August 31, 2004 - Lungomare - Eti Haik-Naor
August 31, 2004

Eti Haik-Naor

Eti Haik-Naor
01 September – 10 October 2004

Lungomare Marconi
Venice Lido
Information: Ilaria Gianoli
mob. +39 333 631 7344

Eti Haik-Naor Home, 2004, Cooked rice mounted on a metal frame 215 x 215 x 215 cm    Eti Haik-Naor Home

Eti Haik-Naor is one of 43 artists from 22 countries who were invited to take part in OPENASIA 2004 7th International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations, from September 1st to October 10th at Venice Lido.

For the OPENASIA 2004 project, the Israeli artist is presenting Home, a large scale cube made of rice.
Ilan Wizgan, the curator of the Israeli presentation, says that the cube is “an abstract symbol of a home that migrated from the western Asia, from Israel’s complex reality, to one of Venice’s serene avenues. A cube/home in human, but minimalist dimensions. Its height is slightly higher than the average height of a person, its width slightly wider than the length of an average bed. It has no opening. It is impenetrable like a riddle, devoid of all seduction. In this piece, the artist comes to contrasting terms, poetically and poignantly, with the ideas of nature and culture, east and west, home and uprooting, building and decay, life and death. What will be the life duration of this “home”? No one has the answer to that. The artist lets nature and people decide.”
Eti Haik-Naor (Israel, b. 1961) chose rice as a central material and subject in her sculpture. This choice has deep roots in human culture, but is linked, first and foremost, to her personal life story and to her development as a person and as an artist. As a daughter to a family of Iraqi immigrants to Israel, rice had been a basic food in her home, and it is linked in her consciousness with the warmth, love and security of her private home, her childhood – a kind of anchor in a sea of childhood anxieties.

Eti Haik-Naor: Home
September 1st – October 10th 2004
Lungomare Marconi, Venice Lido (close to Hotel des Bains)

OPENASIA 2004 7th International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations
Open daily

Information: Ilaria Gianoli mob. +39 333 631 7344 e-mail

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