect, Berlin
  1572. Daniel Avi Schneider, Musician, Bukahara, Berlin
  1573. Christian Haid, architect, curator, Berlin
  1574. Frieda Toranzo Jaeger, Artist, Berlin
  1575. Natalie Foti
  1576. Nienke, Dramaturg, Utrecht
  1577. Anika Krbetschek, Artist, Berlin
  1578. Whowle, Artist, Berlin
  1579. Ekaterina Martynova, Schülerin, Haldensleben
  1580. Angela Bertini, Berlin
  1581. Julie Pfleiderer, Artist, Berlin
  1582. Pablo Fernández, Artist, Berlin
  1583. Joseph LeFever, Berlin
  1584. Susana AbdulMajid, Actress, Berlin
  1585. Sonja Stich, Photographer, Inspiralab, Barcelona/Berlin
  1586. Melissa Makele, Berlin
  1587. Henri Falk, Musician, Berlin
  1588. Heiko Karn, Berlin
  1589. Pascale Fakhry, Festival director, ALFILM - Arab Film Festival Berlin, Berlin
  1590. Rocco Ruglio, Artist, Berlin
  1591. Anna Vecsei, Berlin
  1592. Sholem Krishtalka, Artist, Berlin
  1593. Terri Harel, DJ/producer, Berlin
  1594. Christina Demetriou, Filmworker, Berlin
  1595. Keturah Cummings, Artist, Berlin
  1596. Phuong Vu, Berlin
  1597. Antonio Borghini, Musician, Berlin
  1598. Mirjam Heigl, Student, Berlin
  1599. Frederik Marks, Artist, Berlin
  1600. Alex Baczyński-Jenkins, Artist, Berlin
  1601. Leyla Tewes, Stuttgart
  1602. Katharina Waltraud Boll, Mood-Kashani-Boll, 10969 Berlin
  1603. Katharina Boll, writer-director, Der Schöne Serge GbR, Berlin
  1604. Sabine Encke, , Berlin
  1605. Maya Klar, Filmmaker, Berlin
  1606. Marek Polgesek, Musiker, Nansea, Berlin
  1607. Janina Hagel, 22149, Hamburg
  1608. Oliver Zimmermann, Regisseur, Berlin
  1609. Ayscha Zarina Omar, Designer and Artist, Berlin
  1610. Ute Novieku, Berlin
  1611. Laura Ewert, Writer, Berlin
  1612. Przemek Kamiński, Choreographer, Berlin
  1613. louise witthoeft, Exhibition designer, Berlin
  1614. Sarah Meyer, artist, Berlin
  1615. hannah hurtzig, dramaturgin, berlin
  1616. Saeed Khoury, Berlin
  1617. Damjan Rajačić, Berlin
  1618. Lara Dade, Berlin
  1619. Milan Cevik, Label Manager, Berlin
  1620. Leila Hekmat, Artist, Berlin
  1621. Elisa Fuenzalida, Editor, Vicario/ Fuenzalida, Berlin
  1622. Andrea Richter, producer, Berlin
  1623. Karen Michelsen Castañón, Artist/cultural worker, Berlin
  1624. Katharina Meyer, Künstlerin, Berlin
  1625. Sarah Lipszyc, Production coordinator, Berlin
  1626. Isolde Nagel, Curator, Berlin
  1627. Heidi Götzmann, Designerin, design4culture, Berlin
  1628. Eleftheria Orfanidou, Berlin
  1629. Quang Duc Nguyen, Designer, Berlin
  1630. Irina novarese, Artist, Berlin
  1631. Victoria Hinrichsen, Berlin
  1632. Louise Trueheart, Artist, Berlin
  1633. Costanza Rossi, Artistic research, Berlin
  1634. Xavier Robles de Medina, artist, Berlin
  1635. Annika Niemann, Art Education, Berlin
  1636. Arno Bouma, Co-founder, Space of Urgency, Berlin
  1637. Lili Krause, Poet, Berlin
  1638. Abigail Toll, Composer, Berlin
  1639. Siobhan Leddy, Writer and researcher, Berlin
  1640. Beatrice E. Sammer, 10627, art management, Berlin
  1641. Heide Schlüpmann, Prof.em, Frankfrurt a. M.
  1642. Lucas Knoflach, consultant/ producer, Berlin
  1643. Julianne Cordray, Writer/publisher, Berlin
  1644. Jana Ewaldsen, Berlin
  1645. Caroline Whiteley, Writer, editor, Berlin
  1646. Léonard Engel, Choreographer, Berlin
  1647. Christopher Little, Berlin
  1648. Charlotte Berg, Artist, Frankfurt am Main
  1649. Robert Schulte, Berlin
  1650. Ebba Fransén Waldhör, Berlin
  1651. Rohland-Bulling, Constanze, Ärztin,Psychoanalytikerin, Berlin
  1652. sigrid gareis, kuratorin, berlin
  1653. Judit Foerster
  1654. Louis schou, Artist, Berlin
  1655. lisa cordes, Berlin
  1656. Lucy Jones, Translator, Berlin
  1657. Mara Appelhagen, Filmproduktion, Berlin - Treptow
  1658. Dr.Thilo Bulling, Arzt für Psychosomatik, Berlin
  1659. Barbara Gamper, artist, /, Berlin
  1660. Ania Nowak, Artist, Berlin
  1661. jasmine grace wenzel, cultural worker, community organizer, berlin
  1662. Cindy Jeffers, Artist, Berlin
  1663. Billie Söntgen, photographer, None, Berlin
  1664. Sam Zamrik, Author, Berlin
  1665. Elif Demiroglu, Urban designer, Berlin
  1666. kinay olcaytu, artist, berlin
  1667. Lauren Finn, Scientist, FU Berlin, Berlin
  1668. Evangelia Axiotaki
  1669. Shannon, Photograher/architect, Berlin
  1670. Tomas Eyzaguirre, Artist, Berlin
  1671. Vedi Emde, Berlin
  1672. Maria Del Mar Behling
  1673. Sarah Israel, Dramaturgin, Berlin
  1674. Mariangela Filardi, Berlin
  1675. Tabea Nixdorff, artist, Leipzig / Arnhem
  1676. Wanda Dubrau, artist, Berlin
  1677. Bruno Gola, Künstlerischer Mitarbeiter, Universität der Künste Berlin, Berlin
  1678. köken ergun, artist, berlin/istanbul
  1679. Mandla Reuter
  1680. Tanya V. Abelson, Visual Artist, Berlin
  1681. Elena Bastert, Artist
  1682. Miriam Schmid, Doctor, Berlin
  1683. Stijn Verstraete, 3D Artist, Berlin
  1684. Karola Gramann, Filmkuratorin, Kinothek Asta Nielsen e.V., Frankfurt am Main
  1685. Monte Arlie, assistant, SMB, Berlin
  1686. Soroa Lear, Dancer, Berlin
  1687. Andrea, Berlin
  1688. francesca cogni, artist, berlin
  1689. Matthias Monroy, Musician, Berlin
  1690. Ayham Kader, Holistic Dialogue Facilitator and Artist, Tripute, Berlin
  1691. Jose Jimenez, migas listening UG, Berlin
  1692. Peer Liening-Ewert, Artist/Singer, Lie Ning, Berlin
  1693. Maya Weinberg, Artist, Berlin
  1694. Gabriele Regiert, bild. Künstlerin, Berlin
  1695. Janez Jansa, Artist, Berlin
  1696. Martin Thomas, Web-Developer, MartinThomas.EU, Berlin
  1697. Ibalu Alba, Artist, Berlin
  1698. Alejandra Horsley, Artist, Berlin
  1699. Francis Kussatz, Artist, Berlin
  1700. Nicolas Fehr, Artist, Berlin
  1701. Mariechen Danz, Artist, Berlin
  1702. Aleksandra Domanovic
  1703. Maciej Sado, Artist, Berlin
  1704. Roni Katz, Choreographer, Berlin
  1705. Marcela Villanueva, Cultural manager, Berlin
  1706. Eva Radünzel, Photographer, InspiraLab, Berlin
  1707. Eser Erzurum, Filmmaker, Berlin
  1708. Dorothee Eule, Socialworker, Privat, Zürich
  1709. Rachel Silverstein, Berlin
  1710. Terike Haapoja, Artist, Berlin
  1711. Alexis Mersmann, Artist, Berlin
  1712. Jons Vukorep, Berlin
  1713. Caro Suerkemper, artist, Berlin
  1714. Elisabeth Krämer, Cultural worker, Berlin
  1715. Jeffry Diaz Schmidt, Fachinformatiker, Individuum, Berlin
  1716. Nadia Kaabi-Linke, Artist, Berlin
  1717. Sadra, Berlin
  1718. Lola Göller, Artist, Berlin
  1719. Lora Mateeva, Berlin
  1720. GOD69, artist, Berlin
  1721. Ames Gerould, Berlin
  1722. Annina Mofadi, Vermieterin, Berlin
  1723. Z. Harris, Berlin
  1724. Andre Gomes de Sousa, Artist & dramaturg, free-scene, Berlin
  1725. Ray Pham, Creative, Berlin
  1726. Brenda Lien, Artist, Berlin
  1727. Constança Beirão de Faria Blanc, Berlin
  1728. Belle Santos, Artist, Berlin
  1729. Duarte Eduardo, Composer, Berlin
  1730. Dylan Warn, Artist, Berlin
  1731. Ana Hupe, artist, Berlin
  1732. Holden Madagame, Sänger, Berlin
  1733. Manuela García Aldana, Artist, Berlin
  1734. Valeria Preisler Vogel, Creative Producer, Berlin
  1735. Eva Vuillemin, Artist, Berlin
  1736. Gediminas Žygus, Artist, Berlin
  1737. Karl-Heinz Heinemann, Journalist, Köln
  1738. Nadia Tehran, Denmark, NKT, København
  1739. Said Baalbaki, Artist, Berlin
  1740. Timo Kaabi-Linke, Artist, Berlin
  1741. Sabrina Rothe, Berlin
  1742. Anne Steinhagen, artist, Berlin
  1743. Cosmic Race, Musician, Berlin
  1744. Dorothe, Deutschlehrerin, Berlin
  1745. Nursin Guendogdu, Barcelona
  1746. Carlos Gomes, Freier Autor, Berlin
  1747. Germaine Png, Student, Artist, Berlin
  1748. Léa kieffer, Artist, Berlin
  1749. Bernd Lützeler, filmmaker, Berlin
  1750. Julia, Event producer, Js, Berlin
  1751. Mohammed abugeth, Filmmaker, Freelance, Berlin
  1752. arash qilich, artist
  1753. Sara Butler, Designer, Odious Rot, Berlin
  1754. Rebeca Routman, Artist, Berlín
  1755. Adrijana Gvozdenović, Artist, Berlin
  1756. Kellani Brogren, Actor, Expat theatre, Berlin
  1757. Ryan Brennan, Logistiker, Berlin
  1758. Eva Wilson, Writer, London/Berlin
  1759. Sebastian van Vugt, Musician, Berlin
  1760. Stefanie Kruszyk, Berlin
  1761. Lia Milanesio, Curtor, Berlin
  1762. Gina Farrow, Artist, BERLIN
  1763. Pol Merchan, Artist, Berlin
  1764. Felix Karl Hertz, Photographer, Berlin
  1765. Alison Lewis, Musician, Berlin
  1766. Alexandra Maene
  1767. Lina Jonsson, DJ, SPFDJ, Berlin
  1768. David, Artist, Berlin
  1769. rafael sergi, PR, freelancer, berlin
  1770. Gilda Coustier, Artist/technician, Berlin
  1771. Michael Springindschmitten, PM, Berlin
  1772. Maryam, artist, Berlin
  1773. Rabea Lüthi, actor, Ludwigsburg
  1774. Jeremiah Day, Berlin
  1775. sidney corbett, komponist, schwetzingen
  1776. James grabsch, Musician and Musical Director, Berlin
  1777. Ava Houshmand, Berlin
  1778. Benjamin Nelson, Artist, Berlin
  1779. Ling-Kit Mok, Social work, Frankfurt
  1780. Pierre Granoux, Artist—curator, Berlin
  1781. Jens Maier-Rothe, Berlin
  1782. Cassie Augusta Jørgensen, Dancer, Berlin
  1783. Shahab Anousha, Artist, Berlin
  1784. Ezekiel Morgan, Artist, Berlin
  1785. Luna Vassarotti, Artist, Berlin
  1786. Lorenz Rollhäuser, Journalist, free lanced, Berlin
  1787. Deidre Olsen, Berlin
  1788. Senem Aytaç, Film Critic/Curator, Berlin
  1789. Juliana Toro, Designer/Artist, Independent, Berlin
  1790. SADAK, Artist, Berlin
  1791. Daniel, influenza, Berlin
  1792. Carola Uehlken, Curator, Berlin
  1793. Kaveh ghaemi, Berlin
  1794. Dharma Pakravan, Life artist, Berlin
  1795. Elise Lebrun, Berlin
  1796. Kate Sagovsky, Artist, Berlin
  1797. Ernesto Carcamo Cavazos, Composer, guitarist, Berlin
  1798. Gregor Kuhlmann, Director, Locolor, Berlin
  1799. Martina Friedrich
  1800. Lo Moran, Artist, Berlin
  1801. Malte Raabe, Psychologist, Berlin
  1802. Dorothea Löbbermann, Scholar, Berlin
  1803. Erik Legat, Berlin
  1804. Ankica Jovanović, Artist, Berlin
  1805. Maya Guttmann, Sound engineer, Musician, Berlin
  1806. Maryna Russo, Berlin
  1807. Patrizia Magdalena Bieri, Dancer, Berlin
  1808. Mats Fredrix, Film maker, RIX, Brussels
  1809. Whitney Attobrah, Berlin
  1810. Paul Hirsch, writer, Berlin
  1811. Francesco Fusco, Musician, Berlin
  1812. Richard Patrick Scott, lecturer, Berlin
  1813. Rita Macedo, filmmaker/artist, Berlin
  1814. Lily Smith, student/artist, Berlin
  1815. Luca Loli, Curatorial Projects, EMIK, Berlin
  1816. Chiara Thieke, photography student, Berlin
  1817. Coelina Reichl, Berlin
  1818. Karin Kasböck, Künstlerin, Berlin
  1819. Carmen Redeker, Dancer, Berlin
  1820. Ines Lamari, Artist, Berlin
  1821. Noam Gorbat, Filmmaker, Berlin
  1822. Calum Lockey, Writer, Berlin
  1823. Julius Weigel, Artist, Berlin
  1824. Jonas Schoeneberg, artist, berlin
  1825. Damian Lovazzano, Musician, Berlin
  1826. Leonardo Puddu, Berlin
  1827. E Davis, Musician, Berlin
  1828. Carmen Herold, curator, berlin
  1829. Carla Reuter, Artist, berlin
  1830. Réka Csiszér, artist
  1831. Tiziana Calo, Berlin
  1832. Isa Diekmann, 12053, Student, Berlin
  1833. Greta Pantoja, Sales Assistant, Berlin
  1834. Anna Gabai, Berlin
  1835. Alison Hugill, Writer, Berlin
  1836. Svenja Schäfer, Dramaturg, Filmmaker, Berlin
  1837. Frank Weigand, translator&journalsit, Berlin
  1838. Grazyna Roguski, artist, Berlin
  1839. Jördis Lyn Behncken, Designer, Berlin
  1840. Paul Bowler, Artist, Berlin
  1841. Lucia Muriel, Psychologin, Berlin
  1842. Rafael Sanchez, Übersetzer, Berlin
  1843. Marit Östberg, Artist, Berlin
  1844. David Reiber Otálora, Artist, Berlin
  1845. Nina Hoffmann, Berlin
  1846. Maria Gysi, Berlin
  1847. Ale Borea, Artist, Berlin
  1848. Bernhard Vierling, Künstler, selbständig, Berlin
  1849. Mirthe van Popering, poet & writer, Berlin
  1850. Darsha Hewitt, Artist, Berlin
  1851. Mohammad abu hajar, Ph.D student, University of Kassel, Kassel
  1852. Alia Rayyan, Berlin
  1853. Brandon Walsh, Musician, Berlin
  1854. Ynez de Zilón, Artist, Berlin
  1855. Hinemoana Baker, Writer, Repatriations Consultant, Berlin
  1856. Sylvia Arnaout, Consultant & Researcher, Berlin
  1857. Angus Finlayson, Musician, Berlin
  1858. So Kanno, Artist, Berlin
  1859. Malve Lippmann, Kulturmanagerin, Berlin
  1860. Christian Vollmer, Theaterpädagoge, Berlin
  1861. Naima Nazir, Poet & Photographer, Berlin
  1862. Anja helbing, Berlin
  1863. Maïa Beyrouti, Artist, Berlin
  1864. Mir-Waiss Saki, Developer, Kassel
  1865. Thilo Fischer, Curator, Artist, Berlin
  1866. Halim Karabibene, Bildender Künstler, Berlin
  1867. Kuen il Song, Sound Editor, Berlin
  1868. Stefan Panhans, Artist, Hamburg/Berlin
  1869. Larissa Tsevi-Unterdörfer, Musician, Berlin
  1870. Linnea Mårtensson, Musician, Berlin
