June 20, 2016 - e-flux - Parsing freeportism, killing neoliberalism, feminist resignations
June 20, 2016


Arseny Zhilyaev, Anton Vidokle de Kosmos Recreation Centre, 2016. Installation view, de Appel, Amsterdam 2016. Photo: Antonio Picascia.

Parsing freeportism, killing neoliberalism, feminist resignations


In case you missed out, here's a digest of the top stories on e-flux conversations from May–June 2016.

Professor Sara Ahmed resigns from Goldsmiths
Resignation is a feminist issue.

Tim Gentles on Reena’s Bed-Stuy Glove Affair
Tim Gentles tells the story of a deportation, an exhibition, and a van parked outside Reena Spaulings.

Arseny Zhilyaev in conversation with Boris Groys: “Contemporary art is the theology of the museum”
The Russian artist and philosopher in conversation about museums, the avant-garde, and theology.

MoMA curator Sally Berger fired over disinviting documentarian to film festival
Censorship, North Korea, and terminations at MoMA.

Helen Molesworth on gender inequality and the art world
The LA MoCA Chief Curator talks about divorcing universal subjectivity from the male gender.

Geeta Kapur rebukes Jonathan Jones for cheap potshots at Indian painter
Someone please put Jones out to pasture where he can bro out and drink whisky with the ghost of Clement Greenberg.

Are we witnessing the death of neoliberalism?

Why can’t great artists be mothers?
There are only 24 hours in a day, no matter how creative you are.

McKenzie Wark: This is not capitalism. It’s worse.
“We have run out of world to commodify.”

Exhibition tour: Berlin Biennial 9: The Present in Drag
Check out our diary from the DIS-curated Berlin Biennial at Akademie der Künste, Kunst-Werke and Feuerle Collection, and ESMT and the Reederei Riedel sightseeing boat.

Naomi Klein on Edward Said and the “othering” inherent to climate change
Environmental devastation is inseparable from institutional racism.

Freeportism as Style and Ideology? Live coverage of e-flux journal 73 launch by Rachel Wetzler
Critic Rachel Wetzler reports from our panel in New York about the convergence of freeportism and post-internet art.

Crying on Camera: “fourth-wave feminism” and the threat of commodification
When crying becomes form: Sarah Burke on the limitations of selfie feminism.

Franco “Bifo” Berardi on Trump
"The dynamics that brought National Socialism to power are operating once again.”

A biography of psychedelic America
LSD gave us Silicon Valley, but it didn’t have to be that way.

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