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Beauty Is a Method Journal #105 December 2019
In Defense of the Poor Image Journal #10 November 2009
#56 June 2014

Editorial—“The End of the End of History?” Issue One

Rainy Fascism Island

Running Along the Disaster: A Conversation with Franco “Bifo” Berardi

Mutation of the Triad: Totalitarianism, Fascism, and Nationalism in Japan

Maidan and Beyond, Part II: The Cacophony of Donbas

The End of the World: From Apocalypse to the End of History and Back

Appendix XVIII: Plates 22-257

On Art Activism

Ultranationalism: A Proposal for a Quiet Withdrawal

Is the World Sleeping, Sleepless, or Awake or Dreaming?

The Nationalist Thing Which Thinks: Notes on a Genealogy of Ultranationalism

The Rise of a Fallen Feather: The Symbolism of the Turul Bird in Contemporary Hungary

From the Issue of Art to the Issue of Position: The Echoes of Socialist Realism, Part II

Obituary for Sturtevant

A Text That Should Never Have Been Written?

#56 June 2014 Rainy Fascism Island Running Along the... Mutation of the Triad:... Maidan and Beyond,... The End of the World:... Appendix XVIII: Plates... On Art Activism Ultranationalism: A... Is the World Sleeping,... The Nationalist Thing... The Rise of a Fallen... From the Issue of Art... Obituary for Sturtevant A Text That Should...