  1871. Nour Wehbé, Designer, Berlin
  1872. Nina Bernecker, Sales & Marketing Manager, -, Rosenheim
  1873. Ahmed Eid, Musician, Berlin
  1874. Kelly Humphries, Goldschmiede, Berlin
  1875. Brian Janssen, DIE LINKE, Berlin
  1876. domenik naue, artist, amsterdam
  1877. Constanze Mareike Liebel, MD, curator, Berlin
  1878. Henrike Meyer, Filmmaker, Berlin
  1879. Zacharia Ehrich, Content Manager, Hamburg
  1880. Tino Zimmermann, Artist, Karlsruhe
  1881. Jennifer Back, Berlin
  1882. David Girgensohn, Artist, Berlin
  1883. Celine Jünger, filmmaker, Berlin
  1884. Toomas Saarne, Artist, Berlin
  1885. Aurora Kellermann, Curator & Theatremaker, Berlin
  1886. Nora Aaron Scherer, Artist, Berlin
  1887. Pablo von Sternenfels Fiorito, Dancer, Berlin
  1888. Roser Garí Pérez, Berlin
  1889. Miran Nolden, Dj, Berlin
  1890. Frank Jahnel, Lawyer, Friedrich-Wolf-Gesellschaft, Lehnitz
  1891. Lea Gugler, Casting director, Berlin
  1892. Loreto Solís Germani, Cultural producer, Berlin
  1893. Anja Lückenkemper, curator/writer, Berlin
  1894. Michiel Keuper, Künstler, designer, Berlin
  1895. ALKMINI GKOUSIARI, Artist, Berlin
  1896. Marina Hoppmann, Berlin
  1897. Ceci Corsano-Leo, artist, Berlin
  1898. Claire wildenhues, Berlin
  1899. Beatrice Zanesco, Artistic Director, Independent, Berlin
  1900. Niccolò Izzi, PhD Student, Freie Universität, Berlin
  1901. Laura burns, Artist, Independent, Berlin
  1902. Cassandra Thornton, Artist, The Feminist Economics Department, BERLIN
  1903. Martin Nachbar, Choreograf, Professor, Frankfurt
  1904. Diego Manatrizio, Artist, Reykjavík
  1905. Orsolya Balog, Writer, Berlin
  1906. Luisa Ritter, Artist, Montenegro
  1907. Frieder Haller, Frieder Haller, Köln
  1908. Charlotte SOHST, Berlin
  1909. Susanne Grau, Tanz, Performance, Berlin
  1910. Golriz Behgoo, Designer, Berlin
  1911. İpek Çınar, Artist, Berlin
  1912. Kaj Osteroth, artist, Freywalde
  1913. David Abanes Bonillo, Musician, Berlin
  1914. Veslemøy Rustad Holseter, Light & Sound Artist, Dykon1c, Berlin
  1915. N. Bernstein, Artist, Berlin
  1916. Emanuela Arielli
  1917. Simon Ilse, Referent, Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Wien
  1918. Gabriela Langholf, Berlin
  1919. Justyna Stasiowska, sound designer, Berlin
  1920. Romain Potier, London
  1921. JULIETTE PATISSIER, Autorin, Berlin
  1922. Tarek Sayoud, Berlin
  1923. Marula Lu Bröckerhoff, Circus Artist, Berlin
  1924. Sandra Schäfer, artist, Berlin
  1925. Norman Behrendt, Artist, Berlin
  1926. Katharina Schütt, student, Berlin
  1927. David Walker, Berlin
  1928. Ayed Fadel, Berlin
  1929. Irene Augustin, Lehrerin, Berlin
  1930. Annick Yerem, Poet, Sídhe Press, Berlin
  1931. Mat Fink, Artist, Berlin
  1932. Betül Keles, , Berlin
  1933. Neda Sanai, Artis, Berlin
  1934. Josefine Geier, Editor and Proofreader, Berlin
  1935. Georgina Titheridge, Writer, Berlin
  1936. Lucia Carbone, Bartender, Berlin
  1937. Jan Pfeiffer, Berlin
  1938. Rhea Vincent, Berlin
  1939. Jay, Ausländer, Berlin, Berlin
  1940. Rabih Beaini, Berlin
  1941. Sara Liebe, Art / Therapy
  1942. Tamar Magradze, Artist, Berlin
  1943. Manuel Neubauer, Dancer/ choreographer, Berlin
  1944. Maurice Stamm, Performer, Berlin
  1945. Olivia Leadbeater, Unemployed, Berlin
  1946. Gabriella de Luca, Berlin
  1947. Joachim Ramin, Artist, Berlin
  1948. Tobias Balk, Artist, Berlin
  1949. Noah Angell, Artist, Author, Berlin
  1950. Robert Winter, Berlin
  1951. Volkan Aydin, Student/musician, Berlin
  1952. Ali Chibli, Director, Plant, Berlin
  1953. Marianne Tuckman, Performance maker, educator, Berlin
  1954. Deyanira Muriel, Berlin
  1955. Leonie Nagel, Artist, Berlin
  1956. Justin Time, artist, Berlin
  1957. Benjamin Salzwedel, 12051
  1958. Federico Polucci, Costume designer/visual artist, Berlin
  1959. Tegan Emerson, Archivist, Berlin
  1960. Sünje Petersen, Dancer, Berlin
  1961. Dörte Lützel-Walz, artist, Berlin
  1962. Vassiliea Stylianidou aka Franck-Lee Alli-Tis, artist, Berlin
  1963. Sofie Bakke Ringstad, Curator, Berlin / Stavanger
  1964. Narumi, Student, Berlin
  1965. Aditi Kapur, Kapur, berlin
  1966. Darta Treimane, student, Berlin
  1967. Luca Murgia, Designer & Musician, Berlin
  1968. Natasha Todd, Artist, Berlin
  1969. Donat Blum, 10435, Schriftsteller*in, Berlin
  1970. Hisham El-Hitami, Architekt, Studio Schamofski, Berlin
  1971. Miriam Khammas, Berlin
  1972. Hector Solari, Artist, Berlin
  1973. Peter Hoffmann, Kino im Sprengel, Hannover
  1974. Zohar bonnie, Musiker, Berlin
  1975. Susi Gelb, artist, Berlin
  1976. Brogan Geurts, Scientist, Berlin
  1977. Hannah Endrulat, Musician, Berlin
  1978. Nicole Nigro, artist, Berlin
  1979. Power Ekroth, Curator, SITE Zones, Berlin/Stockholm
  1980. N. Rolón, Artist, Berlin
  1981. Baran, Self employed, Berlin
  1982. Carolina Jiménez, curator, HANGAR, Barcelona
  1983. Davide Zucco, Artist, Berlin
  1984. Francesca Addei, Berlin
  1985. Rodney LaTourelle, Artist, Writer, Berlin
  1986. Yori Gagarim
  1987. Avi Berg, Berlin
  1988. Elsa Geißler, Berlin
  1989. Jason Heinen, Product manager, Berlin
  1990. Houssein Tarabichi, Programmkoordinator im Kultur Bereich und Architekt, Berlin
  1991. Merle Bennett, Berlin - Pankow
  1992. Till Hunger, Artist, Berlin
  1993. Nir Alon, Künstler / Artist, Hamburg
  1994. Alba Fieira Vilariño, event production, freelance, Berlin
  1995. Nikolas Brummer, Artist, Berlin
  1996. Georgina Halabi, Coach, Kenilworth
  1997. Jeremy Shaw, Artits, Berlin
  1998. Hassan Dib, Dancer/Actor/Drag Performer, Freelancer, Berlin
  1999. Aurora Tassone, Student, Milan
  2000. Marie Matusz
  2001. Fabian Riess, artist, Berlin
  2002. Barbara Marcel, Artist, Berlin
  2003. Angela Anderson, artist, berlin
  2004. Cenk Arpa, Berlin
  2005. Shivani, Ceramist, Berlin
  2006. Johannes Förster, Filmemacher, Berlin
  2007. Julian Mancuso, Culinary creative, Berlin
  2008. Alex Fahl, Art Producer, Berlin
  2009. Felipe Cescon Faria, dance artist, freelancer, Berlin
  2010. Katharina Dziambor, Social Worker, Berlin
  2011. Felipe Gregory Nascimento Silva, Designer, Berlin
  2012. Laura Katzauer, Artist, Berlin
  2013. Julie Fogarty, Musician, Berlin
  2014. Tabea Reutter, Curator, Berlin
  2015. Sefa Okutan, Artist, Berlin
  2016. Maja Planinc, Berlin
  2017. Valentin Gerhardus, Berlin
  2018. Adrien Lechien, Berlin
  2019. Meagan O’Shea, Dance artist, Berlin
  2020. Kadir Gürcan, Project manager, Berlin
  2021. Jeanna Kolesova, Artist, Berlin
  2022. anonymous
  2023. Jule von Scheidt
  2024. Marie Antoinette Lührs, Artist, Berlin
  2025. Aude Arago, Artist, Aude Arago, AUBERVILLIERS
  2026. Pia-Marie Remmers, Berlin
  2027. Jane Arnison, Musician, Berlin
  2028. Adrian Nehm, Locolor, Berlin
  2029. Udi Raz, PhD Student, Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin
  2030. Heather Purcell, Artist, Berlin
  2031. Dr. Bashar Shammout
  2032. María del Carmen Orbegoso Alvarez, Directiva de MigrArte Perú e.V., MigrArte Perú, Berlin
  2033. Sasha Schlegel, producer, Berlin
  2034. Roland Lauth, Artist, Berlin
  2035. Wolfgang Kobischke, Musiker, Berlin
  2036. Nicu Dura, Artist, Berlin
  2037. Andrea Felizitas Karch, artist, Berlin
  2038. Faris Alrjoob, Filmmaker, Berlin
  2039. Penelope Papathanasiou, Musikerin, Rostock
  2040. Cornelia Kirste, artist, Berlin
  2041. Yasmine Salimi, cultural worker, Berlin
  2042. Kerstin Cmelka, artist, Berlin
  2043. Gotthard Krupp, Bildender Künstler, ver.di, Berlin
  2044. Farah Abdel Aziz, Berlin
  2045. Jack Selby, Berlin
  2046. Mascha Fehse, Berlin
  2047. Silvio Saraceno, Visual arts, Berlin
  2048. Ankur Sood, Musician/Audio Engineer, Key Ratio, Berlin
  2049. Tibo Gebert, Artist, Berlin
  2050. Madeline Ziemer, Artist, Educator, Berlin
  2051. Diego Alvarado, Pr agent/ musician, N/a, Berlin
  2052. Dr. SabinePfeiffer, dr.med., Berlin
  2053. Sandra Arellano, Soziokulturelle Vermittlerin, Berlin
  2054. Eva Wentland, conservator, berlin
  2055. Matthew Bianchi, Set designer, Berlin
  2056. Alexander Hahn, Berlin
  2057. Stef Sprinz, Berlin
  2058. Sci S. Klock, Artist, Queer Anaog Darkroom, Berlin
  2059. John Thorp, Writer/Cultural Worker, Berlin
  2060. Jenny Mahla, dramaturg, researcher, writer, Berlin
  2061. alistair alexander, producer, berlin
  2062. Sophia Kuhn, Designer, Berlin
  2063. Kurt Reinartz, Student, UdK, Berlin
  2064. Ia kutateladze, Designer, Berlin
  2065. Gloria Zein, artist, Berlin
  2066. Boaz Levin, Curator, Berlin
  2067. Maya Shenfeld, Composer, Berlin
  2068. feuchtenberger, artist, feuchtenberger, hamburg
  2069. Frederik Worm, Artist, Berlin
  2070. Markus Ruff, Archivist, Filmmaker, Berlin
  2071. Cole Collins, Lecturer and Curator, Glasgow/Berlin
  2072. Antonia Cattan, Artist, Berlin
  2073. Stephen Wicks, Catford
  2074. Andrea Giusti, art director, Berlin
  2075. Nico Comotti, Freelance, Berlin
  2076. Ruth Luschnat, Naturopath&case worker, Verdi, Berlin
  2077. Antonio Chiocca, Berlin
  2078. Pako Quijada, Filmmaker, Berlin
  2079. jayrope, Composer, jayrope, Berlin
  2080. George Patrick, co-founder, Refuge Worldwide, Berlin
  2081. Jan Werner, artist, none, Berlin
  2082. ana vujanovic, scholar, dramaturge, berlin
  2083. Hamza Qabbani, Musiker, Berlin
  2084. Cynthia Beatt, Filmmaker, Berlin
  2085. Stephan Ehrlich, Choreograph, Berlin
  2086. Lena Kocutar, Artist, Berlin
  2087. adam broomberg, Artist, HfG, Berlin
  2088. Vilte Gustyte, Artist, None, Berlin
  2089. Ruben Cortelletti, Creative Director, Berlin
  2090. Lema Ahmadi, Artist, Berlin
  2091. Claudia Bosse, Artist/choreographer, theatercombinat, Berlin/ Wien
  2092. Holger Lund, curator, fluctuating images e.V., Berlin
  2093. Clara H., Artist, Berlin
  2094. rob blake, artist, Berlin
  2095. Selina Thylmann, Social worker, BERLIN
  2096. Sophie Lazari, Artist, Berlin
  2097. Hanan Toukan, Writer and Scholar, Berlin
  2098. Timothy Neate, Sound Artist, Infinite Quest, Berlin
  2099. Adriane Steckhan, artist, Hamburg
  2100. Isabell Yekebaş, Berlin
  2101. Olivia Artner, Berlin
  2102. Julina Vanille Bezold, Artist, Amsterdam
  2103. Sophie Franziska Schultz, Manager, Artist Studio, Berlin
  2104. Maike Storf, Artist/ cultural worker, Berlin
  2105. Renate Lorenz, artist, Berlin
  2106. Düzgün Meral
  2107. Vijai Maia Patchineelam, artist, Berlin
  2108. Dara Jochum, art worker, Berlin
  2109. Salah Saouli, Artist, Berlin
  2110. Tina Oelker, Artist, Hamburg
  2111. Rachel Israela, Fotografin, Studio Reyes Israela, Berlin
  2112. Betül Tekoglu, artist, Berlin
  2113. Gil Schneider, musician, Berlin
  2114. Lydia Thompson, Artist, Berlin
  2115. anonymous
  2116. Dr Jonathan David, Lehrer und Musiker, Hamburg
  2117. Esther Dischereit, writer, Berlin
  2118. Matilde flor usinger, Artist, Berlin
  2119. SHIN, Hyo Jin, Musician, performer, Berlin
  2120. Xavier Perrone, Berlin
  2121. Jennifer Gilmore, Model, Berlin
  2122. Mati SHemoelof, Autor und Dichter, Berlin
  2123. Emilie Gregersen, Choreographer, Berlin
  2124. Echo Guo, artist, Berlin
  2125. Katharina Döbler, Writer, Journalist, Berlin
  2126. irene castaño, youth cultural worker, youth cultural center, berlin
  2127. Achim Kaufmann, musician, Berlin
  2128. Niklas Fucks, Musician, Berlin
  2129. Roberto Uribe-Castro, artist, Roberto Uribe-Castro, BERLIN
  2130. Daphna Westerman, Artist, Berlin
  2131. Lina Kaltenberg, Design student, Kiel
  2132. Carolina Gamboa, Artist, Berlin
  2133. Julia Brunner, Artworker, Berlin
  2134. Amelie Esterházy, Artist, Berlin
  2135. Wulf Kirschner, sculptor, Frankfurt
  2136. Katharine Oakes, Archivist, Berlin
  2137. Elisa Duca, Künstlerin, Berlin
  2138. June Lam, Artist, London
  2139. Lisa Strozyk, Artist, Frankfurt Main/Berlin
  2140. Jonas Kinet, Shipmanager NGO, Sea-Watch e.V., Berlin
  2141. Joe highton, Artist, Berlin
  2142. Paul DD Smith, Artist, Berlin
  2143. Leon Vincent Sass, Art Dealer, Berlin
  2144. Bogdan Dragomir, artist, Berlin
  2145. Sabrina Bellenzier, Artist and curator, Untitled Tbilisi, Tbilisi
  2146. Anna de Courcy, Artist, Berlin
  2147. Lloyd forse, Artist, Berlin
  2148. Christa Fülbier, Artist, Berlin
  2149. Daphne van de Burgwal
  2150. Thomas Maximilian Stuck, Artist, Berlin
  2151. Nick, AV Artist, Berlin
  2152. Julie Beugin, Artist, Berlin
  2153. Andi Haberl, Drummer, Berlin
  2154. Natalia Fernandez, Pedagogue, Berlin
  2155. Elliot de Jahnsen, Make Up Artist, Berlin
  2156. Robin Detje, Author, Berlin
  2157. Graciela Bach, Frankfurt
  2158. Julia Büki, Berlin
  2159. Delia Friemel, Self employed, Berlin
  2160. Katia Mullova, Musician, Berlin
  2161. marian mutschlechner, art historian, Berlin
