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The Centre Pompidou ESPACE 315: A NEW ADDRESS INSIDE THE CENTRE POMPIDOU The Centre Pompidou will initiate a new address within its walls: the Espace 315. This new gallery space will be dedicated to the presentation of exhibitions of a younger generation of international artists. Located in the South Gallery on the mezzanine level, this new space will feature four shows annually, with either one single artist or two artists in each show. When presenting two artists simultaneously, the exhibition curators aspire to present two bodies of work that deal with common questions while also highlighting pertinent issues in contemporary art practice. The exhibitions organized in this space will systematically feature original works produced by the Centre Pompidou and conceived especially for the Espace 315. 2004 EXHIBITION PROGRAM Starting in March 2004, Espace 315 will present five solo exhibitions: Koo Jeong-A / Urs Fischer: 10 March – 10 May 2004 Kristin Baker / Magnus von Plessen: 9 June – 16 Aug 2004 Xavier Veilhan: 8 September – 15 November 2004 At the end of each season, Espace 315 will host an exhibition by the laureate of the Marcel Duchamp Prize. Mathieu Mercier-the recipient of the 2003 prize, inaugurating the 315 gallery space this past December. KOO JEONG-A AND URS FISCHER: MARCH 9TH 2004 The Korean artist Koo Jeong-A and the Swiss artist Urs Fischer will launch the new exhibition program of the Espace 315 with two new bodies of work made especially for this occasion. Created in situ, both of these works – each utilizing their own distinct approaches – fall into the category of figurative sculpture, while simultaneously making allusions to domestic environments. Koo Jeong-A’s practice is often secretive and discrete, frequently incorporating ephemeral materials. In contrast, Urs Fischer’s work possesses a bold formal presence that is resolutely bound to the traditional sculptural techniques such as casting and carving as well as processes of decay on found objects. These two artists are subtly linked through their shared interest in narrative and assertion of the autonomy of their sculptural production. The opening of the Koo-Jeong-a and Urs Fischer exhibitions will be held on the 9th of March 2004 from 12 am to 10pm. EXHIBITION CURATORS Christine Macel and Alison M. Gingeras , Curators for Contemporary Art, Musee national d’art moderne, Centre Pompidou, Service Creation contemporaine et prospective. Assisted by Marie Bonnet 315 PUBLICATION SERIES: A COLLECTION OF ARTIST’S BOOKS The exhibitions in the Espace 315 are accompanied by a new series of artist’s books that will be published by the Centre Pompidou under the direction of Francoise Bertaux. Frederic Teschner has designed the graphic identity of this series as well as the exhibition signage in the Centre Pompidou. Each publication attempts to document the work of each invited artist through both text and ample color illustrations. The exact contents of each catalogue has been chosen and edited by the artists in collaboration with the exhibition curators. Each book reflects the singular thought and personality of each artist-the contents and authors vary from publication to publication. Trim size: 16 x 22 cm, 80 pages, Bilingual French/English, For Publication information and book orders please contact: Benoit.Collier@cnac-gp.fr For Press information, please contact: Aurelie Gevrey, 00 33 1 44 78 49 87 aurelie.gevrey@cnac-gp.fr Carol Rio-Latarjet, Chief Press Officer, 00 33 1 44 78 42 16 Crio@cnac-gp.fr For more information, http://www.centrepompidou.fr Images: Left Urs Fischer, Chair for a Ghost : Thomas, 2003, Dakis Joannou Collection, Athens Right Koo Jeong-A, Sans titre, 2001, Collection Musee national dart moderne, Centre Pompidou
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