November 2, 2019 - International Biennial Association - 6th General Assembly
November 2, 2019

International Biennial Association

IBA members at the 5th General Assembly in Kochi. Photo: Ali Mrad.

6th General Assembly
From Adaptation to Transformation
December 10–14, 2019
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The International Biennial Association (IBA) is pleased to announce its 6th General Assembly will be held in Santiago, Chile on December 10-14, 2019. For the sixth consecutive year, representatives of biennials from all over the world will converge to reflect on the essence that sustains the sense of developing every two or more years, a space of knowledge convergence and actions, that are born from diverse fields of culture.

Organised by the IBA and the Corporación Chilena de Video (CChV), the encounter will be an opportunity to define the role of biennials in the 21st century and how, from the common force manifested in this union, participants can contribute to the transformation of a society that moves between hyperconsumption, high information saturation and extreme inequality global wealth.  

Socioclimatic crisis will be put as an axis on the discussion for the definition of a general position, on the search of a collective cultural ethic where the balance between growth, distribution and equality of opportunities does not endanger our permanence on Earth.

The programme for IBA Members will include the members-only assembly at Casa Central Universidad de Chile, during which various matters regarding the association will be deliberated and voted upon.

The following day will see a public conference, which will take place at Cineteca Nacional de Chile and will feature talks and conversations with attendees in which provocations inspired by the general theme will be presented while dictated by local and international experts. The conference will present the concrete experiences of interaction between art, community, interdisciplinarity and social climate crisis.

An additional lecture, which will be at Centro Nacional de Arte Contemporaneo Cerrillos, will be a meeting in which local and international experts, representatives of the IBA and the Chile Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage of Chile will take part, confirming the possibility of a contribution to the local and international construction of cultural policies on the relation art, culture and nature.

These events will feature presentations from a variety of professionals like independent curator María Berríos, French curator Nicolas Bourriaud and Dr. Adrian Lahoud, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture of the Royal School of Arts.

Members are also invited to join explorations that will include visits to museums, galleries, collections and non-conventional cultural spaces to be part of an exploratory tour of Santiago's artistic scene with focus on the 14th Biennial of Media Arts of Santiago.

Please visit the IBA website for an updated and detailed schedule.

Please RSVP to info [​at​]


Though the Public Conference will be open to the public, IBA members receive more advantages during the General Assembly and all year round. During the General Assembly, IBA members are invited to the members-only welcome dinner, the main member conference and other members-only events. Additionally, all IBA members receive a membership card that grants access to all events organized by IBA as well as free admission to those institutions participating in our free admission program.

The three member categories include Individual, Institutional and Associate. Individual and Institutional members are able to vote for IBA representatives. All members are encouraged to be active participants of the association.

Applications are accepted through the IBA website:


Executive Board
President: Hoor Al Qasimi (Sharjah Art Foundation)
Vice Presidents: Bige Örer (Istanbul Biennial) / Sally Tallant (Queens International)
Interim Vice President: Gabriele Horn (Berlin Biennial)

Board Members (Listed alphabetically by given name)
Alisa Prudnikova (Ural Industrial Biennale) / Bose Krishnamachari (Kochi Biennale Foundation) / Enrique Rivera (Media Art Biennial of Santiago) / Eriko Osaka (Yokohama Triennale) / Gong Yan (Power Station of Art) / Isabelle Bertolotti (Biennale d'Art Contemporain) / Jo-Anne Birnie-Danzker (curator) / Margarita Gonzalez (Havana Biennial) / Nevenka Šivavec (Biennial of Graphic Arts Ljubljana) / Sunjung Kim (Gwangju Biennale Foundation) / Yongwoo Lee (Shanghai Project)


For inquiries, please contact: info [​at​]

International Biennial Association (IBA)
PO Box 20123 Dar Al Nadwa, Heritage Area
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
T +971 6555 4012

International Biennial Association
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