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Straight from the Sundance Film Festival and Critics Week selection at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival, Tate Modern presents the public premiere of Destricted, which brings together sex and art in a series of films created by some of the worlds most acclaimed artists and directors, including Marina Abramovic, Marco Brambilla, Matthew Barney, Larry Clark, Gaspar Noe, Richard Prince and Sam Taylor-Wood. The seven films are explicit in content, highlighting controversial issues about the representation of sexuality in art, opening up for debate the question of whether art can be disguised as pornography, or vice-versa, and leaving the viewer free to choose his or her own line through these intersections of art and sexuality. On Saturday 9 September at 19.00 a panel discussion explores the wider critical context for Destricted. Following a selection of films from the programme, the contested issues around art and pornography are discussed by artist Larry Clark; Los Angeles-based critic and curator Bruce Hainley; Catherine Millet, Art Press editor and author of The Sexual Life of Catherine M.(2002); and critic and curator Neville Wakefield. Contains adult themes and explicit sexual content Admission for over 18s only Programme duration 115 minutes Balkan Erotic Epic Marina Abramovic, 2005, 13 min Performance art legend Marina Abramovic delves into Balkan folklore to create an instructional series of mise en scènes that explore the crude, magical and mysterious rites of ethnic fertility and virility. Hoist Matthew Barney, 2004, 14 min 36 sec American fabulist Matthew Barney stages the erotics of sexual encounter as it takes place between green man and the lubricated drive shaft of a customised deforestation vehicle destined for the Carnival de Bahia. Sync Marco Brambilla, 2005, 2 min American artist and filmmaker Marco Brambilla ransacks porn-film archives to produce a witty, fast-moving montage of money shots. Impaled Larry Clark, 2005, 38 min Larry Clark, cult anthropologist of American adolescence, directs a sensitive yet frank investigation into how, for the generation growing up in the 1980s, pornography has shaped the way they think about sex and sexual fantasy. The result is a riveting documentary about desire and sexual initiation. We Fuck Alone Gaspar Noé, 2006, 23 min Gaspar Noé, maker of Irreversible, the controversial art-house movie whose brutal depiction of rape that left audiences physically sick, now promises to turn you on with a cinematically erotic journey into masturbatory fantasy. House Call Richard Prince, 12 min American iconographer Richard Prince appropriates a segment of video that captures iconic 1970s porn and re-shoots it in the manner of the cowboys, girlfriends and outlaws that first made him famous. Death Valley Sam Taylor-Wood, 2004, 7 min 58 sec, music by Matmos and Andrew Hale British art star Sam Taylor-Wood directs a porn star in a droll elegy to masturbation and the great American outdoors. Commissioned by Destricted. Destricted is created by London-based Mel Agace, Andrew Hale and New York-based art critic, curator and cultural commentator Neville Wakefield. The forthcoming DVD is distributed by Revolver Entertainment. http://www.destricted.com Presented with the support of agnès b, Simon Lee, and Luhring Augustine. Tate Modern Starr Auditorium Bankside London SE1 9TG For tickets phone 020 7887 8888 or visit http://www.tate.org.uk/modern
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