  2162. Monika Kalinowska, Artist, Berlin
  2163. Franz Esterhazy, Film producer, Berlin
  2164. Jacob Scott, Chef, Roots Radicals, Berlin
  2165. Elisa Balmaceda, artist
  2166. Martha Schmidt, Textile Designer, Berlin
  2167. Megan Brailey, artist, Berlin
  2168. Khashayar Zandyavari, Künstler, Berlin
  2169. Calum Bowden, Artist / organizer, Trust, Berlin
  2170. Övül Ö. Durmusoglu, Curator, Berlin
  2171. Florence Freitag, artist/bodyworker, Berlin
  2172. Fee Kürten, Artist, Berlin
  2173. Demi Thai, Projectmanager, Berlin
  2174. Valeria Oviedo, Choreographer & Producer, Berlin
  2175. Holly Sass, Artist, Berlin
  2176. David Guy, Musician, Berlin
  2177. Lotta Schwerk, Film Maker, Berlin
  2178. Shumon Basar, Writer & Curator, Berlin
  2179. Ananym, Academic researcher, TU Berlin, Berlin
  2180. Peaches, Musician, Berlin
  2181. Winfried Sadowski, Berlin
  2182. Regina Wiebe, student, Berlin
  2183. Theresa Patzschke, Writer, Berlin
  2184. Erik Bünger, Artist, Berlin
  2185. Pablo Ritter, Media Designer, Berlin
  2186. Klara Kirsch, Artist, Berlin
  2187. Susanna Ylikoski, artist, Berlin
  2188. Florian Malzacher, performing arts curator/writer, Berlin
  2189. The Darvish, Dancer, Events Producer, Queens Against Borders, berlin
  2190. Luisa Koch, Berlin
  2191. Sander L. Gilman, Professor, Emory University, Washington DC USA
  2192. Valentin Rion, artist & cultural educator, Berlin
  2193. Sofia Loose Martinez de Castro, Student, Berlin
  2194. Elena Zambelli, Researcher, Lancaster
  2195. Jasmine, Artist, Berlin
  2196. dana greiner, artist, Munich
  2197. Dominik Anton Feistmantl, artist, Berlin
  2198. Lea Manoussakis, Munich
  2199. Youssef Tabti, Hamburg
  2200. Gabriele Schiefer, Berlin
  2201. Mirjam S. Brusius, Historian, 100 Histories of 100 Worlds in 1 Object, London
  2202. Cornelia Lund, curator, fluctuating images, Berlin
  2203. Nora Wagner, Kulturmanagerin und Vermittlerin, Berlin
  2204. Ania Grzeszek
  2205. Nanna Elisabeth Dinesen, Student, Berlin
  2206. Assia Cirillo
  2207. Cosmin Costinas, curator, Berlin
  2208. Paula Trimbur, Production Designer, ttt Werkstatttraum e.V., Berlin
  2209. Nico Navarro Rueda, Fashion Designer & Illustrator, Berlin
  2210. Paul miller, Social worker, Berlin
  2211. Merve Cansiz, Artist, Berlin
  2212. Janka Kormos, psychotherapist, SPI, berlin
  2213. Nina Tecklenburg, artist and scholar, Berlin
  2214. Léa Tremsal, Dancer, Berlin
  2215. Tanja Nis-hansen, Artist, Berlin
  2216. marcel kann, design research, berlin
  2217. Johanna Pistorius, Berlin
  2218. Lawrence Oduro-Sarpong, Musician, Berlin
  2219. Alexander Nasir, Research Chef, Roots Radicals, Berlin
  2220. Olaf Stüber, Videoart at Midnight, Berlin
  2221. Shahd Wari, Mannheim
  2222. Aribert von Ostrowski, artist, Berlin
  2223. Hubert Spangler, Artist, Berlin
  2224. Claudia Dünnbier-Raht, Artist, Reinfeld
  2225. Irene Fellmann, Berlin
  2226. Lament.tv, Project space, Berlin
  2227. Sonnhild Rust, Pratteln
  2228. Margit Babazadeh Gharemanlu, Erzieherin, Demokratie Kreis Duisburg, Duisburg
  2229. Elena Basteri, Dance Dramaturg, Berlin
  2230. Micaela Trigo, Producer, Berlin
  2231. Frederike Doffin, Künstlerin, Berlin
  2232. Tony Stewart, Berlin
  2233. Eva Dingel, Researcher, Berlin
  2234. Chris Danna, Berlin
  2235. Celyn Nicholson, Berlin
  2236. Sara Miranda, Berlin
  2237. Beatriz Casasola, Berlin
  2238. Fliss Lewis, Berlin
  2239. Meg McMahon, Chef, Berlin
  2240. Miriam Martinoli, Student, Berlin
  2241. F A B Í O L A, Interdisciplinary artist, Berlin
  2242. Marcela Fae, Marketing, Berlin
  2243. Jordan Berta, Architekt, Berlin
  2244. Richard Holfeld, Sales, Berlin
  2245. Nacho Pezzati, Musician, Barcelona
  2246. Julia Meuter, Berlin
  2247. Hüsna Gecer, student, berlin
  2248. Oisin Fitzpatrick, Software Engineer, Dublin
  2249. Myra A., Data Analyst, Berlin
  2250. Bronte, Project manager, Berlin
  2251. Paul Berberich, Musician, Berlin
  2252. Stefan Ripplinger, Writer, Berlin
  2253. Bendik Giske, Musician
  2254. Mohamad Shabshoul, Berlin
  2255. David Ingleton, Musiker, Berlin
  2256. Shaunak Mahbubani, Curator, Berlin
  2257. Lucinda Dayhew, Artist, Berlin
  2258. Nk
  2259. Maitane midby, artist, Vienna
  2260. Katy Kirbach, artist, Berlin
  2261. David Lewis, Berlin
  2262. Akira Kawasaki, Artist, Berlin
  2263. Nefeli Ntakozoudi, Filmmaker, Berlin
  2264. Yildiz Aslandogan, Architect, Berlin
  2265. Johannes Emig, Freigeist, Keine, Berlin
  2266. Mary Killian, musikerin/dozentin, Right to Resist, Berlin, berlin
  2267. Anna Ehrenstein, Artist / Professor at UDK & TU, UDK / TU, Berlin
  2268. Lorna McDowell, Writer, Berlin
  2269. Wojtek Blecharz, composer, Berlin
  2270. Sophie van der Meulen, Berlin
  2271. Lacy Silas, Artist, Berlin
  2272. Ivana de Vivanco, artist, Berlin
  2273. Avery Edelman, Artist, Berlin
  2274. Robin Nierynck, Berlin
  2275. Elkin Calderon, Artist, Berlin
  2276. Adam Mandelman, artist/researcher/designer, Berlin
  2277. Henry Babbage, Writer, programmer, Berlin
  2278. Sonja Rohan, Translator, Berlin
  2279. Kristina Paustian, Artist/filmmaker, Berlin
  2280. stephan geene, artist, berlin
  2281. Abdulrazak Darwish, Jewelry artist, Berlin
  2282. Tara hakim, Artist, Toronto
  2283. Dario Presutti, Project Manager, Berlin
  2284. Richard Jourdant, Potsdam
  2285. Sam Vassallo, Artist, Berlin
  2286. Santiago Calderón, Artist, Santiago Calderon, Berlin
  2287. Lea, Student, Berlin
  2288. Darren D’Cruz, Artist, Berlin
  2289. Amjad Almestarihy, Cultural activities and Artist, Non, Berlin
  2290. Emily Hill, Berlin
  2291. F Johnson, Berlin
  2292. Inês Silva, Artist, Tartaruga Água, Porto
  2293. LUIS CORTÉS, Student, Berlim
  2294. Julie Teuber, artist, berlin
  2295. Jeanne Weber, Berlin
  2296. Isla Karademir, Student, Student Coalition Berlin, Berlin
  2297. Jetmir Idrizu, Artist Photographer, Freelance, Berlín
  2298. Feyza Tasdemir, Copywriter, Berlin
  2299. txe roimeser, artist, barcelona
  2300. Miguel goya, Filmmaker, Berlin
  2301. Maximilien Proctor, Filmmaker, Berlin
  2302. Antonia Rug, Producer, Berlin
  2303. Aurelia Rist, Graphic Designer, Berlin
  2304. Agata Stawczyk, Berlin
  2305. Sikandar Muqbil, Berlin
  2306. Guido Kohn, Berlin
  2307. Adrian Charvat, Musician, Berlin
  2308. Michael Rothberg, critic, Los Angeles
  2309. Nils Benedikt Fischer, Artist, Berlin
  2310. Eliana Ben-David, Berlin
  2311. Manuel Schwab, Professor, Writer, Berlin
  2312. Lucas Bosse, Arzt, Berlin
  2313. Lizzy Onck, Graphic designer, Berlin
  2314. Gabriella Hammoudah, Berlin
  2315. Talia Longthorne, Berlin
  2316. Silvia Sarsano, Artist, Berlin
  2317. Hagen Schönfeld, Illustrator, Berlin
  2318. Síle Somers, Berlin
  2319. XLterrestrials, artivism, CiTiZEN KiNO, Berlin
  2320. Daniel Berndt, art historian, berlin
  2321. Florian Weigl, Hamburg
  2322. Gosia Jagiello, Berlin
  2323. Andrea Pichl, Künstlerin, Berlin
  2324. Wera Bet, artist, Berlin
  2325. Katarzyna Mueller, Bad Freienwalde
  2326. Tom-Christopher Willems, Musiker, Berlin
  2327. ruby zeuner, artist and designer, berlin
  2328. Daiva Tubutytė, Artist, Berlin
  2329. Hendrik Quast, Performancekünstler, Berlin
  2330. Matthew Mchina, Marketing Manager, n/a, Berlin
  2331. Potié, Artist, Refuge worldwide, Berlin
  2332. Michael Annoff, cultural worker, Berlin
  2333. Beth Collar, Artist, Berlin
  2334. Iris Hefets, Psychoanalyst, author, JVP, Berlin
  2335. Diane Barb, artist, Berlin
  2336. Idit Nathan, Artist, Cambridge
  2337. Natasha Pearl, Produzieren, Berlin
  2338. Fallon MacWilliams, Dj/ promoter, REEF, Berlin
  2339. Thea Reifler, artist, Berlin
  2340. Sean Coneys, Berlin
  2341. Katrin Ebersohn, Filmmaker, Berlin
  2342. Arthur Janssen, Booking Agent, Playbook Artists, Berlin
  2343. Boris Hauf, Musiker, Shameless Records, Berlin
  2344. Friede Merz, artist, Berlin
  2345. Ethan Dalziel, Musician, Berlin
  2346. Ángela Muñoz Martinez, Berlin
  2347. Cristina Ramos, Curator, Berlin
  2348. Laura Caesar, Film Education, Freelance & Kinderfilmuni, Berlin
  2349. Enid Valu, Photographer, Munich
  2350. Sara Abdelrazik, Teacher, Berlin
  2351. Lea Stolle, Filmmaker, Berlin
  2352. Samuel Beca, Artist, programmer, Berlin
  2353. Florian baesler, Berlin
  2354. Sonja Knüppel, Social worker, Berlin
  2355. Jorge Peña, Software Engineer, Berlin
  2356. Stephanie Joshua, Student, Berlin
  2357. Wakaba Kimura, student, writer/translator, event organizer, Berlin
  2358. Mauro Quaresima, Tattooer, Berlin
  2359. Daniela Friebel, artist, Berlin
  2360. Christian Blumberg, Author, Berlin
  2361. David Kummer, Dancer, Berlin
  2362. Miranda Ayala, Artist, Berlin
  2363. Johanna Nuber, DAAD-Lektorat, Kulturgesellschaft Fortaleza (BRA), Fortaleza
  2364. Kaoru Harada, Köchin, Berlin
  2365. Lochan A, Berlin
  2366. Uwe Rieken, Dozent i.R., Goethe-Institut, Freiburg
  2367. Paul LaBrecque, Artist, Berlin
  2368. Dennis Bayram, Berlin
  2369. Pedro Almiro, Musiker, Berlin
  2370. Athanasia Tsavalas, Berlin
  2371. Laura Nitsch, Artist, Berlin
  2372. Aleks Slota, artist, Berlin
  2373. Tarek Alshamandi, Wirtschaftsingenieur, Berlin
  2374. Stephen Howe, Musician, Berlin
  2375. Simon(e) Jaikiriuma Paetau, Artist, AtelierLapaetau, Berlin Neukölln
  2376. Romuald Krezel, artist / choreographer, Berlin
  2377. camille lacadee, artist, camille lacadee, Berlin
  2378. Maria, Marco, Musician, Berlin
  2379. Laura Ruiz Paetau, Dramaturgin, Atelier Lapaetau, Berlin
  2380. Emilia Vergara Villamil, Event Manager, Berlin
  2381. Everett Williams, Artist, Berlin
  2382. Julie Gayard, Graphic designer, ACUD MACHT NEU, Berlin
  2383. Sam Calcutt, artist, clerk, Dont Rush On A Wonk, Berlin
  2384. Barbara Lazara, Artista, Berlin
  2385. Ida Aniz, Artist, Berlin
  2386. Julius Windisch, Musician, Berlin
  2387. emet ezell, Poet, Berlin
  2388. cathy skene, artist, berlin
  2389. Stephan Weiland, Dramaturgien, freelance, Stockach
  2390. Karim Sorour, Marketing, Düsseldorf
  2391. Olympia Bukkakis, Artist, Berlin
  2392. Avinoam J. Stillman, publisher and historian, Berlin
  2393. Can Asal, Berlin
  2394. Eleonora Sironi, Student, Berlin
  2395. Isma Khemies, Berlin
  2396. Lucy Bowen, Berlin
  2397. Yi, Artist, Berlin
  2398. Ruth Waldeyer, light design, radio, organizer, Berlin
  2399. Maidie McCloud Skene, Photographer, Berlin
  2400. Sarah Davies, Curator, Berlin
  2401. Anne Kern, Architect, Berlin
  2402. Christina Dimitriadis, Artist, Berlin
  2403. Rodrigues Céline, Producer/Artist/Educator, Berlin
  2404. Alexander Hetzel, Musician, Berlin
  2405. Riley davidson, Dancer/performance artist, Berlin
  2406. danila lipatov, artist, berlin
  2407. Jeremy Coubrough, Art worker, musician, Berlin
  2408. Rigersa Koci
  2409. Wilson Sherwin, Sociologist, LIAS, Luneburg
  2410. Eva Buchmann, Film, Berlin
  2411. Karen Zimmermann, Artist, Berlin
  2412. Rose Miles, Berlin
  2413. Hava Oz, Berlin
  2414. lilja löffler, berlin
  2415. Em Orshan, artist, Berlin
  2416. Chiara Montiel, Teacher, Artesanshows, Berlin
  2417. wro wrzesinska, 3d artist, berlin
  2418. Sara Allegro, Berlin
  2419. Alexandra Senfft, Writer
  2420. Max Brenner, Actor, Berlin
  2421. Can Kaya, Artist, Berlin
  2422. Adi Liraz, Artist, Berlin
  2423. Iqra Nowshari, student, Berlin
  2424. Susanne Lummerding, Kulturwissenschaftlerin, Coach, Berlin, Wien
  2425. filippo vogliazzo, artist, berlin
  2426. Elvia Wilk, Writer, Berlin / New York
  2427. walid abdelnour, filmmaker, berlin
  2428. Aleya, Actress/writer, Self employed, Berlin
  2429. Henricus Pullens, Berlin
  2430. Julia Lipniewicz, DJ, Producer, Sound Designer, Berlin
  2431. Andreas Muenten, Berlin
  2432. jacopo Severitano, designer, Berlin
  2433. Amelie Jakubek, artist & editor, Berlin
  2434. Lara budge, Manager, Berlin
  2435. Peyman Farahani, Photographer, Berlin
  2436. Sara, Phd student, Berlin
  2437. Liam Thompson, musician, Mainz
  2438. India W, Writer, Berlin
  2439. Shadi George, Filmmaker, Berlin
  2440. Tamar Dolezal, Berlin
  2441. Rebecca Hill, Berlin
  2442. Nolwenn Samson, dancer, Berlin
  2443. Rachael Kathryn Mauney, Freelance artist, self employed, BERLIN
  2444. Ki
  2445. Yazan melhem, Actor, Berlin
  2446. Kristin Saksvik, Customer success representative, Berlin
  2447. Sue Sarikaya, Berlin
  2448. Dr. Susanne Willems, Historikerin, Autorin, Berlin
  2449. Hanna Oldgren, Berlin
  2450. Mike Yates, Berlin
  2451. Mathilde Heuliez, Artist, filmmaker, Berlin
  2452. Marion Desmaret, Director, Berlin
  2453. Mathieu Ossendrijver, Professor for History of Ancient Science, Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin
