February 9, 2020 - KIOSK - Seeking curator
February 9, 2020


Latifa Echakhch, Falling, lovely and beautiful, 2018. Photo: Tom Callemin.

Seeking curator
February 21, 2020

Louis Pasteurlaan 2
9000 Ghent
Hours: Monday–Sunday 2–6pm,
Saturday–Sunday 11am–6pm

T +32 9 243 36 45

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Since 2009, KASK & Conservatory and Kunstensite vzw have together been developing an exhibition platform on campus: KIOSK. For the last ten years, KIOSK has maintained its own unique exhibition programme, based on the exceptional character of the exhibition space. This is the core activity of KIOSK, its artistic DNA. We are now looking for a new curator for KIOSK, who will write a new chapter within the artistic DNA that has been shaped over the last ten years.

Seeking a new curator
As curator you assume both the artistic and practical leadership of KIOSK. You will be responsible for substance and direction, as well as the financial aspects and the realization of the projects and exhibitions at KIOSK. Together with a small team, you will be responsible for completing numerous organizational tasks, as well as providing effective incorporation of the activities of KIOSK within the thriving higher arts education institution that is KASK & Conservatory.

We offer a contracted position as a senior staff member cultural projects for a total of 80% (of full-time) employment, beginning at the earliest on May 15, 2020, with possible extension following evaluation and under condition of the receipt of subsidies for the upcoming policy periods.

The language of management for this position is Dutch. Candidates must know Dutch or be willing to learn the language at short notice. 

Please find more information at schoolofartsgent.be

How to apply?
Applications for this vacancy are open until February 21, 2020, exclusively through hogent.be/vacatures, including a curriculum vitae and letter of motivation.

KIOSK is always considering and bringing to light the most up-to-date and relevant positions in the arts. Together with its partners, KIOSK can place and research current artistic positions in the arts in a global, cultural and socio-economic context.

The activities and operation of KIOSK are developed in an international context. Within that international perspective, a conscious effort is made to devote generous attention to non-Western positions. Space is made available for artistic projects that deal with socio-economic and geopolitical themes.

KIOSK focuses attention on the reflexive, investigative moment in the artistic process, making this visible to the public, an audience that is both broad and specialized, ranging from students at KASK & Conservatory to professionals in the arts from around the world. KIOSK allows this public to become acquainted with innovative artistic tendencies from within Belgium and around the world, and thereby contributes to an international reference framework for KASK & Conservatory and for artists in Belgium.

The next exhibition in KIOSK is Phillipe Van Snick - Territorium, which runs from February 15 till April 12, 2020 with an opening night on February 14. 

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