March 18, 2009 - Art Cologne - Sculpture Project
March 18, 2009

Sculpture Project

Courtesy Sies + Höke
Photographer Achim Kukulies, Düsseldorf

Sculpture Project
April 22nd – 26th, 2009

Vernissage on Tuesday,
April 21st, 5 pm

Axa Art Professional Preview on Tuesday,
April 21st, 12 pm

This year’s ART COLOGNE will welcome its visitors with a very special presentation. In the entry area of the fair, visitors will see selected top-class sculptures that will give them an impression of the general situation of the current art market and of the 43rd staging of the largest art fair in Germany.

All together thirteen works will greet the visitors in the entrance hall of ART COLOGNE and in the outdoor area around the building, thus acting as representative images of the event.

Visitors will first see relatively traditional sculptures by artists such as Bernar Venet (*1941) and Paul Schwer (*1951) as they approach the entrance door, then encounter a sculpture of the fallen Icarus by Stephan Balkenhol (*1957), a work that speaks for itself and for our time. As they step into the entrance hall, they will be confronted by a confusing group of signs created by Claus Richter (*1971) that point out a wide range of directions they can take in their thinking as well as their tours of the fair. After passing a catwalk created by Kalaman (*1966) which the artist himself will animate at the opening of the fair, they will once again approach sculptures reflecting a more classic style. They’ll have to walk across a space that is shared by several abstract sculptures by Jan Scharellmann (*1975) before arriving at works by masters of modern sculpture such as Tony Cragg (*1949), Keith Sonnier (*1941) and Daniel Spoerri (*1930). On the outskirts of this exhibition they’ll be surprised by a subtle comment in sculptural form by Damien Roach (*1980) before they reach the entrance gates of the exhibition area proper. But as the visitors move toward the main exhibition halls, two further contemporary sculptures will be waiting to accompany them to the fair. Florian Baudrexel (*1968) lends a new dimension to the traditional concept of a relief sculpture, and Bas de Wit (*1977) presents figurative sculpture from his own idiosyncratic point of view. This mixture of works from diverse areas of the sculptor’s art reflects the broad range of themes and approaches in the contemporary art market. Through this sculpture project, ART COLOGNE 2009 directs visitors’ attention to past, present and future approaches to art and encourages them to reconsider their own ideas about art as they contemplate the individual works.

List of Works
Balkenhol, Stephan – Ikarus, 2006 – Löhrl
Baudrexel, Florian – Frivoli, 2009 – Linn Lühn
Cragg, Tony – Eichelhäher 1990 – Hachmeister
Kalaman – catwalk, 2001 – Otto Schweins
Richter, Claus – no title, 2008/2009 – Eva Winkler
Roach, Damien – Avantgarde, 2008 – Sies+Höke
Scharrelmann, Jan – Ancient I und II, 2009 – Hammelehle und Ahrens
Schwer, Paul – Bautafel – Painting, 2008 – Bugdahn und Kaimer
Spoerri, Daniel – Trommler mit Schreibmaschinenhut, 2005 – Levy
Sonier, Keith – Kiosk I, 1987 – Häusler Contemporary
Venet, Bernar – Three Indeterminate Lines, 2005 – Scheffel
Wit, Bas de – Errors and Ommissions Accepted, 2002/2007 – Figge von Rosen

ART COLOGNE Galleries 2009
Modern / Post War Galleries

Aussereuropäische Kunst Dierking (Cologne), Baukunst (Cologne), Beck & Eggeling (Duesseldorf), Benden (Cologne), Berinson (Berlin), Berlin (Berlin), Boisserée (Cologne), Valerie Carberry (Chicago), Johannes Faber (Vienna), Fahnemann (Berlin), Fischer Kunsthandel & Edition (Berlin), Forsblom (Helsinki), Française (Munich), Klaus Gerrit Friese (Stuttgart), Wolfgang Gmyrek (Duesseldorf), Grossetti Arte Contemporanea (Milan), Haas (Zurich/Berlin), Hachmeister (Muenster), Marianne Hennemann (Bonn), Henze & Ketterer (Wichtrach/ Bern), Ernst Hilger (Vienna), Hoffmann (Friedberg), Jaski Art (Amsterdam), Annely Juda Fine Art (London), Koch (Hannover), Dorothea van der Koelen (Mainz/ Venice), Lahumière (Paris), Leo.Coppi (Berlin), Levy (Hamburg), Löhrl (Moenchengladbach), Marie-José van de Loo (Munich), Ludorff (Duesseldorf), Jörg Maaß Kunsthandel (Berlin), Maulberger (Munich), Hans Mayer (Duesseldorf), Hubertus Melsheimer (Cologne), Laurence Miller (New York), Galerie Moderne (Silkeborg), Neher (Essen), Georg Nothelfer (Berlin), Orangerie-Reinz (Cologne), Priska Pasquer (Cologne), Remmert und Barth (Duesseldorf), Rieder (Munich), J.P. Ritsch-Fisch (Strassburg), Margarete Roeder (New York), Sage (Paris), Salis & Vertes (Salzburg /St. Moritz /Zurich), Schlichtenmaier (Grafenau/Stuttgart), Schönewald Fine Arts (Duesseldorf), Schwarzer (Duesseldorf), Simonis (Duesseldorf), Springer + Winckler (Berlin), Edition Staeck (Heidelberg), Walter Storms (Munich), Hans Strelow (Duesseldorf), Taguchi Fine Art (Tokyo), Galerie Thomas (Munich), Utermann (Dortmund), Edith Wahlandt (Stuttgart), Michael Werner (Cologne /New York), Thomas Zander (Cologne), Zellermayer (Berlin)