  2454. Gian Galizia, Berlin
  2455. Caesár van Daal, Artist, Berlin
  2456. Amelie Heiler, Actress & Intimacy Coordinator, Munich
  2457. Cosmo Bledsoe, Kellner, Berlin
  2458. Emilia Kurylowicz, artist/musician, Emilia Kurylowicz, Berlin
  2459. Lovis, Student, Berlin
  2460. Marta Leite, Artist, Berlin
  2461. Ronja Schwarm, Berlin
  2462. Nicolas Janelli, Club employee, Berlin
  2463. Samuel Dolbear, Berlin
  2464. Zhenya Skvortsova, Berlin
  2465. Aliaa Kurdi, Artist, Freelance, berlin
  2466. Jessie Berry, Berlin
  2467. Daria Demia, visual artist, Berlin
  2468. Leo Aizome, Artist and scientist, Non, Berlin
  2469. Kyra Jacques-Grundy, Dancer, Berlin
  2470. Alpha Barratt, student, Berlin
  2471. Rowan Verbraak, Designer, Humanoids, Berlin
  2472. Jeremie Johnson, Singer, Berlin
  2473. Konstantina Gkeka
  2474. Polly-Rose Kennedy, Business Owner, Dinette Catering, Berlin
  2475. Noemie Richard, Curator, Freelancer, Berlin
  2476. Andrei Cucu
  2477. Lucy Railton, Musicians, Berlin
  2478. Quan Pham, Student, Darmstadt
  2479. Jochen Dehn, Artist, Hamburg
  2480. Iulia Mitzner, Content Creator, Berlin
  2481. Cora Rodrigues, Strategist, Berlin
  2482. Babette Semmer, artist, Berlin
  2483. Bríd Ní Chatháin, Musician, Berlin
  2484. Anissa Eprinchard, Berlin
  2485. Alex Gries, Artist, Berlin
  2486. Olga von Wahl, Stage-designer, Privat, Berlin
  2487. Juan-Pedro Fabra Guemberena, Artist, Berlin/Stockholm
  2488. Anna Schanowski, Berlin
  2489. Nicolas Bert, Translator, Berlin
  2490. Dina Khouri, Artist, Berlin
  2491. Elif Dibek, Berlin
  2492. allegra solitude
  2493. Thomas Grabka, Fotograf, Berlin
  2494. Javier Logares Gonzalez, Fliesenleger, Berlin
  2495. Laura Fong Prosper, artist, filmmaker, editor, Berlin
  2496. Johanna Fischer, Berlin
  2497. Christoph Hey, Sozialarbeiter, Berlin
  2498. Praveen Kolluguri, Actvist, India Labour Solidarity, London
  2499. Alba Beltran, Fashion Designer, Berlin
  2500. Yukino Kondo, Berlin
  2501. Michael Stipe, singer/artist, Berlin
  2502. Adnan Softić, artist, Berlin
  2503. anonymous
  2504. Manuela Rodriguez, Chef, Madrid
  2505. Cornelis Knuth, Architekt
  2506. Phil Collins, artist, berlin
  2507. Sabrina Hammond, Operations lead, Berlin
  2508. Irati Elorrieta, writer, Berlin
  2509. tamara beyrouti
  2510. Sivan Ben Yishai, Autorin, Berlin
  2511. Sarah Kranz, Curator / Producer / Sound Engineer, Berlin
  2512. Anna Pavlova, Artist, Berlin
  2513. Michele Guido, Berlin
  2514. Carla Thiemann, DAF Lehrkraft, IBIS Interkulturelle Arbeitsstelle, Jever
  2515. Thomas Roth, Filmmaker
  2516. Julia Schreiner, curator, Berlin
  2517. Asya Ashman, Artist, Berlin
  2518. Eran Schaerf, Künstler, Berlin
  2519. edil, artist, berlin
  2520. Karini Viranna, writer, Berlin
  2521. Tadhg Mac Eoghain, Writer, Berlin
  2522. Lara Weiß, student, Karlsruhe
  2523. Fanny-M. Reisin, Prof. em., JVP, Berlin
  2524. Anna Susanna Woof, Artist, World
  2525. Cap Grundheber, Artista, Art and Dialog, Berlin
  2526. Vanessa Medina Torres, Berlin
  2527. Linn Synnøve Leidal-Røhme, Student, Berlin
  2528. Angelos paitakis, Visual Arts, Murina
  2529. Elio J Carranza, Artist, Berlin
  2530. Kathi Hofer, artist, Berlin
  2531. Sasha Frere-Jones, writer, self, New York
  2532. Anna Disse, artist, Berlin
  2533. Frank Hauschildt, artist, curator, producer, Berlin
  2534. Julian Röder, artist, Berlin
  2535. Joy Frempong, musician, Berlin
  2536. Hend Abdo, Software engineer, Nürnberg
  2537. Rosa Schutzendorf, artist, antwerp
  2538. Fabian Saul, writer/composer, Flaneur Magazine, Berlin
  2539. Mariel Baqueiro, Filmmaker, Berlin
  2540. Anna Posch, Artist, Berlin
  2541. Eilidh Sinclair, Berlin - Neukölln
  2542. Tereza Kaurinovic, Social inclusion worker
  2543. Nicolas Siepen, Artist, Berlin
  2544. Rena Raedle, Kuenstlerin, Berlin
  2545. Jeannette Greven, Consultant, Berlin
  2546. anonymous, artist, Berlin
  2547. Anna Virnich, Artist, Berlin
  2548. Thierry Tidrow, Komponist, Berlin
  2549. Ulrike Buck, artist, artist, Berlin
  2550. Sylvia Finzi, Artist, Berlin/London
  2551. Jasmin, Berlin
  2552. David Kaplowitz, Producer / Videographer, Exponential Films, London
  2553. Daniel brennan, Sculptor, Berlin
  2554. Dorothee Wenner, filmmaker, curator, Berlin
  2555. David Rych, Artist, Berlin
  2556. Richard Halsy, SACC, Edinburgh
  2557. Matt De Vlieger, Technology for Social Good, Ceasefire Action Committee, Berlin
  2558. Matilda Mester, Filmmaker, Berlin/Copenhagen
  2559. matei bellu, berlin
  2560. Daniela Hochmann Labra, Curator, Lecturer, Prof. Dr., Berlin/Rio de Janeiro
  2561. Thomas Reinke, Writer, self, Berlin
  2562. Darren Malone, Musician/ Events Organiser, Berlin
  2563. Mireya Heider de Jahnsen, Filmmaker/ Writer, Berlin
  2564. Andrea Ariel, Filmmaker, Berlin
  2565. Kathrin Hunze, artist, Berlin
  2566. Na’ama Landau, Filmmaker, Berlin
  2567. McKenzie Timgey, Founder, MSF, Berlin
  2568. Sirith Ernst, Berlin
  2569. Annika Hamann, Designer, Berlin
  2570. Fernando Donner, Fashion designer, Berlin
  2571. Jan Verwoert, Writer, Berlin
  2572. Alban Muja, artist, Berlin
  2573. Sibylle Hofter, visual artist, Berlin
  2574. Ute Wassermann, composer, berlin
  2575. Boris Buden, Publizist, Berlin
  2576. Juli Schmidt, artist, Berlin
  2577. Alba D’Urbano, Artist, Berlin
  2578. Anahita Holthöfer
  2579. Benjamin Trollope, Engineer, Berlin
  2580. Alena Brezovska, Berlin
  2581. Enzo Diego Hipp Fuentes, Filmmaker, Berlin
  2582. Gordon Mc Clain, Rentner, Bamberg
  2583. Zaher Alkaei, Musician, Berlin
  2584. Zahra Haraoui, Project manager, Berlin
  2585. Carmen Mörsch, Professor for Art Education, Mainz
  2586. Lou K., Germany, Artist, Berlin
  2587. Marlene Stripecke, Bonn
  2588. Laura Horelli, Visual artist and filmmaker, Berlin
  2589. Mario Campos, artist, Berlin
  2590. Kim Vu, Musician, Berlin
  2591. Nestor Carranza, Film production, None, Berlin
  2592. Ronny Alexander Cruz Weber, Producer/Dj, Berlin
  2593. anonymous
  2594. Andreas Petrossiants, Writer/scholar, NYU, New York
  2595. Sofie Krogh Christensen, Curator, Berlin
  2596. Pauline Doutreluingne, Curator, Berlin
  2597. Leni Maar, Hamburg
  2598. toni witzel, artist, berlin
  2599. Aline Aurili, Tätowiererin, Berlin
  2600. Hagar Ophir, Berlin
  2601. Maxi-Sophie Labes, Photographer, Berlin
  2602. Christopher Schneewind, Student, Freiburg
  2603. Türkan Kentel, Kğmstlerin, Berlin
  2604. Nina Roza Drozd, Berlin
  2605. M. Schmidt, Cultural Manager/ Consultant, Berlin
  2606. Laura Ziegler, Artist, Berlin
  2607. Tatjana Mesar, Musician, Berlin
  2608. Andro Eradze, Artist, Tbilisi
  2609. Kim Salmon, Regiestudentin, Ludwigsburg
  2610. tobias tinker, Musician & composer, Berlin
  2611. Joyce Victoria Newrzella, film maker, Soura Film Festival, Berlin
  2612. Aixa Luisa Dorn, Student, Berlin
  2613. Colleen Eberz, Engineer & Artist, Berlin
  2614. Xenia Shakhin, student, Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin
  2615. Chrysafenia Papagrigoriou, Artist, Berlin
  2616. Edna Bonhomme, writer, Berlin
  2617. Lauren Tiedau
  2618. Vanessa Jane Bukas, Researcher, Max Planck, Berlin
  2619. Alia Murad, Dentist, Berlin
  2620. Christian Bojidar, Artist, Producer, Berlin
  2621. Victoria Martínez, Artist, Berlin
  2622. June Endrulat, Barista, Dresden
  2623. Lara Prölß, Advocacy-Referentin, München
  2624. Davide Maione, Fotograf und Musiker, Berlin - Friedrichshain
  2625. Sabine Bretz, Lehrerin, Berlin
  2626. Anonymous
  2627. Emily Deans, Wellington
  2628. Amy Andersen, Musician, Berlin
  2629. Hans Storck, Music Manager, BESTE, Berlin
  2630. Ida Flik, Designer, Berlin
  2631. Carolyn Mimran, Berlin
  2632. Karen Heinze, Webcontent creator, —, Berlin
  2633. Cami Vega, Artist, BL, Berlin
  2634. Justin Lieberman, Artist, Munich
  2635. Jingyun Li, Künstlerische Leitung, Stadttheater Spandau e.V., Berlin
  2636. caterina barbieri, composer, bologna
  2637. Mischa Leinkauf, Artist, Studio Mischa Leinkauf, Berlin
  2638. Dominik Busch, Author Playwright, Lucerne
  2639. Henning Lahmann, teacher and researcher, Leiden University, Amsterdam and Berlin
  2640. Marcela Moraga, artist, Berlin
  2641. Meike Onnen, Student, Berlin
  2642. Rama Mahanna, Artist, Berlin
  2643. Miguel Neiva, PhD Candidate, Berlin
  2644. Fabian Giese, PR Manager, Berlin
  2645. Nic Karim, Psychologist, Berlin
  2646. E. L. Karhu, artist, Helsinki/Berlin
  2647. Els silvrants-barclay, Lecturer-curator, ETH zurich, Brussels-zurich
  2648. Ingrid Koschmieder, Berlin
  2649. Wael Toubaji, Visual artist, Berlin
  2650. Ahmed Ali, Student, Berlin
  2651. Ahmad Shikh-Sleman, Student, Bern
  2652. Julia Colavita, Artist, Berlin
  2653. Paolo Molinari, Banking analyst, Berlin
  2654. Nicolas Uris, Filmmaker, Berlin
  2655. Franziska Sophie Wildförster, Curator, Berlin
  2656. Fritz Leonard Bücker, Schauspieler, Berlin
  2657. Max, Web Developer, Berlin
  2658. Mariana Vassileva, Artist, Berlin
  2659. Kristina Kaurinovic, Berlin
  2660. Vea Janine Antinoro, Student, Göttingen
  2661. magda walpoth, Kunst- und Kulturschaffende, Berlin
  2662. Romy Linka, arthistory student, Dresden
  2663. Victoria Camblin, Writer, Berlin
  2664. Andrea Joveski, Berlin
  2665. Andre Kunjewski, Cinematographer, Berlin
  2666. Travers Constance, Wiesbaden
  2667. Mara Alisa Geider, Selbstständig, MaG Nutrition, Berlin
  2668. Tina Schwarz, Artist, COLOGNE
  2669. Rina grob, Podcaster, Berlin
  2670. Clara Coen, Psychologin, KommRum e.V., Berlin
  2671. Ngọc Anh Phan, Design student, Hamburg
  2672. Simone Körner, Artist, Student, Nuremberg
  2673. Stephanie Third, Photographer, Berlin
  2674. Freya Scharrelmann, Rotterdam
  2675. Nezahat Xuereb, Berlin
  2676. Max Rocco Stroux, musician, cultural organisor, Berlin
  2677. Jan Sutter, Bookkeeper, Berlin
  2678. Annalisa Wellhäuser, communication advisor, Rotterdam
  2679. Dillon Drasner, Freelancer, Berlin
  2680. Laura Schenk, Musician, Berlin
  2681. Schaho Balbas, Köln
  2682. Judith Weissert, Berlin
  2683. Lissy Willberg, artist, Leipzig
  2684. Leopolda Lupe Ficara, Kunstmalerin, Berlin
  2685. Blanche Delepière, Artist, Berlin
  2686. Sarah Elmer, Massage Therapist, Berlin
  2687. Miguel Angek Garcia Martin, Musician, Independent, Basel
  2688. Sascha, Student, Berlin
  2689. Masanori Kanazu, Data Scientist, Berlin
  2690. Nicolas Arriola Nebreda, Grip Technician, Berlin
  2691. Litsa Kiousi, artist, Berlin
  2692. Jamila Barakat, Berlin
  2693. David Santos, Artist, Berlin
  2694. Rebecca Lane, Musician, Berlin
  2695. Chiara Janssen, Berlin
  2696. Zeina Azouqah, Composer/Songwriter, Berlin
  2697. Carina Zox, Theatermaker, Berlin
  2698. René Salim, Kulturmanager, Theater o.N., Berlin
  2699. Nebahat Hoffmann, Berlin
  2700. Adam Asnan, Artist, Berlin
  2701. Nadine Weber, Berlin
  2702. Emese Csornai, Lighting designer, Freelance, Berlin
  2703. Daphne Cadot
  2704. Jens Hoormann, Hamburg
  2705. Hanna Ababneh, ÄRZTIN, Berlin
  2706. Matthias Heyden, Architect, Berlin
  2707. anonymous
  2708. Anna Maria Link, artist/teacher, Berlin
  2709. Christina Schnare, Pflegeassistent, Retschow
  2710. Ella Melbourne, Filmmaker, Berlin
  2711. Saahithyan Chandrakumar, Berlin
  2712. Kristina Laskos, Berlin
  2713. Hannah El-Hitami, Journalist, Berlin
  2714. Emily Lahmann-Lammert, Psychologin, Berlin
  2715. Pablo Larios, author, Pablo Larios, BERLIN
  2716. Enzo Galland, Sound engineer, Berlin
  2717. Natasza Deddner, Studio Natasza Deddner, Bonn
  2718. Lisa B., Germany, Berlin
  2719. Paul Brodowsky, writer, Berlin
  2720. Lisa Benger, Artist, Berlin
  2721. Joanna Bacas, Multidisciplinary Artist, Berlin
  2722. Alexander Coggin, Artist, Berlin
  2723. Annika Ihden, design student, Berlin
  2724. Marija Petrovic, Artist/Reseacher, Berlin
  2725. Jules L, Filmmaker, Berlin
  2726. Janna Schwab, Bad Oeynhausen
  2727. Annabelle Walter, Cologne
  2728. Mohamed kayed, Berlin
  2729. Ofri Lapid, artist, Berlin
  2730. Harry Stopes, Writer, Berlin
  2731. ursula panhans-buehler, art historian, 8.salon hamburg, hamburg
  2732. Filiz Sieben, Artist, Selbstständig, Berlin
  2733. Lisa Eichhorn, Berlin
  2734. Anna Hildermann, Berlin
  2735. lina romo, Teacher, Paris
  2736. O. Batzakis, Berlin
  2737. Ezgi Kandemir, Teacher/Translator, Bonn
  2738. L Schmidt, baker, berlin
  2739. Dr. Emre Yekebaş, Surgeon, Frankfurt
  2740. Paula Nada Ilic, Student, Berlin
  2741. Agata Kucia, artist, Agata Kucia, Berlin
  2742. Kimberly-Noëlle Offord, Berlin
  2743. Donia Ben Charrada, Bremen
  2744. Juliane Britze, Consultant, Elixhausen
  2745. Peggy Pop, Artist, Berlin
