GAMeC – Galleria d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Bergamo

For three days GAMeC will be the meeting point for a whole generation of international young curators: meetings and debates between more than thirty curators from all over Europe to mark the award of the third Premio Lorenzo Bonaldi per lArte – EnterPrize.


As part of the third Premio Lorenzo Bonaldi per lArte EnterPrize, GAMeC – Galleria dArte Moderna e Contemporanea organizes Qui. Enter Atlas International Symposium of Young Curators on Saturday 4, Sunday 5 and Monday 6 June 2005.

The symposium will focus on the opinions, views, difficulties and future of the curating profession in Europe. In these three days thirty curators below the age of 35 and from across Europe, who work for public institutions, nonprofit associations or as independent curators, will share their experiences and theoretical and methodological ideas, analysing the possible paths for professional growth, and exchanging their thoughts and insights between themselves but also with the public.

The idea for the symposium is the result of GAMeCs interest in the figure of the curator, a concern that has already been reflected by the institution of the Premio Lorenzo Bonaldi per lArte EnterPrize in 2003 and the seminar Qui. New release Paths, plans and thoughts of the new generation of Italian critics and curators, which was held last year in collaboration with UnDo.Net and Synapser. The common thread between these initiatives is the increasingly important role that the curator plays in the worlds cultural economy, and the intent of the programme is to offer the emerging generation of professional curators the possibility to meet and exchange ideas. This year GAMeC is giving the symposium an international flavour by extending the invitation to curators throughout Europe.

It is GAMeCs intention that the competition (the Prize) is also a time for an entire generation of curators to meet, get to know one another and take the bearings of the professions development. The emphasis is now shifting from just Italy to Europe as a whole: not the political European entity but the Europe reflected by a cultural and human unity that goes beyond the continents legal borders.
Qui. Enter Atlas International Symposium of Young Curators is supported by Bonaldi Motori Concessionaria Audi.

The symposium is organized in collaboration with: Austrian Forum of Culture in Milan, CCS Swiss Cultural Centre Milano, Cultural Service of the Embassy of France BCLA, Goethe-Institut in Milan, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Lithuanian Institute in Vilnius, the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture.
The complete convention programme will be published on the website

During the symposium GAMeC has been organized a CONFERENCE, open to the public, with the three members of the jury for the Prize 2005
Sunday 5 June 2005, 6.30 pm

Bob Nickas, Curatorial Advisor, PS1 Contemporary Art Centre / A MoMA Affiliate, Long Island- New York Beatrix Ruf, Director, Kunsthalle, Zurich
Moderator: Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, Director, GAMeC, Bergamo


The Premio Lorenzo Bonaldi per lArte EnterPrize, inaugurated in 2003 by the GAMeC – Galleria dArte Moderna e Contemporanea di Bergamo and funded by the Bonaldi family to commemorate Lorenzo Bonaldis passion for art and collecting, has reached its third year.

This prize, the only one of its kind, is intended to support the work of a young curator under the age of 30 and his or her exhibition project. The purpose of this recognition is to highlight the significance of the key role recently assumed by curators on the international art scene, as well as encourage and support the talent of a young curator at an extremely critical stage in his or her professional development.

The second annual prize was awarded to Andrea Viliani last 2004 for his project No Manifesto, which is on show at GAMeC till July 3, 2005. The exhibition is comprised of a selection of works by Stefano Arienti, Massimo Grimaldi, Mike Nelson, Florian Pumhösl, Anri Sala, and Richard Wright that are being presented in Italy for the first time or executed specifically for No Manifesto.

Once again, Giacinto Di Pietrantonio (Director of the GAMeC di Bergamo) invited five international advisors to nominate each one a young curator: Saskia Bos, Director, De Appel Foundation, Amsterdam; Yuko Hasegawa, chief curator, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan; Joseph Kosuth, artist, Rome/New York; Viktor Misiano, independent critic and curator, Moscow; Polly Staple, Editor at Large, Frieze Magazine, London.

The curators chosen to present an exhibition project are: Cecilia Canziani (Italy), Mizuki Endo (Japan), Anna Matveyeva (Russia), Natasa Petresin (Slovenia) and Elena Tzotzi (Sweden).

The young candidates exhibition projects, that have to take into account many different aspects critical, theoretical, thematic, as well as practical and economic criteria, will be assessed by a jury comprised by: Bob Nickas, Curatorial Advisor, PS1 Contemporary Art Centre / A MoMA Affiliate, Long Island – New York; Beatrix Ruf, Director of Kunsthalle, Zurich; Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, Director of GAMeC, Bergamo.

The prize consists in execution of the winning project in a specially dedicated space at GAMeC in 2006 and publication of a bilingual catalogue that illustrates all the other competing projects in addition to the winning one.

The prizegiving will be followed at 7.30 pm by the OPENING of the solo exhibition
Curated by Alessandro Rabottini

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