Collectivity is a property of things. We have many words to describe the subjective experience of being collected—togetherness, solidarity, belonging—but each admit to the presence of a shared identity. The assembly of people, material, or ideas each in their own way form a collective being. Collecting, as a process, is constitutive of collectivity. In an era marked by the exploitation and extraction of groups, gatherings, and communities, how might collecting and collectivity turn against speculative apparatuses of production, and move toward the collectives we need?

Nick Axel
Nikolaus Hirsch
Beth Hughes

Collectivity is a collaboration between e-flux Architecture and the 2019 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism within the context of the “Collective City” thematic exhibition, and was made possible thanks to the support of the Creative Industries Fund NL.

Pier Vittorio Aureli, Leonard Ma, Mariapaola Michelotto, Martino Tattara, and Tuomas Toivonen
Promised Land: Housing from Commodification to Cooperation
Keller Easterling
Going Wrong
Ana Džokić, Marc Neelen, Jere Kuzmanić, and Predrag Milić
Enterprises of Survival
Nick Axel, Nikolaus Hirsch, and Beth Hughes
Pier Vittorio Aureli

Pier Vittorio Aureli co-founded DOGMA in 2002. He teaches at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, and is a visiting professor at Yale University.

Ana Džokić

Ana Džokić cofounded STEALTH.unlimited with Marc Neelen in 2000. With Neelen, Džokic co-authored the recent book Upscaling, Training, Commoning (Jovis, 2018).

Keller Easterling

Keller Easterling is a writer, designer, and professor at Yale University.

Andrés Jaque

Andrés Jaque is the founder of the Office for Political Innovation, a Madrid/New York based practice that brings inclusivity into daily life through architecture.

Jere Kuzmanić

Jere Kuzmanić (Split/Barcelona) pioneers as architect, urbanist, and researcher of degrowth and new forms of social and environmental responsibility in the field of urban survival.

Leonard Ma

Leonard Ma is a Canadian architect based in Helsinki. He is a teacher at the New Academy.

Alick M. McLean

Alick M. McLean is a professor emeritus at Syracuse University in Florence, Italy and teaches at The Academy at Penguin Hall.

Mariapaola Michelotto

Mariapaola Michelotto is an architect and researcher. She graduated from the TU Delft Faculty of Architecture with the thesis Città Fabbricaand is currently collaborating with DOGMA in Brussels.

Predrag Milić

Predrag Milić (Belgrade/Vienna) is a trained architect and urban researcher working between urban development and critical pedagogy, and particularly the oppressed, silenced, and the poor people of Belgrade's urban periphery.

Marc Neelen

Marc Neelen cofounded STEALTH.unlimited with Ana Džokić in 2000. With Džokic, he co-authored the book Upscaling, Training, Commoning (Jovis, 2018).

Martino Tattara

Martino Tattara co-founded DOGMA in 2002 and is an assistant professor at KU Leuven, Faculty of Architecture.

Tuomas Toivonen

Tuomas Toivonen is a co-foundeer of New Academy, an an education initiative for architecture and urbanism based in Helsinki, and the studio NOW for Architecture and Urbanism.

Collectivity 1–6 Contributors
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