September 5, 2017 - apexart - 2017-2018 exhibitions, fellowships, and open calls
September 5, 2017


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2017-2018 exhibitions, fellowships, and open calls

August 29–September 29, 2017—Seoul, South Korea to NYC
NYC fellowship: Youngho Lee
Recommended by Seoul Art Space Geumcheon in Seoul

September 1–30, 2017—NYC to Seoul, South Korea
International fellowship: Orlando Estrada
Recommended by Hugo Fernandez in NYC

September 7–October 21, 2017
NYC exhibition: Fellow Travelers
Organized by Katherine Rochester
neo-liberalism, Afrofuturism, science fiction, cosmology, refugee crises

September 17–October 14, 2017
Fordlândia, Brazil exhibition: Transmissão Fordlândia
Organized by Stephanie Elyse Sherman and Agustina Woodgate
the Amazon, sound art, radio, failed industrialism, rubber, rivers

October 1–30, 2017—Molodechno, Belarus to NYC
NYC fellowship: Siarhiej Leskiec
Recommended by Andrei Liankevich in Minsk 

October 1–31, 2017
Open call: Unsolicited Exhibition Program
Proposals accepted for exhibitions in NYC

November 1–30, 2017—NYC to Melbourne, Australia
International fellowship: Linda Schrank
Recommended by Janice Mehlman in NYC

November 2–December 23, 2017
NYC exhibition: The Wonderful Wizards of Post
Organized by Amanda Durett Cercone
Rashomon effect, post-production, The Wizard of Oz, editor as artist

January 4–February 3, 2018—Nairobi, Kenya to NYC 
NYC fellowship: Lillian Barongo Ayieng'a
Recommended by Anthony Ngondo in Nairobi

January 18–March 17, 2018
NYC exhibition: Rendered Cities
Organized by ANGL Collective
luxury properties, urban development, architecture, installation art

February 1–28, 2018
Open call: Franchise Exhibition Program
Proposals accepted for exhibitions happening anywhere—except NYC

February 15–March 17, 2018—Buenos Aires, Argentina to NYC 
NYC fellowship: Mercedes Elgarte
Recommended by Luis Sagasti in Buenos Aires

March 4–March 31, 2018
Bali, Indonesia exhibition: Dipping in the Kool Aid
Organized by Mary Lou Pavlovic
art therapy, humanitarianism, prisons

March 19–April 17, 2018—Yerevan, Armenia to NYC
NYC fellowship: Taguhi Torosyan
Recommended by Seda Shekoyan in Yerevan

April 19–May 19, 2018—South Eroor, India to NYC
NYC fellowship: Radha Gomaty
Recommended by Shashwati Talukdar in Taipei

May 13–June 9, 2018
Athens, Greece exhibition: Slower, Smaller, Weaker
Organized by Giorgos Nikas and Alexandra Streshna
Olympics, economics, political transitions

June 7–July 28, 2018
NYC exhibition: Light in Wartime
Organized by Rola Khayyat
photography, techniques, conflict, exposure, war

July 1–July 28, 2018
Nagoya, Japan exhibition: You’re Not Sick, You’re Weak
Organized by Jasa McKenzie
stigma, mental health, cross-culturalism, psychosis, community

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