June 1, 2015 - Artforum - Summer 2015
June 1, 2015

Summer 2015

Summer 2015 in Artforum

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This month in Artforum:

Double Takes: Joan Jonas
As the artist’s heralded US pavilion debuts at this year’s Venice Biennale, Pamela M. Lee considers the continually regenerating oeuvre of this groundbreaking iconoclast, while Johanna Fatemanzeros in on Jonas’s seminal 1972 video Organic Honey’s Visual Telepathy:

“In Jonas’s work, the world is revised, always to begin again.” 
–Pamela M. Lee

The Rest Is Silence: Agnes Martin 
Jo Baer, Catherine de Zegher, Robert Indiana, Glenn Ligon, Prudence Peiffer, Dorothea Rockburne, Christina Rosenberger,Matt Saunders, Anne M. Wagner, andMolly Warnockon the intransigent abstractionist, whose work will be surveyed in a major retrospective at Tate Modern opening June 3:

“Each canvas offers a coming-in and going-out of knowledge: To see a part of it means losing sight of the whole.”
 –Anne M. Wagner

Rothko Restored: A distinguished group of conservators, art historians, curators, and artists—Yve-Alain Bois, Harry Cooper, Michelle Kuo, Lynn Hershman Leeson,Carol Mancusi-Ungaro, Ken Okiishi, R. H. Quaytman, David Reed, and Jeffrey Weissdiscuss the new and wholly novel conservation of Mark Rothkos Harvard Muralswith digital colored-light projections:

“I think Rothko would have liked it. He liked controversy. The legacy of Rothko lies in the theatrical, in dematerialized color.” 
David Reed 

Media and the New Materialism: The art world can’t seem to stop loving object-oriented ontology and speculative realism—philosophical approaches that purportedly shed new light on things, materiality, objects. But, medievalist Andrew Coleasks,are things really as they seem?

And: Geoffrey Winthrop-Younginterviews Bernhard Siegert, a pioneering thinker who is bringing media theory into the twenty-first century,about the tools, materials, and techniques that make meaning—and culture—possible: 

“Object-oriented ontology expands the human into all relations, raising serious political and ethical questions along the way, but never answering them.” 
Andrew Cole

“We are not interested in the difference between subject and object. We are interested in the operations that first create this distinction and see it as an unstable process.” 
Bernhard Siegert

Portfolio: Tony Ourslershares selections from his archive ofmore than 2,500 occult objects andephemera collected over the past twenty years:

“Affinities arise among oracles, Giovanni Aldini, Rorschach tests, horror films, quantum physics, effigies, radioactivity, L. Ron Hubbard, ESP.” 
Tony Oursler

Barry Bergdollon the architecture ofLina Bo Bardi:

“Bo Bardi’s projects pose a clear challenge: How can architecture allow people to construct their own lives rather than simply adapt to what the market provides them?” 
Barry Bergdoll

Plus:Summer Reading: Hal Foster, Shumon Basar,Aaron Flint Jamison,Roxane Gay,Eileen Myles,David Salle, Carolee Schneemann, andAnn Temkinshare the books they’ll be taking to the beach this season. 

And: Claire Bishopon Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker;Julian RoseonWolfgang Tillmans’s Book for Architects;James QuandtonMyroslav Slaboshpytskiy’s The Tribe; Michael WoodonChristian Petzold’s Phoenix; Jonathan RosenbaumonPedro Costa’s Horse Money; J. HobermanonEdward Owens;and Annie Godfrey Larmon on Alex Da Corte.

Also: Michelle M. Wright on thephysics of Black art; Cynthia Carron the October 1999 issue of Artforum; Stephen Burt on Richard McGuire’s Here; and composer Suzanne Ciani shares her Top Ten.

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