e-flux conversations in April

e-flux conversations in April


April 21, 2015
e-flux conversations in April


What is the radical potential of contemporary art? In recent years—years that have been marked by growing income inequality and newly erected billion-dollar high rises—artists, writers, and curators have become increasingly occupied with this question. 

This month, discussions at e-flux conversations have focused on fundamental issues relating to the subversive potential of creative practices. Some contributors have written that contemporary art is a useful weapon against capitalism, while others have regarded it as the last refuge of hedge-fund kingpins. “What does art do?,” asks Maria Lind of Tensta Konsthall, who has organized a dialogue about private aesthetic experiences. In Vienna, e-flux conversations covered a conference on “curatorial ethics” hosted by Kunsthalle Wien, where participants explored issues ranging from waning criticality in contemporary art discourse to the potential of curating biennials in conflict-ridden areas. “Any art project in the public domain should locate conflict and split it open,” said 13th Istanbul Biennale director Fulya Erdemci. “We speak a lot about the function of art, but what about its capacity? What is art responsible for?” asked 6th Moscow Biennale curator Bart de BaereOleksiy Radynski penned a dispatch from Ukraine about the turbulent 2nd Kyiv Biennial; when the host institution abruptly withdrew claiming safety concerns, the curators vowed to continue the project in collaboration with the local art community, promising that “one of the roles of the project would be to reclaim the emancipatory potential of the Maidan uprising.” Critic and curator Mohammad Salemy has started two hotly debated threads, “Can Financialization offer art an Exit from Contemporary Art?” and “How can art be freed from the clutches of the contemporary?” Lastly, e-flux conversations editor Karen Archey will head to Venice to report on the 56th Venice Biennale and its associated goings-on.

Do you believe that contemporary art has emancipatory potential, or has it become a bourgeois hobby and liquid asset for the 1%? Join the conversation.

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April 21, 2015

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