November 15, 2002 - Flash Art International - Flash Art, November-December 2002
November 15, 2002

Flash Art, November-December 2002

Flash Art, November-December 2002

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It’s a given that in the narrative of art history, painting dies and is reborn cyclically. Judging from the number of fresh young faces tackling and redefining the medium, and the prevalence of blockbuster painting exhibitions popping up around the world, all signs point to yes that painting is currently being resurrected as a medium of choice.

In our November-December issue, Flash Art brings you the second half of “Focus Painting,” a special supplement examining the state of painting today. Three eminent painting curators: Lauri Firstenberg, Douglas Fogle, and Peter Pakesch, discuss the renewed institutional interest in this medium today. Allison M. Gingeras excavates the historical and ideological dialogues embedded in Neo Rauch’s paintings; Lauri Firstenberg interviews New York-based conceptual painters Barnaby Furnas, Julie Mehretu, and Matthew Ritchie; Giancarlo Politi speaks with old friend Francesco Clemente about his new watercolors; and Jorge Pardo addresses the painter-dealer relationship in a conversation with Jan Tumlir. Rounding out our coverage is a survey of fifty contemporary painters, demonstrating that painting is still alive and kicking today.

Plus: Jens Hoffmann talks to key players of the L.A. art scene, Gean Moreno on Luis Gispert, Lee Triming on the Liverpool Biennial, Luk Lambrecht on Brussels’ “ForwArt” exhibition, Revolutions on Request, the Asia-Pacific Triennial, media_city seoul, Pierre Huyghe, and dozens of reviews including Will Cotton, Torben Giehler, John Bankston, Michael Raedecker, Amelie von Wulffen, and more.

Flash Art International
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