January 27, 2022

        Cuban government representatives are supposed to be held to high standards of conduct and should be able to engage in reasonable discussions without resorting to violence; but that was not how Alpidio Alonso and other cultural functionaries behaved. 27N has been petitioning the government to demand Alonso’s removal throughout the entire year, to no avail.

        By 27N
        December 4, 2021

        Let others wax eloquent about essences and fixed forms, ethnic identities, automobiles and Opera Houses. For Jimmie the humor was low key, bitter, and funny all at once, something on the move making you smile inwardly while trying to keep up with the shifting focus your unsettled understandings provoked.

        By Michael Taussig
        January 12, 2021

        The abyss is not semiological, but cultural, social, and racial.

        By Franco “Bifo” Berardi
        June 2, 2020
        By Charles Mudede
        May 27, 2020

        I say the “notion” of the planetary, because the concept of the planetary is contested, rejected, vague and equivocal across writers and theorists working in and around social science and the humanities now.

        By Jeremy Bendik-Keymer
        May 1, 2020

        I accepted the conditions. No one could or did force me. I told them I would go there alone. I saw the ocean in between as I slowly approached the island. I accepted the conditions, the torture.

        By Pelin Tan
        March 17, 2020

        For the elites, this might be an ungovernable world. But we still have many worlds to propagate, to live and love in comradely care.

        By Jonas Staal
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