  2746. Alice von Bieberstein, academic, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Berlin
  2747. Onur akdag, Artist, Berlin
  2748. Maximilian Doebel, Hörakustiker, Brühl
  2749. Theresa, Hof
  2750. Michelle Micallef, Data Engineer, Berlin
  2751. Nora Uckermann
  2752. Andreas Babenko, Berlin
  2753. Adem Eser, Student, Bornheim
  2754. Kathrin Wildner, Curator, Berlin
  2755. Ceylan Kamisli, Berlin
  2756. Susanne Z., Artist
  2757. Isabella Kolb, Germany, Köln
  2758. Fatima Saadn, Deutschland, Berlin
  2759. Elisa Holteng, Berlin
  2760. Sayra Latif, Hamburg
  2761. Sima Ehrentraut, researcher, Freie Universität, Berlin
  2762. Ali Aziri, Berlin
  2763. Sarah James, art historian, writer and curator, Liverpool
  2764. Ines Dhaouadi, Artist, Freiburg
  2765. Fahed Halabi, Artist, Independent, Hamburg
  2766. Sina Ahmadi, Artist, Berlin
  2767. Anita Sophia Somogyi, Zurich
  2768. Oliver Stephens, Painter, Berlin
  2769. Yael Yoshua Sommer, Artist, Berlin
  2770. Anouk De Clercq, Artist, filmmaker, Berlin
  2771. Michele Fossi, Journalismus, Vogue Italia, Berlin
  2772. Kelly Makropoulos, Visual Artist/Musician, BERLIN
  2773. Aslan Nida, Berlin
  2774. Samuel, artist, Artist, Berlin
  2775. Lisa Mues, Berlin
  2776. Agustina Mancinelli, Pedagogue/Musician, Berlin
  2777. Areumbit Park, Berlin
  2778. Fiona Kelly, Artist, Berlin
  2779. Maxine Vajt, Artist and researcher, Berlin
  2780. Paran Pour, Designer, Hamburg
  2781. Catherine Lamb, Composer, Berlin
  2782. Leyla Kafkas, Remscheid
  2783. Isabell, Marketing, Freiburg
  2784. Anastasia Noebel, analyst, Berlin
  2785. Katie Kalm, PM, Los Angeles
  2786. Elaina Foley, berlin
  2787. Maximilian Köhler, Berlin
  2788. Katrin Heimberger, Free designer, none, Cologne
  2789. Julian Sturz, Artist
  2790. Ricardo Niegebar, Potsdam
  2791. Doris Ghannam, Berlin
  2792. Nabila Benmalek, Bonn
  2793. Emilia Seelig, Student, Gießen
  2794. Lena Frohne, Berlin
  2795. Dami Choi, Curator, Berlin
  2796. Timo Herbst, Visual artist, Self employment, Berlin
  2797. Jack Latimer, Musician, Berlin
  2798. Seyma Dirican
  2799. Larissa Billard, Stuttgart
  2800. Fredrik Rasten, Musician, Berlin
  2801. Nuray Karol, Hamburg
  2802. Eva Resch
  2803. Lily Cichanowicz, writer, Berlin
  2804. Lendo Sonnenberg, artist, queer durch berlin, berlin
  2805. Stella Sieber, Artist, Berlin
  2806. Margareth Kammerer, Musician/ Teacher, Berlin
  2807. Harun Yavuz, Berlin
  2808. Luis Feduchi, Architect, Berlin
  2809. Abbas Mohamad Ali Faour, MD, Frankfurt
  2810. Denise Auer, Masseuse, Berlin
  2811. Tawan BX, Artist, Berlin
  2812. Dellair Youssef, Writer, Berlin
  2813. Maria Patsyuk, artist, Berlin
  2814. Tali Bühl, Copenhagen
  2815. Narmin Mirzai, Wien
  2816. Asaf Dvori, Writer, Berlin
  2817. Stefan Heidenreich, Author, Berlin
  2818. Raghid Sabri, Bad Kreuznach
  2819. Jana Razmajeva, artist, berlin
  2820. Benedikt Knapp, Filmmaker, Knapp Filmproduktion, Freiburg
  2821. Greta Maldere, rbb, Berlin
  2822. Samantha Poulter, Producer, Berlin
  2823. Niko de Paula Lefort, artist, Berlin
  2824. Johanna Löbel, Unternehmerin, Lorch
  2825. Irina Gheorghe, Artist, Berlin
  2826. Teboho Edkins, Filmmaker, Berlin
  2827. Mariam Wehbe, Berlin
  2828. Declan Clarke, Artist/Filmmaker, Berlin
  2829. Alexandra Keiner, Berlin
  2830. Teresa Zapp de Egana, Regensburg
  2831. Natalia Hosie, Architect, Berlin
  2832. Jan Kiesswetter, Berlin
  2833. Sirio Lubreto, Berlin
  2834. Amanda Martikainen, Komponistin, 10555
  2835. Wanda Höpfner-Njie, Berlin
  2836. Martin Harten, Analytischer Ki.-Ju.-Therapeut, Berlin
  2837. Paolo Primi, Research & Consulting, Berlin
  2838. ines schaber, Künstlerin, Berlin
  2839. Schirin Musajeva
  2840. Niamh Lawlor, Artist, Berlin
  2841. Anna Lugmeier, artist, Brüssel
  2842. Karim Ratib, Vancouver
  2843. Konrad Wolf, Architect, Berlin
  2844. Zuzanna Czebatul, Artist, Berlin
  2845. Eva Dumoulin, Graphic Designer, Berlin
  2846. Krisjanis Perkons, artist, Berlin
  2847. Sophia Carla Brocker, Actress, Berlin
  2848. Roshan Barialai, Free, Palestine, Hamburg
  2849. Melanie
  2850. Markus Zapp, Musiker, Regensburg
  2851. Manon Castillo, Artist, Berlin
  2852. Houmam Senou, Engineer, Schollbrunn
  2853. Carla Grabow
  2854. Veit Friemert, translator, Berlin
  2855. Alena, Music rights, Berlin
  2856. Sarah Schneider, Psychologist, Berlin
  2857. Anna Margit, Artist, Berlin
  2858. Alice Le Corre, Berlin
  2859. Lorenz Deutsch, -, -, Berlin
  2860. Nadia Ihjeij, Künstlerin, Bochum
  2861. Sofia Larsson, Angestellte, Berlin
  2862. Kerstin Ibele, Sozialpädagogik, Jugendmigrationsdienst, Ravensburg
  2863. Christopher Loy, Artist, Berlin
  2864. Katja Glatz, Munich
  2865. Katja Herlemann, Dramaturgin
  2866. Kevin Groen, Artist, Self-employed
  2867. Eloise Leigh, Designer, Berlin
  2868. hira nabi, Artist/filmmaker, amsterdam
  2869. Francesca Sanders, Berlin
  2870. Ceren, Designer, Köln
  2871. Berenike Franzen, Berlin
  2872. Nadja Stübiger, Theatre, Dresden
  2873. Antonio Ulloa, Data Analyst, Berlin
  2874. Yamila Khodr, Dancer, choreographer, Berlin
  2875. Lottie Sebes, Artist, Berlin
  2876. Hümeyra Acet, Rostock
  2877. Mina Kamel, Software Engineer, Berlin
  2878. Philipp Weiss, Berlin
  2879. Susana C Ibañez Trueba, comunictaion, CDMX
  2880. Cary Shiu, dancer, Berlin
  2881. Fabio Florido, Dj/Producer, Berlin
  2882. Jonas Sonnleithner, Hotelier, Hamburg
  2883. Victor Lässig, Cook, Berlin
  2884. Myriam Skalska, Halle
  2885. Sophia Deeg, author, Berlin
  2886. Filip Henin, Berlin
  2887. Aykan Safoglu, Artist
  2888. Steffen Klotz, Urban Designer, Berlin
  2889. Sevasti Giannitsi, Artist, Berlin
  2890. Emy, music student, Dresden
  2891. Max Kerkhoff, Filmemacher, Atelierhaus Mengerzeile eV, Berlin
  2892. Luisa Kleemann, researcher, Berlin
  2893. sandra kasunić, union secretary, Munich
  2894. Insiah Zaidi, Writer, Bonn
  2895. Ebaa Hwijeh, Student, Berlin
  2896. Thomas Zimball, social worker, Bonn
  2897. Zehra Hakseven, Hamburg
  2898. Heinz Havemeister, Author, Berlin
  2899. Nayera Abdelrahman, Student, Berlin
  2900. P. Stueker, artist, Berlin
  2901. William Gurner, Artist, Berlin
  2902. Antonio Medina Reubke, Filmmakers, Berlin
  2903. Léonie Duflot, cultural producer, sophiensaele, Berlin
  2904. Leni, Student, Frankfurt
  2905. Kai Köhler, Autor, Berlin
  2906. Ludmila Mariotti, Tax assistant, Berlin
  2907. Gerd Weghorn, Autor, Bonn
  2908. Talisa Schäfer, Frankfurt Am Main
  2909. Lucy Patterson, cultural worker, Berlin
  2910. Maiar Alarksosi, Wentorf
  2911. Athanassios Koulos, Artist, Berlin
  2912. Patric Seibert, Director/Dramaturge, Berlin
  2913. Mauro Fariñas, Berlin
  2914. Gregory Oke, Film, Berlin
  2915. Billy Ruth Thorp, Berlin
  2916. Johanna Ballerstädt, Berlin
  2917. Marco Peters, Director, Cologne
  2918. Eoghan Shanley, Product designer, Berlin
  2919. Lucie Maaroufi
  2920. Mariele Krämer, artist, Berlin
  2921. Shivani Hassard, Film, Berlin
  2922. Payam, Vorstand, I.s.i e.v., Berlin
  2923. Laura Hoffmann
  2924. Mona Wunderlich, Berlin
  2925. Francesca Ferguson, curator, make-Shift gGmbH, Berlin
  2926. Hannadi, Berlin
  2927. Jacob B., Cinematographer, Berlin
  2928. Magdalena, Student, Hfg, Schwäbisch gmünd
  2929. A. Hijazi, Student, Berlin
  2930. Maria Hampel
  2931. Juliette Wood, Sales assistant, Patagonia, Berlin
  2932. Timothy Davies, Artist, Berlin
  2933. Seyma Özdin, Bielefeld
  2934. Amapola Ernst, Artist, Berlin
  2935. Andreea Clinciu, Berlin
  2936. Jasmin Danesch, Business owner, Fooris, Köln
  2937. Aliaa Adel, Berlin
  2938. Julija veljkovic, Writer, Independent, Lisbon
  2939. Sergio Belinchon, Artist, Berlin
  2940. Laura Reboredo Raposo, Cinema Worker, Berlin
  2941. Anika Prückler, Weil Am Rhein
  2942. Tuçe Erel, Curator, Berlin
  2943. Grace Franck, Cultural worker, Berlin
  2944. Julian Rosefeldt, Artist, Berlin
  2945. Hadis Moussavi, Hamburg
  2946. Helena Rafalsky, Berlin
  2947. Stephanie Bonnefoy, Photographer, Berlin
  2948. Mehtap Sakar
  2949. Esther M, Student, Berlin
  2950. Johann, musician, Berlin
  2951. Heinz Hurwitz, Professor, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels
  2952. Kotte Diaz, Art educator, Berlin
  2953. Lana Beheit, Berlin
  2954. Sarra Saddek, Free-lance, Berlin
  2955. Katrin Beydoun, Gummersbach
  2956. Sabrina Dittus, Filmmaker, Berlin
  2957. Hauram Momn, Aachen
  2958. Esther vater
  2959. Merve Akpinar, Frankfurt Am Main
  2960. Laura Simon, Juristin, Berlin
  2961. Barbara Fonseca, Designer/Illustrator, Freelancer, Berlin
  2962. Tommaso Tolentinati, Gastronomy, Standard Serious Pizza, Berlin
  2963. Hannah Aders, Fotografin, Hannover
  2964. Lisa Jureczko, Fotografin, Wuppertal
  2965. Heike Suerman, DJ, Berlin
  2966. AhsanAusaf, Berlin
  2967. Dalia Merecinskaite
  2968. Besmire Dervisholli, Frankfurt
  2969. Xani Kennedy, Artist, Berlin
  2970. Esra
  2971. Olivia, Artist, Berlin
  2972. Manu Goschy, Berlin
  2973. Ralf Kirchhoff, teacher, Oelde
  2974. Mariella Schulze, Hanau
  2975. Andrew Ritchie, Writer, comedian, Berlin
  2976. Neslihan Barbiche, Berlin
  2977. Helen Burghardt, Dancer, performance artist, Berlin
  2978. Ramez melhem, Visual artist, Berlin
  2979. Tamara Lühr, Wolfenbüttel
  2980. Elisa Jule Braun, Artist, Berlin
  2981. Rohanie Campbell-Thakoordin, freelance illustrator, Edinburgh and Berlin
  2982. Abraham Meeuwsen, Writer, Berlin
  2983. Janna Opdenberg
  2984. Lea Isabelle Sander, Musician/ phd student, Wuppertal
  2985. Ami Lien, Artist, New York
  2986. Lucy Overbeck, Berlin
  2987. Jerome Thierry, Teacher, Berlin
  2988. Trevor Silverstein, Artist, Berlin
  2989. Derek Di Fabio, Artist, Berlin
  2990. Ivona Skoko, Artist, Berlin
  2991. Darragh Fitzpatrick, Berlin
  2992. gabriele mercatali, promoter, Berlin
  2993. Sophie Hamacher
  2994. till kuckhoff, mensch, planet erde, berlin
  2995. Nara bak, Berlin
  2996. Aylin Demiral, Berlin
  2997. Rebekka Sterkel, Berlin
  2998. Cormac Fitzpatrick, Musician/Artist, Berlin/Dublin
  2999. Kismet Sarigül, Projectmanager, Karlsruhe
  3000. Rana Eweiss, Cultural practitioner, self occupation, Berlin
  3001. July Weber, Artist, Berlin
  3002. Christoph Vizy, It, Berlin
  3003. Leo Baumgärtner, Freelancer, Berlin
  3004. Daliah Breit, Student, NOHA, Tokyo
  3005. Leyla Ercan, Kulturberaterin
  3006. Raino Isto, Art historian
  3007. Crispin Lord, Artist, NA, Berlin
  3008. Nina Marlene Kraus, Curator, Berlin
  3009. Leonard Mandl, stage and costume designer, München
  3010. Xtian M’zulu, artist, Antisocial Network, Berlin
  3011. Max Göran, Artist, Berlin
  3012. Lena, Leipzig
  3013. Johannes Schmid, Student, Aachen
  3014. Lucio Capece, Musician, Berlin
  3015. Paula Haag, Berlin
  3016. Sofia Duchovny, Berlin
  3017. Amal Herzog, Berlin
  3018. Anna Hofmann, Gästeführerin, Die LINKE, Marburg
  3019. Martin Ycaza, Musician, Berlin
  3020. Annabelle, Berlin
  3021. Nora Wicke, Berlin
  3022. Eva Kietzmann, Artist, Berlin
  3023. Muna Eltom, Duisburg
  3024. Ali Allahib, Student, Gelsenkirchen
  3025. anon, artist, berlin
  3026. Leo Gold, Berlin
  3027. Roxane Kar, roxane.kar@gmail.com
  3028. Frida Yngvesson, Dancer, Berlin
  3029. Imke Behrens, Berlin
  3030. Stefanie Walk, Künstlerin, Berlin
  3031. Sinem Bozkaya, Hamburg
  3032. Aida F., Rechtsanwaltsangestellte, Köln
  3033. Lily Coates, Filmmaker, Berlin
  3034. Dr. Rosalia Namsai Engchuan, Anthropologist, Berlin
  3035. Dan Solbach, Designer, Berlin
  3036. jee chan, artist, Berlin
  3037. ana kova, art director, berlin
  3038. Eva Schreiner, Berlin
  3039. Svenja Simone Schulte, Filmmaker, Berlin
  3040. Bianca Lyla Clifford, Artist, Kensington
  3041. Austin Velez, Producer/DJ, SGRKANE, San Francisco
  3042. Aurelia Amrou, Designer, Berlin
  3043. Anja Thonig, Berlin
  3044. Sandra Umathum, writer, dramaturge, Wien
  3045. Petra Akkerman-Burkard, Köln
  3046. Dominik E., artist
  3047. João da Silva, artist researcher, Duisburg
  3048. Kathryn Weiser, Student, Universität Potsdam, Potsdam
  3049. Joachim Prügl, Musician, Berlin
  3050. Ada Kopaz, Artist, Brlin
  3051. Steindor Jonsson, Drehbuchautor, Berlin
  3052. Melanie McDonald, Berlin
  3053. Alicia Farrow, Berlin
  3054. Dorothee Deimann, Autorin, KunstRaumRhein, Basel-Stadt
  3055. Valentina Wong, Artist, Berlin
  3056. Nadine Ramez, Bremen
  3057. Mary Hamoud, Studentin, Berlin
  3058. Heinz Peter Knes, aritst, Berlin
  3059. Rim Mekkaoui, Artist, Berlin
  3060. Katya Sander, Artist, Berlin
  3061. allegra solitude, Berlin
  3062. Sara Rossi, Artist, Berlin
  3063. Theresa Schrezenmeir, Artist, Pyl, Todtmoos
  3064. Pia Bergmann, Berlin
