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#71 March 2016


The Truth of Art

Agitprop!: A Conversation with Martha Rosler, Nancy Buchanan, and Andrea Bowers

Freeportism as Style and Ideology: Post-Internet and Speculative Realism, Part I

Big Business, Selling Shrimps: The Market as Imaginary in Post-Mao China

Geopolitics and Contemporary Art, Part II: The Nation-State as the Possible Container for Global Struggles

The Cracked Ming Cup

Walid Raad’s Spectral Archive, Part II: Testimony of Ghosts

Factories of Resurrection: Interview with Anton Vidokle

#71 March 2016 The Truth of Art Agitprop!: A... Freeportism as Style... Big Business, Selling... Geopolitics and... The Cracked Ming Cup Walid Raad’s Spectral... Factories of...