About e-flux

Established in January 1999 in New York, e-flux is an international network which reaches more than 90,000 visual art professionals on a daily basis through its website, e-mail list and special projects. Its news digest – e-flux announcements – distributes information on some of the world's most important contemporary art exhibitions, publications and symposia.

The daily digest is put together in cooperation with nearly two thousand leading international museums, art centers, foundations, galleries, biennials and art journals. Our focused and selective approach to the information we choose to distribute has been rewarded by an exceptionally high degree of attention and responsiveness from our readers.


About .art

With its expertise in the historical and contemporary development of art gained through years of collaboration with thousands of practitioners, institutions, and publications in virtually all parts of the world, e-flux plans to bring this knowledge to the .art top-level domain. e-flux envisions this new space as a reliable, ethical, selective, and educational resource for art professionals, educators, institutions, and especially the public at large.

The .art TLD will cater to the needs of a substantial international community that is directly or indirectly involved in the creation, promotion, marketing, education, exhibition, and development of art and artistic works, and this under the supervision of a committee of experts comprising of art historians, artists and curators who are active in this community.

A substantial part of the revenues generated by this service will be returned to the art community in a form of grants and funding for underfunded art institutions, organizations and projects.

To learn more about our vision for the domain, the issues involved, and what is at stake for the art community, visit www.artdomaincommunity.com.

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What are e-flux's announcements?

e-flux announcements are a direct e-mailing of text and image press releases to our growing database of art professionals in North America and Europe (see demographics below). The e-mail announcement includes an active URL which links directly to each client's site.

Who uses e-flux?

Nearly all the leading art museums, biennials, cultural centers, magazines, publishers, art fairs, and independent curators worldwide, including:

Museums such as:

The Museum of Modern Art, New York; The Guggenheim, New York; Whitney Museum, New York; Museum Ludwig, Cologne; Tate Modern, Great Britain; Moderna Museet, Sweden; Castello di Rivoli Museo d'Arte Contemporanea, Italy; Generali Foundation, Austria; and others.

Biennials such as:

Sao Paulo Biennial; Istanbul Biennial; Whitney Biennial; Venice Biennial; Berlin Biennial; Athens Biennial; Lyon Biennial; Dakar Biennial; Valencia Biennial; Manifesta; Moscow Biennial; and others.

Art fairs such as:

Art Basel, Frieze Art Fair, Art Hong Kong, Artissima and others.

Magazines, including:

Artforum, Parkett, Frieze, Flash Art, Bookforum, Cabinet, Afterall, Aprior, Text zur Kunst and others.

Art book publishers and distributors such as:

Phaidon, Great Britain; D.A.P., USA; JRP|Ringier, Zurich; Revolver, Frankfurt; and others.

Who reads e-flux?

e-flux is read by 90,000+ visual arts professionals: 47% in Europe, 42% in North America, and 11% Other (South America, Australia, Japan, etc.) 18% writers/critics, 16% galleries, 16% curators, 15% museum affiliated, 12% artists, 10% consultants, 8% collectors, 5% general.

What are e-flux's rates?

For current rates please contact us.

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