  3065. Christina Maria Landerl, Schriftstellerin, Berlin
  3066. Cécile Perrot, Musician, Berlin
  3067. Luca Oliverio, Berlin
  3068. Lars Rudolph, D, Berlin
  3069. Ariana Krieger, Student, Universität Bonn, Bonn
  3070. Clara Brinkmann, artist, Braunschweig
  3071. Moira Barrett, Übersetzerin/Kündtlerin, Berlin
  3072. Lucía Martínez, Architect, Berlin
  3073. Adrian Blount, Artist, House of living colors, Berlin
  3074. EVA KARDUCK, Berlin
  3075. Alissa Fink, Artist, Berlin
  3076. Noura Veltrup, Bramsche
  3078. Marcos Menendez, Berlin
  3079. A.Duk Hee Jordan, Artist, Berlin
  3080. Mathis Lamarre, Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Berlin
  3081. Nathalie Ait Taleb, Dorsten
  3082. Tabea Magyar, Writer, choreographer, translator, Berlin
  3083. Jana Elhardt, educator, Berlin
  3084. seçil yersel, artist, berlin
  3085. Gianluca Francescato, Designer, Berlin
  3086. Leila, Berlin
  3087. Saskia Al-Eryani, Sales, Berlin
  3088. Gaja Pozar, student, Berlin
  3089. Fatma Güdü, Painter, Nürnberg
  3090. Marty hiatt, writer, berlin
  3091. Annika Elsässer, Psychologist
  3092. Lainey Molloy, writer, Berlin
  3093. Dea Kaker Strucl, Architekt, Berlin
  3094. Ghiath Al Mhitawi, Germany, Berlin
  3095. Dalia Soliman, Festival Coordinator, Alfilm Festival, Berlin
  3096. Stefanie Carp, Curator, dramaturg, Berlin
  3097. ravenative, sound artist, performer, theater maker, Berlin
  3098. Caroline fayette, Photographer, Berlin
  3099. Sarah Steinbrecher, Physician, Berlin
  3100. D.N., Artist, Berlin
  3101. Luca Holler, Teacher, Berlin
  3102. Miya Yoshida, Berlin
  3103. Nina Softic, artist, Berlin
  3104. Dr. Karen Adler, Schriftstellerin, Historikerin, Berlin
  3105. Detlev Quintern, Historian, Turkish German University, Istanbul
  3106. Max Rodenbeck, Journalist, The Economist, Berlin
  3107. Nadia Krist, Artist, Stuttgart
  3108. Lukasz Polowczyk, Artist, Berlin
  3109. Gesine Kallert, Berlin
  3110. Carolina Rigueira, Kulturmanagerin, Berlin
  3111. Eva weibel, Artist, Berlin
  3112. Daniel Adams, Artist, Berlin
  3113. Haelan kim, Berlin
  3114. Hosna Ebady
  3115. Arnau Sala Saez, anomia.info, Barcelona
  3116. Bendix Harms, Artist, Hjallerup
  3117. Margo riordan, Berlin
  3118. Trevor Good, Artist, Berlin
  3119. Alma Albert, Art conservator, Cologne
  3120. Alicia García, Product owner, Berlin
  3121. Tom Wills, Freelance Journalist, Berlin
  3122. Anika Petzoldt, Theater panika, Berlin
  3123. Nina Lange, Berlin
  3124. Lea Steinhilber, Artist
  3125. Adrienne Goehler, curator and writer, Zur Nachahmung empfohlen | Examples to follow, Berlin
  3126. Philipp Timischl, artist, Paris
  3127. Daniel Antoszyk, writer, Berlin
  3128. Z.S., Journalist, Berlin
  3129. Carlo Loiudice, Actor, Myself, Berlin
  3130. Lina Majdalanie, Artist, Berlin
  3131. Simon Mullan, Artist, Berlin
  3132. Birgit Voigt, Culture worker, Berlin
  3133. Christine Welsch
  3134. Theodora Tepeneag
  3135. Rabih Mroué, Artist, Berlin
  3136. Nora Peters
  3137. Hannah Goldstein, ESL teacher, Language Farm, Berlin
  3138. Josie Thaddeus-Johns, Journalist, Berlin
  3139. Joana Lucas, Visual artist, Berlin
  3140. Saâdane Afif, Berlin
  3141. Eva Duerden, Artist, Berlin
  3142. Beatrix Joyce, Artist, Berlin
  3143. Lili Somogyi, curator, producer, researcher, Berlin
  3144. Evan Loxton, Artist, Berlin
  3145. Sophia Baltatzi, Musikerin, Berlin
  3146. Hosnya Batram, Dentist, Berlin
  3147. Jan Robin Hendricks, PhD Student, The New School for Social Research
  3148. Sergen Yener, student, Berlin
  3149. Elena Hernandez, PhD Sholar, JGU, Mainz
  3150. Alessia Sistori, Designer, Berlin
  3151. Seda Yilmaz, Artist, Berlin
  3152. Tristan Linder, Director, Hamburg
  3153. Aniol Kirberg, actor, 12157
  3154. Shahrzad Rahmani, artist, Berlin
  3155. Schokofeh Kamiz, filmmaker/ video artist, Berlin
  3156. Shannon Curran, Tattooer, Berlin
  3157. Sam Nimmrichter, student, Berlin
  3158. Zephyr, Artist, Berlin
  3159. Gabriela Acha, writer, Berlin
  3160. Ali Kalantari, Musician Composer, Berlin
  3161. Bärbel Trautwein, Galerist, Berlin
  3162. Marina Sorbello, cultural worker, Berlin
  3163. Henrik Adler, Dramaturg, Berlin
  3164. Laura Schramm, Artist, Berlin
  3165. Livia Patrizi, Kulturproduzentin und Vermittlerin, Berlin
  3166. Wael Eskandar, Writer, Berlin
  3167. Juliane Henrich, artist/film maker, Berlin
  3168. Ketevan Alexi-Meskhishvili, Artist, Berlin
  3169. Abby Young-Powell, Writer, Berlin
  3170. Jan Kempinski, Hamburg
  3171. Dorian Cani, Architect, Berlin
  3172. Amanda Bergheim, social worker, Berlin
  3173. Maria GimÉnez, artist and farmer, Wilmars Gaerten, Berlin
  3174. Vera Moré, Artist, Berlin
  3175. Lea Schütze, Rotenhäuser Damm 11, Hamburg
  3176. Sandhya Daemgen, Artist, Berlin
  3177. Anton Georgiev, Musician, Krayat, Berlin
  3178. Anja Dornieden, artist, Berlin
  3179. hans mayer, writer, not applicable, berlin
  3180. Juan David González Monroy, artist, Berlin
  3181. Monika Orpik, Artist, Hamburg
  3182. OMI, performer, Berlin
  3183. Lara Laila Gaerber, Berlin
  3184. Ivan Alfonso Burgos, Designer, Berlin
  3185. Alice Faucher, Berlin
  3186. ana caldeira, artist, berlin
  3187. KBey, engineer, london
  3188. Diana Fonseca, Sound Artist, Berlin
  3189. Masoud, Researcher, Berlin
  3190. Veronica Frenzel, Writer, Berlin
  3191. Linda M
  3192. Matthias Görlich, Designer, Professor, Berlin
  3193. Jacob Brinck, design, berlin
  3194. anonymous
  3195. Alexander Städtler, Programmer, Berlin
  3196. Laila Dhimane, Creative, Berlin
  3197. Fe Schneider, Lehrerin, Berlin
  3198. Tore Wallert, Artist, Berlin
  3199. Ingrid Munkhammar, Berlin
  3200. Lisa Schulze, Kulturortbetreiberin, Köln
  3201. Juan Ceba Martínez, Architekt, Berlin
  3202. Elise Carton, Berlin
  3203. Hanna Niepenberg, Artist, Cologne
  3204. joris Baumann, Braunschweig
  3205. Wiam El-Tamami, writer
  3206. Angela Stiegler, artist, Munich
  3207. Yuko Kaseki, Artist, Berlin
  3208. Lee Méir, Choreographer, Berlin
  3209. Samuel Fischer-Glaser, Artist, Munich
  3210. Guillermo Fernandez, Teacher, Berlin
  3211. David Krippendorff, artist, Berlin
  3212. Mario Santiago, root, Essen
  3213. John Holten, Novelist and Publisher, Broken Dimanche Press, Berlin
  3214. Trannois Niels, Artist
  3215. julia Lange, Frankfurt Am Main
  3216. Paul Haas, artist, Frankfurt am Main
  3217. Katrin Giesen, Legal guardian, Can’t say, Berlin
  3218. Lisette Smits, curator and educator, School of Kindness, Amsterdam
  3219. June Crespo, Artist, Bilbao
  3220. Anne de Boer, Artist, Berlin
  3221. Julienne Dejardin, Artist, -, Berlin
  3222. Markéta Adamcová, Artist, Frankfurt am Main
  3223. Florine Lindner, Producer, Berlin
  3224. Lena Braatz, artist, Berlin
  3225. Alessandro Rossi, Berlin
  3226. Rada Nastai, photographer, Berlin
  3227. Silke Laufer
  3228. Camilla Goecke, Berlin
  3229. Eloïse Bonneviot, Artist, Berlin
  3230. Reetta Nummi, Artist, Berlin
  3231. Andreas Weiß, Art Logistics, Köln
  3232. Polina Khan, Berlin
  3233. Virginia Fusco, Reasercher, Alma Mater studiorum, Bologna
  3234. Emel Cevirme, Hannover
  3235. Steph Quinci, Dancer, Berlin
  3236. Christian Bauer, Designer, Berlin
  3237. Bruce Hall, Certification manager, Ableton AG, Berlinx
  3238. Allison Koh, Postdoctoral Research Associate, King’s College London, London
  3239. Jacopo Nuvolari, Editor
  3240. Andreas Hofmann, Humanist, Humanistischer Verband Deutschlands, Berlin
  3241. Miriam Schulte, Artist, Berlin
  3242. Mattin, Artist, Berlin
  3243. Anika Seidlitz, Erziehungswissenschaften, -, Berlin
  3244. Tariq Bajwa, Berlin
  3245. Jens Ullrich, Artist, Berlin
  3246. Bloom, Transgender, Gag city, Berlin
  3247. Nicolás Rupcich, Artist, Berlin
  3248. Rafael Scovino, Designer, Berlin
  3249. Ed Whitman, Berlin
  3250. Robin Rutenberg, Artist, Berlin
  3251. Lucie coron, Artist, Berlin
  3252. Sander Houtkruijer, filmmaker, Berlin
  3253. Layla Nabi, Berlin
  3254. Alice Chauchat, Choreographer, Berlin
  3255. Delphine Millet, Artist, BERLIN
  3256. Rosen Eveleigh, Designer, Berlin
  3257. Patrick Klingenschmitt, Dramaturg, Berlin
  3258. Mariagiulia Serantoni, Artist, Berlin
  3259. Charly Lueke, Architekt, Berlin
  3260. Andreas Lux, Photographer, Berlin
  3261. Nigin Beck, Artist, Berlin
  3262. Leon Kuhlmann, Founder, Berlin
  3263. Andrea Parolin, Berlin
  3264. Connie V, Berlin
  3265. Alper Kazokoglu, Berlin
  3266. Elisa Ricci, Curator , Scholar, Berlin
  3267. Michael Naughton, Set Designer, Berlin
  3268. Jacoub Nabi, Designer, Berlin
  3269. Canan Cön, Event Manager, Berlin
  3270. Karla Jablonka, Zirkuspädagogik, Berlin
  3271. Noel, Berlin
  3272. Natalia Fuchs, Singer, Berlin
  3273. Johanna von Toggenburg
  3274. Dafni Krazoudi, Artist, Berlin
  3275. Michal B. Ron, Art historian, Berlin
  3276. Maia Lauffs, Berlin
  3277. Ada Favaron, designer & artist, Berlin
  3278. Michael Hauffen, Künstler und Kunstkritiker, Berlin
  3279. Annie Gentils, galerist, Annie Gentils Gallery, Antwerp
  3280. Maria simons, Manager, Wumanas, Berlin
  3281. Alice Cellamare, Berlin
  3282. Elisabeth Voß, Journalistin, Berlin
  3283. Eba’a El-Tamami, artist, Berlin
  3284. Janis Gildein, Designer, Berlin
  3285. Alessandro Anatrini, Artist/Developer, Berlin
  3286. K Schuler, Künstler, Berlin
  3287. Jacqueline Nsiah, Curator, Berlin
  3288. Johanna Köck, Architektin, Berlin
  3289. Jeremy Knowles, Artist, Berlin
  3290. Silvan Zürcher, Filmmaker/-producer, Berlin
  3291. Bonnie Begusch, artist, Berlin
  3292. A. Koraiem, Berlin
  3293. Julie Silvestre, Berlin
  3294. Julia Naidenow, Berlin
  3295. Laura Moreno, Artist, Bremen
  3296. Sinisa Mitrovic, Cultural worker, Berlin
  3297. Melih Akyazililar, Directing DP, Berlin
  3298. M Leuffen, writer
  3299. Sean Patten, Artist, Berlin
  3300. Lode van Zuylen, Gastronom & Artist, Berlin
  3301. Tatsiana Nason, artist, Berlin
  3302. Michal Kaiser-Livne, Psychotherapist, Jüdische Stimme, Berlin
  3303. Kathrin Sonntag, artist, Berlin
  3304. Mohamad Halbouni, Artist, Berlin
  3305. Isabelle Brättemark, Artist, Berlin
  3306. Davide Oberto, Film curator, Berlin
  3307. Laura Alonso, Physics Student, Madrid, ex-Berlin
  3308. Fernando Gelaf, Artist, Trier
  3309. Luca Staffiere, Composer, Berlin
  3310. Seba Abdullatif, Studentin, Berlin
  3311. Mirjam Gurtner, Choreographer, Berlin
  3312. Noemi Schenk, Artist, Berlin
  3313. CN Samadi, Berlin
  3314. Anouschka Trocker, Berlin
  3315. Shola, Artist, Berlin
  3316. Susanna Setälä, Artist, Berlin
  3317. Parry Sadeghi, Hamburg
  3318. Philipp Röding, Writer, PARA, Frankfurt
  3319. Ascan Delarber, Artist, Berlin
  3320. Nahuel, Artist, Berlin
  3321. Matheus Da Silva Yaari, Kassel
  3322. Michael Paetau, Soziologie, Wissenskulturen, Bonn
  3323. Lukas Pinkert, Berlin
  3324. Sophie Jacobi, Social Worker, Hamburg
  3325. Eva-Maria Markert, Aalen
  3326. Umtata Tybora, Actor/Production manager, European Roma Institute of Arts and Culture Member, Berlin
  3327. Pia Boscher, Frankfurt am Main
  3328. Ina Guo, Berlin
  3329. Laurean Wagner, artist, performer, Berlin
  3330. Alexander Exquemelin, Filmmaker, Bogotá
  3331. Eneko Sanz, Actor, Berlin
  3332. Aglaé Zeitoun, Berlin
  3333. Oona Philomena Wächter, Cultural mediator/producer, Berlin
  3334. Rilaben, Artist, Freelancer, Berlin
  3335. Alice Wäfler, Designer, Berlin
  3336. Marlous Borm, Artist, New York
  3337. Lemo Podlogar, Berlin
  3338. Zorka Wollny, Artist, Berlin
  3339. Steffen Vogel, Musician, Berlin
  3340. Tobias Delius, musician, Berlin
  3341. Sophie Doering, Berlin
  3342. Hasan, Duisburg
  3343. Aylin, Pflegerin, Berlin
  3344. Viviane Tabach, curator, artist, educator, Berlin
  3345. Judith Beuth, filmmaker, Berlin
  3346. Johan Chaumette, Berlin
  3347. Jackson Beyda, Artist, Berlin
  3348. Olga Bläsi
  3349. Thea Mühl, Bremen
  3350. Martina Groß, Journalistin, Berlin
  3351. Ulrich Weichert, Berlin
  3352. Dennis Vetter, Woche der Kritik, Leipzig
  3353. Hakan Ardahan, Tornesch
  3354. Xueh Magrini Troll, Artist, Berlin
  3355. lerato khathi, Dj & Producer, Bring down the walls, Berlin
  3356. Lea von Wintzingerode, Artist, Berlin
  3357. Amna, Munich
  3358. Günther Möbius, artist, Frankfurt
  3359. Vincent Guilbert, Berlin
  3360. Anna Anderegg, Artist, Berlin
  3361. Johanna Ballweg, Artist, Berlin
  3362. Natalya Bondarenko, theatre maker, Berlin
  3363. Taryn Hart, Berlin
  3364. Saskia Oidtmann, Dance Artist, Berlin
  3365. Yamen Jeries, Berlin
  3366. J.R. Blank, Artist, Berlin
  3367. Peter Haffenrichter, München
  3368. Simon Will, Artist, Berlin
  3369. Susanne Leeb, Researcher, Berlin