Contemporary Galleries
1301 PE (Los Angeles), Adamski (Aachen/ Berlin), Akinci (Amsterdam), Art Agents (Hamburg), AYE Gallery (Bejing), ASPN (Leipzig), Laura Bartlett (London), Andreas Binder (Munich), Blanket Contemporary Art (Vancouver), Bleich-Rossi (Vienna), Blow111 (London), Bortolozzi (Berlin), BQ (Cologne), Sebastian Brandl (Cologne), Broadway 1602 (New York), Lena Brüning (Berlin), Daniel Buchholz (Berlin /Cologne), Sandra Bürgel (Berlin), Bugdahn + Kaimer (Duesseldorf), Cabinet (London), Gisela Capitain (Cologne), Charim (Vienna), China Art Objects (Los Angeles), CIRCUS (Berlin), CLAGES (Cologne), Pepe Cobo (Madrid), COMA (Berlin), Cosar HMT (Duesseldorf), Crisp (London/ Los Angeles), Chantal Crousel (Paris), Dogenhaus (Leipzig), Heinrich Ehrhardt (Madrid), Frank Elbaz (Paris), Eleven Rivington (New York), Fahnemann Projects (Berlin), Ferenbalm Gurbrü Station (Karlsruhe), Fiebach & Minninger (Cologne), Figge von Rosen (Cologne), Thomas Flor (Duesseldorf), Forsblom (Helsinki), SixFriedrichLisaUngar (Munich), Klaus Gerrit Friese (Stuttgart), Gentili (Prato), GMG Gallery (Moscow), Bärbel Grässlin (Frankfurt), M & J Guelman (Moscow), Freymond Guth (Zurich), HaiShangShan Art + Exhibition (Shanghai), Hammelehle und Ahrens (Cologne), Häusler Contemporary (Munich), Reinhard Hauff (Stuttgart), Ernst Hilger (Vienna), Heinz Holtmann (Cologne), Hotel (London), I-20 Gallery (New York), Michael Janssen (Berlin), Annely Juda Fine Art (London), Galleri K (Oslo), Karma International (Zurich), Mike Karstens (Muenster), Ben Kaufmann (Berlin), Kevin Kavanagh (Dublin), Dennis Kimmerich (Duesseldorf), Kleindienst (Leipzig), Bernhard Knaus Fine Art (Frankfurt), Sabine Knust (Munich), Konzett (Graz /Vienna), Koraalberg (Antwerp), Krobath Wimmer (Vienna), Nicolas Krupp (Basel), L.A. Galerie Lothar Albrecht (Frankfurt), La Città (Verona), Laden für Nichts (Leipzig), Galerie für Landschaftskunst (Hamburg), Lange + Pult (Zurich), Gebr. Lehmann (Dresden), Christian Lethert (Cologne), Löhrl (Moenchengladbach), Loevenbruck (Paris), Linn Lühn (Cologne), M 29 (Cologne), Brigitte March (Stuttgart), Alessandro de March (Milan), Miguel Marcos (Barcelona), Hans Mayer (Duesseldorf), Mirko Mayer (Cologne), Mezzanin (Vienna), The Mint (New Delhi), Gillian Morris (Berlin), Mot International (London), Mother’s Tankstation (Dublin), Christian Nagel (Berlin /Cologne), NextArt (Budapest), Nice & Fit (Berlin), Mihai Nicodim (Los Angeles), Anna Nova (St. Petersburg), Nusser & Baumgart (Munich), Alexander Ochs (Berlin /Bejing), Priska Pasquer (Cologne), Rupert Pfab (Duesseldorf), Karl Pfefferle (Munich), Plan B (Cluj), Tanja Pol (Munich), Program (Warsaw), Redling Fine Art (Los Angeles), Thomas Rehbein (Cologne), RENTAL Gallery (New York), Petra Rinck (Duesseldorf), Ritter / Zamet (London), Stefan Röpke (Cologne), Rosenfeld (Tel Aviv), Jette Rudolph (Berlin), Ruzicska / Weiss (Duesseldorf), Marion Scharmann (Cologne), Scheffel (Bad Homburg), Aurel Scheibler (Berlin), Brigitte Schenk (Cologne), Schmidt Maczollek (Cologne), Schnittraum/Lutz Becker (Cologne), Otto Schweins (Cologne), Nicola von Senger (Zurich), Sies + Höke (Duesseldorf), Walter Storms (Muenchen), Hans Strelow (Duesseldorf), Jacky Strenz (Frankfurt), Sutton Lane (London /Paris), T 293 (Napoli), Teapot (Cologne), Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman (Innsbruck), Wilma Tolksdorf (Frankfurt /Berlin), VAN HORN (Duesseldorf), Edith Wahlandt (Stuttgart), Ursula Walbröl (Duesseldorf), Michael Werner (Cologne /New York), Wetterling (Stockholm), Michael Wiesehöfer (Cologne), Eva Winkeler (Frankfurt), Workplace (Gateshead), Susanne Zander (Cologne), Thomas Zander (Cologne)

Art Cologne
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