As pathways once taken for granted are abruptly obstructed, others previously thought inconceivable appear to suddenly open up. What might feel to some to be an ongoing contraction of the globe and its veins of circulation might really be the growing pains of things, people, and ideas moving in different directions, and at different speeds.

Cascades is a collaboration between MAAT - Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology and e-flux Architecture.

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10 essays
Jimenez Lai
Life Support What time is it? 6am? 10pm? I am once again waking up to the reflection of my face against the perpetual darkness outside, peppered by…
Rahel Aima
On June 26, 2029, the Director launched the new moon. It was named Ruda, after the ancient pre-Islamic lunar deity. It made the bioluminescent coastli…
Ingo Niermann
The first people I fell in love with were terrorists. The German fear of the communist Red Army Fraction (RAF) peaked in 1977, when I turned eight yea…
Richard Cottrell
The North American Rift was discovered shortly after the end of the Great War, when it bisected a tractor on the morning run. Initial, informal tests …
Xenia Chiaramonte
I have to write a story I am not entitled to tell. A parallel botanical story of myself. A story that I was made to tell. Once upon a time, I was …
Feifei Zhou
I’ve been walking along this mountain belt for hours. I think I’m getting close—at least, according to the footage my drone captured yesterday. …
Kabage Karanja and Stella Mutegi
“This can’t be architecture…” Kali wrote on his yellow layout paper while gripping his clutch pencil. He sat obtuse against his chair looking …
Case Miller
Part 1 What we consider our core tradition of moral and political theory today springs from this question: What does it mean to pay our debts? …
When the Contagion reached Hong Kong in 1997, Philip Tose traveled to 2047 to take a lump sum loan from himself. Most people blamed the magnitude of t…
Nick Axel, Aric Chen, Nikolaus Hirsch, and Martina Muzi
Cascades is a collaboration between MAAT - Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology and e-flux Architecture within the context of the exhibition X i…
Fiction, Science Fiction, Climate change

Cascades is a collaboration between MAAT - Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology and e-flux Architecture.


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