  3370. Birgit Gosewisch, Berlin
  3371. Eneko Lacalle, Composer, Berlin
  3372. Maurice Louca, Musician, Berlin
  3373. Sylbee Kim, artist, Berlin
  3374. Marusja, Jewish voice for peace, Berlin
  3375. Mursal Said, Student, Hamburg
  3376. Chris Wohlrab, Produktionsleiter, Berlin
  3377. Ouassima B., Frankfurt
  3378. Joseph Pearson, Writer and historian, Berlin
  3379. Carola Spalerski, Lawyer, Berlin
  3380. Manuel Brémond, Engineer, Volkswagen AG, Kassel
  3381. Si-Ying Fung, artist, Hamburg
  3382. Michael Zwenzner, writer/curator, München/Berlin
  3383. Mariana Carvalho, Artist, Berlin
  3384. Richard Mann, Artist, Berlin
  3385. Laura Jousten, project coordinator, Berlin
  3386. Caroline Corleone, Artist, Berlin
  3387. tania eichler-ojake, audiodescriber, Berlin
  3388. Tsai-Wei Su, Metal worker, Berlin
  3389. Kerstin Egert, DJ, Bring Down The Walls, Berlin
  3390. Hami N.K. Mehr, Artist, Berlin
  3391. Nadia El-Moussa, Management, Berlin
  3392. Nur Binti, Student, Düsseldorf
  3393. James Helgeson, Composer, Berlin
  3394. Victoria Schmidt
  3395. Erika Hoffmann-Koenige, Sammlung Hoffmann, Berlin
  3396. Albin Skaghammar, Künstler, Berlin
  3397. Elise Andersen, Norwegian, Berlin
  3398. Cate Lawrence, Journalist, Berlin
  3399. Ali Mohamed Attia, Pharmacist, Deggendorf institute of technology, München
  3400. Arian Bozorg, Berlin
  3401. Camille Bouvy, Berlin
  3402. Gilles Aubry, Artist, Berlin
  3403. Emine Kaymaz, Solingen
  3404. Fyona Kovero, self-employes, Berlin
  3405. François bazin, Art student, Berlin
  3406. Layana Flachs, Make up artist, Berlin
  3407. Seyma Hatip
  3408. Milena Kula, Artist & Healer, Dresden
  3409. Malte, music publishing, Berlin
  3410. Elly Clarke, Visual Artist, Independent, Berlin / London
  3411. Olcan Hiller, Digital Content Producer, Berlin
  3412. Tony Cokes, Media Artist, Providence
  3413. royston maldoom, Choreographer, Self standing, Berlin
  3414. Andrew Grant, Film Producer, Berlin
  3415. Majdi, Germany, Frankfurt
  3416. Christian Prof. Dr. Niemeyer, Nietzscheforscher, TU Dresden, Berlin
  3417. Marina Witt, Artist, Berlin
  3418. Dietmar A. Schultz, graphic artist / musican, Berlin
  3419. Charlotte Eifler, artist, Paris
  3420. Mahtab soleymani, Designer, Berlin
  3421. Nicholas Tammens, Curator, Berlin
  3422. Leoni Schwandt, Berlin
  3423. Patricia Mieko, Verkäuferin, Berlin
  3424. Christina Gabriela Galli, Dance Artist, Zurich
  3425. Chandler Graf, Filmeditor and Videographer, Leipzig
  3426. Mai Wegener, Psychoanalytikerin, Berlin
  3427. Suzette Abdo, Kassel
  3428. Gregor Jensch, Berlin
  3429. Hermione FRANK, Artist/ Musician, Berlin
  3430. Center for Peripheries, Artist collective, Berlin
  3431. Anita Di Bianco, Artist, Frankfurt am Main
  3432. Mayanur Jarme, München
  3433. Nicole Widiger, Artist, Nicole Widiger, Berlin - Friedrichshain
  3434. anonymous
  3435. Zeno Gries, artist, Berlin
  3436. Petter Eldh, Musician, Berlin
  3437. Jide Akinleminu, Filmmaker, Berlin
  3438. Katja Eichner, Lehrerin, Berlin
  3439. Nina Walser, Musikerin, Berlin
  3440. Sabeth Buchmann, Art historian, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Berlin/ Vienna
  3441. Bekir
  3442. Aditi Patel, Doktorandin, UKE, Hamburg
  3443. Samer El Khader, Physician, Berlin
  3444. Dominique Gierl, Artist
  3445. Imke Wagener, Berlin
  3446. antonia butzert
  3447. nour, student, hmkw, berlin
  3448. Zeina Hanna, artist, freelance, Berlin
  3449. Freyda Lenihan-Geels, Student, Berlin
  3450. Sinziana Paltineanu
  3451. Natalie Taylor, Designerin, Berlin
  3452. Marcus Coelen, Psychoanalytiker, Berlin
  3453. Matthias Groll, Kurator, Festiwelt e.V., Berlin
  3454. Meo Wulf, Performerin, Berlin
  3455. Ivan Krasnov, Musician, Berlin
  3456. Ahmed Kamel, Artist, Ahmed Kamel, Berlin
  3457. Maria Sole Muzzi, Berlin
  3458. Elie Habib, Künstler, Selbstständig, Berlin
  3459. Chris Swientek, Berlin
  3460. Rowan De Freitas, Youthworker / Artist, UdK (alumni), Berlin
  3461. Touba Amhant
  3462. Anne Zacho Søgaard, Theatermaker, Berlin
  3463. Karin Henoch, Performer, THRAP BERLIN, Berlin
  3464. Andreas Schröder, artist
  3465. Laura Liverani, documentary photographer, Berlin
  3466. Stefania facco, Berlin
  3467. Donatella Fiore, Waitress, Berlin
  3468. Erol Dizdar, Artist, Munich
  3469. Isidora Gilardi, Artist, Berlin
  3470. Judith Kasper, Professor, Goethe Universität, Frankfurt
  3471. Barbara Fuchs, Berlin
  3472. Lauren Wilson, Artist, Cró, Berlin
  3473. Caroline Femfert, Customer Care Manager, Berlin
  3474. Karin Hopfmann, MdA a.D., DiplPhil., Author, Berlin
  3475. Nicolas Pelzer, Artist, Berlin
  3476. Aliza Yanes, Artist, Berlin
  3477. Flo Wilson, Artist, Berlin
  3478. Neo Seefried, Curator, Berlin
  3479. Elias Schomers, Composer/performer, Oslo
  3480. Michael Gees, Komponist, Consol Theater, Gelsenkirchen
  3481. Mhairianne Macleod, Berlin
  3482. Alma Sinai, Artist, Berlin
  3483. Viviana Martelli, Berlin
  3484. Yann Dobrucki, Berlin
  3485. anonym
  3486. Nicolai Krog, Artist, Berlin
  3487. Kaitlyn Wolfe, Leipzig
  3488. Ayara Hernández, Choreographer, Berlin
  3489. Becki Nock, Berlin
  3490. Nezihe Erul, Berlin
  3491. Anna Mikkola, Artist, -, Berlin
  3492. Lisa Sinram, Student, Berlin
  3493. Philipp Gärtner, artist, Berlin
  3494. David Bitter, Freelancer, Berlin
  3495. Leto Ybarra, Curator, Madrid
  3496. Adrian Brun, Visual Artist, Betlin
  3497. Richard Gonlag, Actor, Berlin
  3498. Fenia Franz, Art / education, Berlin
  3499. Beatriz Ortega Botas, Curator, madrid
  3500. Friederike Meese, Bühnenbildnerin, Berlin
  3501. Katja Kentenich, Gestalterin im Handwerk, Berlin
  3502. Leyli Ahmadizenoz, Berlin
  3503. Clemens Wilhelm, artist, Berlin
  3504. Lora El jamal, Berlin
  3505. Lucy Grey-Gardner, Berlin
  3506. Birgit Stauber, Filmmaker, Berlin
  3507. ada, artist, Berlin
  3508. Sara Geirsdóttir, Berlin
  3509. Anonymous, Scientist, Berlin
  3510. Billy radak, Nurse, Berlin
  3511. Nicole Wendel, Artist, Berlin
  3512. Franziska Frenzel
  3513. Marina chaves, Designer, Berlin
  3514. Rhapsody Swoboda, Student, Berlin
  3515. Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Artist, Paris
  3516. Verena Müllner, Bezirkskliniken Schwaben, Augsburg
  3517. Madeleine Park, curator/producer, Berlin
  3518. Mauro Bedoni, Bildredakteur, Berlin
  3519. Elisa Vidi, Production, Berlin
  3520. Håvard Wiik, Musician, Berlon
  3521. Heidi Lewandowski, Musician, Wumanas, Berlin
  3522. Amanda Assaley, artist, Frankfurt am Main
  3523. Daniella Shreir, film worker/translator, London/Paris
  3524. Andreas Jakob, Gelsenkirchen
  3525. Alex Janssen, Berlin
  3526. Vanya Paskaleva, Student, translator, musician, Hamburg
  3527. Chadi Bahouth, Journalist, Berlin
  3528. Caroline Ballegaard, Editor and writer, Freelance, Berlin
  3529. EJ Alfaro, Artist, Berlin
  3530. Tatiana Saphir, Artist, Berlin
  3531. Erkan Dilek, Berlin
  3532. Rada Mateva, Artist, Berlin
  3533. Sherin Shamroukh, Berlin
  3534. Nisan Arikan, artist, antikyno, Hamburg
  3535. Flavia Barragan, Berlin
  3536. Gabi Pedrosa, Artist, Berlin
  3537. Volker Sattel, Filmemacher, Berlin
  3538. Johanna Ziemer, dramaturg, Berlin
  3539. Emmanuel Yeboah
  3540. Maria Moritz, Artist, Frankfurt
  3541. Sadaf Safi, Studentin, München
  3542. Alessio Castellacci, artist, The World Is Sound, Berlin
  3543. Alexander Bornschein, Artist, Berlin
  3544. Markus Hollan, Essen
  3545. Dror Dayan, Filmmaker, academic, Berlin/Liverpool
  3546. Torsten Klafft, Berlin
  3547. Paul Krantz, Journalist, Berlin
  3548. Andrea Schmitz, Journalist, UP Magazine, Berlin
  3549. Ana Lopez, Erzieherin, Berlin
  3550. Thomas Rotscheroth, Teacher, Berlin
  3551. Ellinor Förster, Architect, Berlin
  3552. Birka Malik, Kauffrau für Büromanagement, Berlin
  3553. Giuseppe Moramarco, Booker / Promoter, scene Clubbing Heritage, Berlin
  3554. Gabriel Bolognese, Artist, Bruxelles
  3555. Ashraf A, Berlin
  3556. Anan Fries, artist, Berlin
  3557. Licia Soldavini, Berlin
  3558. Margot Potemans, Educator, Berlin
  3559. Ellen Hanisch, Hannover
  3560. Lorena Atrakzy, Berlin
  3561. Paul Sali, Art teacher, University, Berlin
  3562. Rosa Nitzsche, Artist, Frankfurt
  3563. Jan Peters, filmmaker, Berlin
  3564. Katherina Sattler, Actress, Leipzig
  3565. Nefel Ceylen, Student, -, Berlin
  3566. Johannes Spitzer, Berlin
  3567. Maxi Wallenhorst, Writer, Berlin
  3568. Jakob Schepers, dramaturgy, Berlin
  3569. Alessandra Carosi, Visual artist, Paris
  3570. Emina Hodzic, Journalists, Berlin
  3571. Vesna Pisarovic, Musician, Berlin
  3572. Minu, Artist, Berlin
  3573. Matthew nanson, Designer, Berlin
  3574. Sam Potter, Artist, Berlin
  3575. Jam Greenland, Studierende, Leipzig
  3576. Alexander Klose, Berlin
  3577. Sophie Watzlawick, berlin
  3578. Léa d’Albronn, Artist, Berlin
  3579. Lena Pfaeffli, Berlin
  3580. Alexander B, human, Berlin
  3581. Fechtner-Ngakegny, Viersen
  3582. Stephanie Ballantine, Artist, Berlin
  3583. Lena Ingwersen
  3584. Kristina Leko, artist, Berlin
  3585. John McAndrew, Berlin
  3586. Surya Suran Gied, Artist, Berlin
  3587. Isa Sander, cultural worker, artist, Berlin
  3588. Katharina Rohlfing, Student, Wuppertal
  3589. Detlef Paelchen, Designer, Berlin
  3590. Emma Lindemann, Theaterpädagogin, Lingen
  3591. Nuran Arslantas, Ärztin, Arbeitslos, Lauda
  3592. Sonia Alcaina, Photographer, Berlin
  3593. Cigdem Ivren, Research assistant, Nürnberg
  3594. Heike Brandt, Schriftstellerin, Berlin
  3595. lizzy y, writer, berlin
  3596. Breanna Robertson, Artist, Berlin
  3597. Haris Epaminonda, Artist, Berlin
  3598. Silvia Rizzi, Berlin
  3599. Roman Schramm, artist, Berlin
  3600. Emma Kula, Student, Berlin
  3601. Thomas Florschuetz, Artist, Berlin
  3602. Ernest Ah, Berlin
  3603. Catriona, Translator, Berlin
  3604. Hannah Wilhelm, Musician, Berlin
  3605. Rainer Wendling, Verleger, Berlin
  3606. Joe Hatt, Booking agent, Qu Junktions, Berlin
  3607. Kirsty Bell, writer, Berlin
  3608. Rana Chahine, Germany, Dortmund
  3609. vanessa safavi, artist, berlin
  3610. Melanie Jame Wolf, Künstlerin, Berlin
  3611. Jessica, Author, Berlin
  3612. Jelena Goldbach, Produzentin, Berlin
  3613. Eric de Bruyn, Professor, Berlin
  3614. Gabriela Solis Gutiérrez, Fotografin, Berlin
  3615. Michaela Schweiger, Artist, Professorin Bildende Kunst, Berlin
  3616. hainan manhaes, Dancer, Bloque Latino Americano, Berlin
  3617. Anna R. Winder, bookseller, Berlin
  3618. Lili Götz, Studentin, Berlin
  3619. Monica Koshka-Stein, Artistic Director / Film Curator / Educator, KUKI Young Short Film Festival & freelance, Berlin
  3620. Maness, Artist, studiomaness@gmail.com, Berlin
  3621. Claire Chaulet, Artists, Artistania e.V., Berlin
  3622. Pamela Soria Varela, Artist
  3623. Sierra Klingele, Composer, Berlin
  3624. anonymous
  3625. Nour Noeman, student, Munich
  3626. Sofia Borges, Artist, Berlin
  3627. Sophia Wilhelm, Student, Akademie der Bildenden Künste Nürnberg, Nürnberg
  3628. Amelia Groom, Writer, Berlin
  3629. Benjamin Deichen, Student, Trier
  3630. Anna Becker
  3631. Jonas Staal, Artist, Rotterdam, Athens and Bern
  3632. Alice Priori, Cultural manager, facilitator, community weaver, Berlin
  3633. Maria Sturm, photographer Berlin
  3634. Martin Holubek, educator, privat, Berlin
  3635. Mona Abdel-Keream, Scientist, mona.abdelkeream@gmail.com, Bremen
  3636. Stephen Haigh, Projektleiter, Stephen Haigh, Berlin
  3637. Felicitas Ahmadi Zenouz, Berlin
  3638. Brian, Berlin
  3639. Khadija, Deutschland, Sound, Berlin
  3640. Eva Fabregas, Artist, Eva Fabregas, Barcelona
  3641. Pedram Shahyar, Berlin
  3642. Till Steinmetz, Editor / Filmmaker, Berlin
  3643. Olivier de Bree, Filmmaker, Berlin
  3644. Yazmin Mendoza, Grafikdesign, Magdeburg
  3645. Nina DeLudemann, artist, Berlin
  3646. Uwe Effertz, Musician, Berlin
  3647. Carmen Losmann, filmmaker
  3648. Martina Drouven-El Moumane, Langenfeld
  3649. Elisabeth Wood, Berlin
  3650. Esma
  3651. Bojana Petroska, Berlin
  3652. Christopher Kondek, Video Artist, Berlin
  3653. Annie Hägg, Artist, Berlin
  3654. Gisela Romain, researcher, Berlin
  3655. Max Howitz, puppeteer, Berlin
  3656. Arpa Ani Catak, Process designer, Basel
  3657. Omar Marouani, München
  3658. Aischa Panning, Artist, Berlin
  3659. Emilia Roig, Writer, Berlin
  3660. Henning Fehr, Berlin
  3661. Merthan Sahin, Berlin
  3662. Rebecca John, PhD student, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg, Berlin
  3663. Diedrich Diederichsen, author, university teacher, Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, Berlin/ Vienna
