Lex Brown: The Glass Eye and Communication

Lex Brown: The Glass Eye and Communication

Lex Brown, The Glass Eye (still), 2023.

What are you afraid of?

Lex Brown: The Glass Eye and Communication
World premiere and screening

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February 14, 2023, 7pm
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172 Classon Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205

Join us at e-flux Screening Room on Tuesday, February 14 at 7pm for two films by multidisciplinary artist Lex Brown. The evening will commence with a screening of the film Communication (2021), followed by the world premiere of The Glass Eye (2023). Afterwards, Lex Brown will be in conversation with series curator Daniella Brito. This screening constitutes the first program in the three-part series What are you afraid of? taking place at e-flux Screening Room In February and March 2023. Read more on the series here

Across these two films, Brown converges the language of speculative fiction with theatrical strategies like satire and dark humor to chronicle a world governed by a fictional media conglomerate called Omnesia. Set in a vaguely distant future, the people of Earth no longer exist. The catalyst for their end appears to be late stage capitalism—a lecherous force that haunts and surveils in both films. In Communication, Omnesia workers—each of whom is a character performed by Brown herself—plot the displacement of the people of the fictional city, New Framingham. In The Glass Eye, Omnesia executives “delete” a woman that uncovers a range of human emotions, thought to be rendered obsolete. Disassociation plagues characters in both films: Protagonists Jordie and Coretta each grapple with their bifurcated selves, lost within the abyss of corporate control. 

Communication (2021, 30 minutes)
Part ode to Mystery Science Theater, this story begins in darkness, where unnamed characters watch a presentation at the planetarium about what happened to the stars—i.e. the people on Earth. Omnesia (Omni + amnesia), a fictional media conglomerate, has massive control over the lives of ordinary people. Aspen Van Der Baas, a gen-something girlboss, and Jordie, her techie right hand, render this world in a dark but silly satire as they attempt to dislocate the people in New Greater Framingham with assistance from their AI, Silvy. In the midst of this battleground emerges the voice of deeper consciousness, who gives a call, an instruction, to reorganize a power within. Collapsing the space of stage performance with the language of cinematic narrative and the logic of video art, this piece formally embodies the state of media convergence in which we currently live.

The Glass Eye (2023)
The Glass Eye is a sci-fi story about a woman, Coretta, who gets “deleted” by her corporate investors, Omnesia Media, after they acquire her project, The Catalog of Human Emotions. Her extra “accounts,” who appear as clones and have been watching Coretta through what they believe is a TV screen, realize they need to save her—and themselves—from a wasteland of images. 

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–Two flights of stairs lead up to the building’s front entrance at 172 Classon Avenue.          
–For elevator access, please RSVP to program@e-flux.com. The building has a freight elevator which leads into the e-flux office space. Entrance to the elevator is nearest to 180 Classon Ave (a garage door). We have a ramp for the steps within the space.          
–e-flux has an ADA-compliant bathroom. There are no steps between the Screening Room and this bathroom.

Film, Performance, Theater
Science Fiction, Artificial intelligence, Affect
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What are you afraid of?

Lex Brown is an artist who uses poetry and science-fiction to create an index for our psychological and emotional experiences as organic beings in a rapidly technologized world. She has performed and exhibited work at the New Museum, the High Line, the International Center of Photography, Recess, and The Kitchen in New York; REDCAT Theater and The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles; The Baltimore Museum of Art in Baltimore; and at the Munch Museum in Oslo, Norway. She is a 2021 recipient of the USA Fellowship. She is the author of My Wet Hot Drone Summer, a sci-fi erotic novella that takes on surveillance and social justice, first edition published by Badlands Unlimited. Consciousness, a survey of Brown's work spanning the past eight years, is available from GenderFail. Brown teaches drawing at Princeton University and was a 2020-2022 Media Fellow at Harvard University. She is the host of the podcast 1-800-POWERS available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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