  3664. Zainab Hachlaf, Berlin
  3665. Sonia Önal, Tuttlingen
  3666. Megan king, Artist/ Dj, Berlin
  3667. Elisabetta Porcinai, Artist, designer, Berlin
  3668. Tina Müller, Autorin, Berlin
  3669. Sabine Herpich, filmmaker, Berlin
  3670. Lotte de Jong, artist, Rotterdam
  3671. Silvia Gioberti, artist, Berlin
  3672. Ludovica Parenti, Gallerist, Berlin
  3673. D. S. Phillips, artist, Berlin
  3674. Simone Rueß, visual artist, Berlin
  3675. Annegret Schalke, artist, Berlin
  3676. Noah Lichtblau, artist, Berlin
  3677. Andre Vida, musician, Berlin
  3678. Marina Errico, Berlin
  3679. Minh Kha Le, Berlin
  3680. Flavio Cafiso, Musician, Berlin
  3681. Thomas Jeppe, Kunstler, Kottbusser damm
  3682. Sebastian Bark, Künstler, Berlin
  3683. Agata Guevara, artist, berlin
  3684. Anna Müller, Berlin
  3685. Jiannyuh, Calligrapher/ Curator, Berlin
  3686. Aoife Lavery, Artist, Berlin
  3687. Marie, Student, Berlin
  3688. Sarah Reva Mohr, Artist, Berlin
  3689. Sarah John, Director, Berlin
  3690. Candice Holmes, Berlin
  3691. Sina Menke, Historian, Marburg
  3692. Steven Thelen, Berlin
  3693. Kaatje De Geest, Dramaturg, Gent
  3694. Saed Mohsen, German, Borken
  3695. Johanna Kolberg, Actress, Berlin
  3696. Fadwa Al Homsi, Stuttgart
  3697. Lauren Bellenie, Video Streaming Manager, Berlim
  3698. Hannah Jones, artist, Berlin
  3699. Eleonora Han
  3700. Robert Yerachmiel Sniderman, poet-artist / professor, Berlin
  3701. hana stojaković, artist, berlin
  3702. Fluna Xhelali, Frankfurt am Main
  3703. Ulrike Almut Sandig, writer, Berlin - Schöneberg
  3704. Leah Buckareff, Berlin
  3705. Dana Farhoudah, Med. Tech., Dortmund
  3706. Jody Wardana, Architect, Berlin
  3707. ute waldhausen, artist
  3708. kemisha nordstrom
  3709. Noemi
  3710. Brian Doose, Editor, N/A, Berlin
  3711. Sofie Rengers, Student, Sendenhorst
  3712. Jasmin Baig, Baig, Be
  3713. Denise Helene Sumi, Stuttgart/Vienna
  3714. Michael Schmitz, Kurator/Kino, Berlin
  3715. Milos Trakilovic, Artist, Berlin
  3716. Miruna Boruzescu, Musician, Borusiade, Berlin
  3717. Seyma Cataltepe, Peißenberg
  3718. michael wyatt, kunstler, berlin
  3719. Charles Leahy, DJ / event promoter, Berlin
  3720. Amo Compaore, München
  3721. Michelle, Photographer, Berlin
  3722. L Ploeger, Den Haag
  3723. Filipe Lippe, Artist and researcher, Berlin
  3724. Romina Gualtieri, Berlin
  3725. Ula Wozniak, researcher, Berlin
  3726. mia ines, editor, berlin
  3727. Wanja Slavin, Musician, Steinbeck
  3728. Sarah Kassim, Köln
  3729. Mohamed Abdelmonem, Engineer, Berlin
  3730. Benjamin Abele, Künstler, Sweza, Berlin
  3731. Jihan Toker, Bremen
  3732. eli, artist, berlin
  3733. Sofia Salvo, Musician, Berlin
  3734. Hanne Lippard, Artist, Hanne Lippard, Berlin
  3735. Amaeze Agu, artist & student, Leipzig
  3736. Philip Seibel, artist, Berlin
  3737. Prem Krishnamurthy, Berlin/New York
  3738. Anne Mulleners, Artist, Vienna
  3739. Christoph Keller, artist, Berlin
  3740. Alia El-Iraki, Musician, Berlin
  3741. George MacBeth, Editor, Berlin
  3742. Lukas geschwind, Artist, Berlin
  3743. Yagmur Yorulmaz, Student, /, Berlin
  3744. Bente Kristine Lorentzen, Artist, songwriter, Berlin
  3745. Stefanie Harjes, Artist, Hamburg
  3746. Avital Lutzky, Educator and illustrator, Berlin
  3747. Fareed Armaly, Artist, Berlin
  3748. María Ruiz-Larrea Fernández, Artist, Berlin
  3749. Sara Mustafa, Hamburg
  3750. Anika Kokrhoun, Student, Berlin
  3751. Petra Wiebel, Nurse, Wuppertal
  3752. Shahin Zarinbal, Berlin
  3753. Tanya Ury, artist/writer, Cologne
  3754. roberto cruz romero, researcher, berlin
  3755. Angela Piracha, Frankfurt
  3756. Oluwarẹmilẹkun Bello, Berlin
  3757. Julio Zúñiga, musician, Berlin
  3758. Jessica Dorau, Berlin
  3759. Andrea Björk Andrésdóttir, artist, Berlin
  3760. Inna Zrajaeva, Designer, Feral Malmö, Malmö
  3761. Yasmine Boulaich, Berlin
  3762. Ugur Safak Özdemir, Peace activist, Ennepetal
  3763. André Uhl, musician, Berlin
  3764. Wijdane Boutabaa, Berlin
  3765. Josefine Reisch, berlin
  3766. Peter C.
  3767. Marta Forsberg, Composer, Berlin
  3768. Jochen Gester, Rentner, Arbeitskreis Internationalismus IG Metall Berlin, Berlin
  3769. Claudia P, Artist, Berlin
  3770. Wawrzyniec Wróblewski, Germany, Berlin
  3771. Mikail Yakut, Musician, Berlin
  3772. Colette Sadler, Choreographer, Berlin
  3773. Heidrun Holzfeind, artist, Berlin
  3774. Nabila Attar, Artist, Hamburg
  3775. Khaled Agha, Manager, Moonfare, Berlin
  3776. joachim morhenne, Nachdenken, Wuppertal
  3777. Anne-Marie Harrison
  3778. Lilli Thiessen, Artist, Berlin
  3779. Ari Níelsson, Artist, Berlin
  3780. Silke Schlömer, Architektin, Berlin
  3781. Milena Bühring, artist, Berlin
  3782. Faisa, student, school, frankfurt
  3783. Mitch Speed, writer, Berlin
  3784. Christine Lamberty, Filmemacherin, Berlin
  3785. Embla Hällgren, Musician, Berlin
  3786. Eleni Vogiadjis, Dancer , performer, Berlin
  3787. Kurt weissenboeck, Rentner, AK Internationalismus IG Metall, Berlin
  3788. Lisbeth Kloess-Rotmann, Psychotherapeutin, Freiburg
  3789. Regina Möller, Artist, Berlin
  3790. Martina Henriques Dias, Musikerin, Basel
  3791. Rafael Schick, artist, Berlin
  3792. Chiara Müller, Philosopher & DJ, Berlin
  3793. Hiuwai Chu, Head of Exhibitions, MACBA, Barcelona
  3794. Mark Sadler, Artist, Berlin
  3795. Catie Leigh Laszewski, Opera Singer, Berlin
  3796. Ricarda Holztrattner, Filmmaker, Berlin
  3797. Daniel Horn, Writer
  3798. Juliane Rebentisch, Autorin, Berlin
  3799. Durigo, self employed, Berlin
  3800. Dr. Anne Lewerenz, Beamtin, Leipzig
  3801. Luis Diego Loria Sanchez, Filmmaker, Berlin
  3802. monika jaeckel, artist researcher, nn, Berlin
  3803. Samuel kress, Berlin
  3804. Don Mee Choi
  3805. Silke Pflüger, Retired from administrative cultural work, Stuttgart
  3806. Karola Schlegelmilch, Psychologin, Psychologin, Filmemacherin, Berlin
  3807. Anja Helmers, Berlin
  3808. Lea Doering, Student, Bielefeld
  3809. Nicole Nagel, Filmmaker, nicnagdok, Berlin
  3810. Josef Perera, Ökonom, Mainz
  3811. Alessandro Longo, Reseacher, REINCANTAMENTO, Berlin
  3812. Stuart Turner, musician/artist, Berlin
  3813. Kerstin Meyer, Berlin
  3814. Diane Dutreux, Teacher, Berlin
  3815. Julia Ahlert
  3816. Birgit Lilge, Berlin
  3817. Michèle Brand, Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin, Berlin
  3818. Oscar Enberg, Artist, Berlin
  3819. Moss Beynon Juckes, Artist, Self employed, Berlin
  3820. Luboslava Thabane, Accountant, Berlin
  3821. Birgit Cauer, artist, Berlin
  3822. Emma maar, Student, Berlin
  3823. Laura Tschaikowsky, Arts teacher, Education, München
  3824. Karin De Rigo, Mera25, Berlin
  3825. Henrike El Khader, Berlin
  3826. Kiki miwa, Dancer, Self employed, Berlin
  3827. Anke Westermann, artist, Berlin
  3828. Burkhard Machelett, Emsdetten
  3829. Olga Ramirez Oferil, Berlin
  3830. Daniel Dominguez Teruel, Artist, Daniel Dominguez Teruel, Hamburg
  3831. Wolfgang Neulinger, artist, Vienna
  3832. Andre Mulzer, Artist, Berlin
  3833. Zamfira Sisi, Artist, Berlin
  3834. Leah Levane, Co Chair, Jewish Voice for Labour, UK
  3835. Claudia Mazzarelli, journalism student, berlin
  3836. Durra Younes
  3837. Katy Derbyshire, Translator, Berlin
  3838. Sophie N, Berlin
  3839. Marleen Rüpke, 27711
  3840. Lion Paechnatz, Phoenix e.V., Berlin
  3841. Raimund Kummer, Artist, Berlin
  3842. Houryar Esmaeili, Artist, Berlin
  3843. Dajana Düring, Student, Braunschweig
  3844. Grayson revoir
  3845. Ariane Bayer, -, Privat, Berlin
  3846. Anna Spinnen-Riemath, Mönchengladbach
  3847. Rui Diaz, Producer, Fish in Water Films, Berlln
  3848. Elizabeth Sell, Designer, Berlin
  3849. Maya-Róisín Slater, Cultural Journalist, Berlin
  3850. Aleyna Salem, Student, Berlin
  3851. Karina Hasler, Project Mgr, Berlin
  3852. Tobias Büchner, Filmproduzent, Berlin
  3853. Magdalena Dziewit, Designer, Berlin
  3854. Wouter Van der Hallen, Artist & cultural worker, Antwerp
  3855. Marc Norbert Hörler, Artist, Berlin
  3856. Adrian Zatorski, Bürger, Berlin
  3857. Elife Sari
  3858. Ines Marco, Economist, Hamburg
  3859. anonymous
  3860. Daniela Huerta, artist, Berlin
  3861. Francisca Villela, Artist, Berlin
  3862. Harm Lux, Kurator, Flux I bell sTRUcTURs e.V., Berlin
  3863. Jeremiah Charles, Filmmaker, Berlin
  3864. Sina El Balq
  3865. Knut Kruppa, artist, Berlin
  3866. Liliana Velásquez, Actress, Self, Berlin
  3867. HP Loveshaft, Drag king, Pangaea, Berlin
  3868. Saban Yazici, Architekt, Stuttgart
  3869. Leila Ighreiz, Psychology student, Berlin
  3870. anonymous
  3871. Panagiotis Tsavdaridis, Goldschmiede/Uhrmacher, Quakenbrück
  3872. Eva Angelou, Berlin
  3873. Wibke Tiarks, artist, Berlin
  3874. laura schusinskk, artist, berlin
  3875. Ahmed Al-Bayati, student, HTW, Berlin
  3876. Alicia Pfeifer, Berlin
  3877. Jeanne Binet, Artist
  3878. Hannah McNulty Madden, Artist, Berlin
  3879. Jack Deasy, Music Producer, Berlin
  3880. Cécile Bally, Artist, Berlin
  3881. Mattis Harpering, Baker, Die Backpfeife, Berlin
  3882. Helena Sofia Ribas, Architect, Berlin
  3883. Zeinab Fandi, Berlin
  3884. Raquel Fernandez, Berlin
  3885. Jasmin Konnegen, Engineer, Wonfurt
  3886. Hendrik Jan Möhler, Designer, Berlin
  3887. F. Akın, Berlin
  3888. Ursula Rogg, artist and educator, berlin
  3889. Ana Maria Millan, artist, Berlin
  3890. Nicole Hawali, Berlin
  3891. Marieanne Bergmann, Film, Hamburg
  3892. Katharina Kniess, Berlin
  3893. Kai Fagaschinski, Musiker, Berlin
  3894. Tim Stilkenbäumer, educator, /, Berlin
  3895. Adriana Arroyo, Artist, Berlin
  3896. Alan Diaz, phd student, Leuphana Universitat, Berlin
  3897. Paul Niedermayer, artist, Berlin
  3898. Ulrike Düregger & Compagnie, director/performer, Total Plural e.V., Berlin
  3899. Armonia Stamataki, Dancer, Freelance, Berlin
  3900. Johanna Schaffer, Academic, Berlin
  3901. Abigail Empez, Artist/Designer, Berlin
  3902. A. Sánchez, Berlin
  3903. Gabriella Otero, Berlin
  3904. Riccardo Paratore, Berlin
  3905. eugenio petrarca, musician, berlin
  3906. Nigar Ahmadbayli, Dentist, Hildesheim
  3907. Sebastián Eduardo, researcher, Berlin
  3908. silvia remigio, Dancer, Berlin
  3909. Joni Barnard, artist, performer, educator, Berlin
  3910. Mira Mann, artist, Berlin
  3911. Salome Dorner, Artist, Berlin
  3912. Lisa Schneider, n/a, Leipzig
  3913. Loai Abutaima, Heidelberg
  3914. Alena Göhlich, Berlin
  3915. Victor Navarro, Freelance, Berlin
  3916. Samantha Nurick, Communications strategist, Berlin
  3917. Christina Andreen, Poet, e.V. Executive Board Member, LIOS Labs, Berlin
  3918. Brigid Oshea, Berlin
  3919. Alice marshall, Assistant, Berlin
  3920. Maximilian Willeit, Artist, Berlin
  3921. Ella Klaschka, artist, Berlin
  3922. Frances Breden, artist, curator, Berlin
  3923. Dagmar Doerper, Freinsheim
  3924. Andra Morena, Artist, Berlin
  3925. Linus Zimmermann, Art Historian, Regensburg
  3926. Anette Henßler
  3927. Seyoung Yoon
  3928. Wolfgang Mayer, artist, berlin
  3929. Julek Kreutzer, artist, Berlin
  3930. Jo Tiffe, Designer/Artist, Form:f critical design & art, Berlin
  3931. Nadia, Colorist Film, Freelance, Berlin
  3932. Theo Schley, Historian, Berlin
  3933. Honorine lega
  3934. Jil Et-Taib, singer, educator, psychologist, Berlin
  3935. Anna Penn, Artist, Berlin
  3936. Joanna Warsza, curator, Berlin
  3937. Vanessa Toh, Artist, Berlin
  3938. Kauther, Barmawi
  3939. florian gass, artist, Berlin
  3940. Mert-Ali Ercan, Germany, Berlin
  3941. Jakob Kijas, Filmverleiher, München
  3942. Abdurrahman Mourad, Informatiker, -, Heidelberg
  3943. Lina Sahl, Designer, Berlin
  3944. Sophie Reinhold, Berlin
  3945. Alma Lindborg, researcher/musician, Berlin
  3946. Alzac mekacher, Artist, Berlin
  3947. Tori Newberr, Worker, Berlin
  3948. Martina Barra, Social worker, Berlin
  3949. Andres Miguel España, Artist, Berlin
  3950. Alma Almeida, Filmmaker, Berlin
  3951. Sara Löve Dadadottir, Creative director, PAVILION NORDICO, Berlin
  3952. Dakota Comín, Artist, Berlin
  3953. Aly, Health
  3954. Tamer Abu El-Khair, Germany, Darmstadt
  3955. Felix Henkelhausen, musician, berlin
  3956. Yasemin Millik, Berlin
  3957. Kathrin Könnecke, Berlin
  3958. Anton Hütz, Historiker, Hamburg
  3959. Egle Sciukaite, artist, Berlin
  3960. Dinis Machado, Choreographer, Berlin
  3961. Rui Videira, musician, Berlin
  3962. Paul McDevitt, Artist, Berlin
  3963. rebecca grundmann, Artist, Düsseldorf
  3964. Gabriele Riedle, Writer, Berlin
  3965. Susanne Schmitt, Berlin
  3966. Patricia Mißbach, Potsdam
  3967. Konstantin Bojanov, artist & filmmaker
  3968. Rosario Aninat, Artist, Berlin
  3969. Otis Sandsjö, Musiker, Berlin
  3970. Castro Martins, Artist, Berlin
  3971. Bobo, Berlin
  3972. Varoujan Chetirian, Artist, Berlin
  3973. Malak Alhawag, Heidelberg
  3974. Angeline Aow
  3975. Anna Herms, artist, Berlin
  3976. Nadira khan, Berlin
  3977. ida lennartsson, Artist, Berlin
  3978. Christoph Bruns, Designer, Berlin
  3979. Shamrose Khan, Berlin
  3980. Khalil ladaa, Physician, Independent, Nürnberg
  3981. Rubén Ojeda Guzmán, Artist, Madrid
  3982. Jon Kiriac, Actor / Producer, Berlin
  3983. Esra Eser, Dortmund
  3984. Yazan Aburumaila, Writer, Frankfurt am Main
  3985. Upneet Bains, Artist, Berlin
  3986. Sania Khan, Berlin
  3987. Hanna Hadscho, Berlin
  3988. Elena Malzew, Curator, Berlin
  3989. Hasskan, Diwali, Germany, khb, Berlin
  3990. Gabriel Øien, Musician, Sonde Records, Malmö
  3991. Jana Gebhard, writer, Berlin
  3992. Zülfiye, Dortmund
  3993. Mohammad Sharu
  3994. Dominika Czardybon, Berlin
  3995. Doris Koch, 10115, Berlin
  3996. Tamara Mura
  3997. Outi Rahkola, Journalist, Suomi, Erde, Frieden, Berlin
  3998. Karolina Grzywnowicz, artist, Berlin
  3999. Nejla Kilic, Ansbach
  4000. Ute Apell, Musikerin, Berlin
  4001. Issa Mahmud Defrawi, Berlin
  4002. Andrea Acosta, Artist, Berlin
  4003. Benedict Reymann, Musiker, Berlin
  4004. Judy A L Radul, Artist, Berlin
  4005. Felix Nussbaumer, musician
  4006. Lea Pischke, Choreographin, Tänzerin, Autorin, Berlin
  4007. Matthias Fritz, Rentner, Tischler, Matthias Fritz, Mitglied IG Metall, Berlin
  4008. Viola Gräfenstein, Langenfeld (rheinland)
  4009. Adam Ghebremichael, Artist, Berlin
  4010. Clara Thym, Berlin
  4011. Meral Suna, Lawyer, Mainz
  4012. Vanessa Ohlraun, Berlin
  4013. Antke Engel, philosopher, Berlin
  4014. Hibah
  4015. Rana Yazaji, Researcher, Berlin
  4016. Cecile b Evans, Artist
  4017. Ujala Ansar, Social worker, Dietzenbach
  4018. Rachael Jennings, Designer, Berlin
  4019. Michelle Jimenez Lora, Social worker, artist, Rootsprouts e.V., Berlin
  4020. Maria Evrydiki Poulopoulou, Gallery Assistant, Berlin
  4021. Aram, Student, Amsterdam
  4022. Annette Kisling, artist, Berlin
  4023. Rana Sharu, Berlin
  4024. Altea Cuesta Blanco, Berlin
  4025. Annika Kiefer, Design, Berlin
  4026. Fabian Rösch, Berlin
  4027. Jasmin Ihraç, Dancer, Choreographer, Sociologist, Jasmin Ihraç, Berlin
  4028. Gökhan Ugur, Ingenieur, Ulm
  4029. Yéline Lee, student, Linkebeek
  4030. Helen Heß, Soundengineer/-artist, Berlin
  4031. Vita Spieß, filmmaker, Frankfurt
  4032. anonymous, curator
  4033. Adam Donald, Schauspieler, Keine, Berlin
  4034. Nadine, Kiel
  4035. Philipp Feldbacher, architect, MONO Architekten, Berlin
  4036. Julia Rosenstock, Artist, Berlin
  4037. Zeinah Kamel, Berlin
  4038. Andra A, Performer, Freelance, Berlin
  4039. João Carvalho, filmmaker, independant, Berlin
  4040. ina klos, Berlin
  4041. Jana Irmert, artist, Berlin
  4042. Jana El-Mosleh, student, Berlin
  4043. Laura Seidel, curator, Berlin
  4044. Anne Muck, Bavaria
  4045. Sherin Khanafer
  4046. Anya Cloud, Dance Artist, Freelancer, Berlin
  4047. Makisig Akin, Dance Artist, Freelancer, Berlin
  4048. Ayesha Siddiqi-Sikora, Kelkheim
  4049. Verena Buttmann, artist, Berlin
  4050. Cecilia Hanelt, Artist, Berlin
  4051. Annie Kim, Design researcher, Berlin
  4052. oliver roura, artist, berlin
  4053. Hiromu Seifert
  4054. Tom Schwartz, Musician, Berlin
  4055. Sam Lewitt, Artist, Berlin
  4056. Céline Keller, Artist, Frankfurt a.M.
  4057. natasha todd, freelancer/artist, berlin
  4058. Andrea Winkler, artist, Berlin
  4059. Daniela Huerta, artist, Berlin
  4060. Gada Hammoudah, Schauspielerin, Berlin
  4061. Marco Schmitt, Artist Coach Mediator, Berlin
  4062. Doris Koch, Künstlerin, Berlin
  4063. Cloud, Dance Artist, Berlin
  4064. Natalia Torales, Artist, Berlin
  4065. Lukas Mogwitz, Künstler, Düsseldorf
  4066. Samer El Khader, Arzt, Berlin
  4067. Nara Virgens, Produktionsleitung/ Kuration, Berlin
  4068. Prem Krishnamurthy, Berlin/New York
  4069. Alina Buchberger, Kurator*in, Hamburg
  4070. Ozren Pupovac, Assistant Professor in Philosophy, Zagreb
  4071. Maike Höhne, Director, Hamburg
  4072. Nicolas Castelli, Musician, Berlin
  4073. Maxwell Jeffrey Stephens, Artist, Bremen/Berlin
  4074. Embla Hällgren, “Musician, vocal coach “, Berlin
  4075. Javier Logares, Musiker, Berlin
  4076. Stephanie Ballantine, Artist, Berlin
  4077. Hoda Tawakol, Artist,
  4078. Jakob Kijas, Filmverleiher, München
  4079. nina lorenz, Sängerin, Hamburg
  4080. Pia Koh, Writer, Berlin
  4081. Julia E., Culture worker, Berlin
  4082. Cormac Fitzpatrick, “Musician, artist”, Berlin/Dublin
  4083. Simon Sheikh, Kurator, Berlin
  4084. Federico Maddalozzo, Artist, Berlin
  4085. Salome Dorner, Designerin, Berlin
  4086. Anja Manz, “Journalistin, Autorin”, Potsdam
  4087. Elias Olivera Graversen, Musician / Language teacher, Berlin
  4088. Haleh Redjaian
  4089. Duygu Örs, “Forscherin, Kunstvermittlerin und Kuratorin “, Berlin
  4090. Neslihan Arol, Artist, Berlin
  4091. Simon LässigBerlin
  4092. Zacharia Ehrich, Content Manager, Hamburg
  4093. Ana Klopcic
  4094. A.Aboukhaddour, Artist,
  4095. Marcela Moraga, Artist, Berlin
  4096. Steph Serif, “Künstlerin, Designerin “, Bingen am Rhein
  4097. May Day, artist, Berlin
  4098. Olivia Jack, artist, Berlin
  4099. Majla Zeneli, artist, Berlin
  4100. B Hollinger, Musiker, Berlin
  4101. Judith WeissertBerlin
  4102. Ava Weidenhammer, Musician, Berlin
  4103. Anja Lindner, “Creative producer, programmer”, Berlin
  4104. Christine Würmell, Artist, Berlin
  4105. Kate McIntosh, Artist, Berlin
  4106. Jordane MaursBerlin
  4107. Thu Trà My Lê, Artist, Offenbach
  4108. tolia astakhishvili, artist, berlin
  4109. Ubhi, Medical sales, Berlin
  4110. Hubertus v. Amelunxen, Kulturwissenschaftler, Berlin
  4111. Jacopo Dal Bello, Artist, Berlin


The clause is already being used in the current application process for resumption funding. See the press release of the Berlin Senate Cultural Administration from January 4, 2024 .


For argumentation on this, see .


The German government has adopted the following extension to the IHRA definition: “In addition, the state of Israel, which is understood as a Jewish collective, can also be the target of such attacks.” See .

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