February 18, 2015 - Palais de Tokyo - PALAIS Magazine Issue 21 out now
February 18, 2015

PALAIS Magazine Issue 21 out now

PALAIS Magazine issue 21 out now
The magazine of the Palais de Tokyo


Issue 21 of PALAIS magazine is entirely devoted to the exhibition Le Bord des mondes (At the Edge of the Worlds) at the Palais de Tokyo (February–May 2015). By exploring territories that lie outside the art world and bringing to light unique gestures that give way to new forms of creation, the exhibition Le Bord des mondes aims to renew and expand the field of our artistic attentiveness in an attempt to see, experience and conceptualize the world by liberating ourselves from the categories that order it.

Featured in issue 21:
“Are there singular forms, actions, and thoughts arising from ‘other’ worlds that might also be considered [art]works?”
–The curator of Le Bord des mondes, Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel, presents the stakes at the heart of the exhibition and invites readers to discover the research undertaken by these creators, which goes beyond the classic definitions of art.

“The world of art is thus not an autonomous sphere. Its borders are constantly deformed, like an amoeba’s pseudopods, in accord with a dynamics of unstable equilibria resulting from the contrary forces of endogenous pressures and exogenous pressures.”
Jean-Marie Schaeffer, philosopher, presents a view which runs counter to a position that seeks to oppose art and everything that is not art. He considers art to be a plural world which is constantly redefining its reach and nature through its interactions and exchanges with the multiple worlds that border it.

“To pay attention is to set one’s subject off in time and space, to corral it inside the duration or extent of an act of concentration. And yet to be attentive means also to be alive to the edge’s of one’s field of vision or inquiry, to welcome accidents and surprises.”
–The writer and art critic Brian Dillon proposes a classification of the forms and the individuals who have played a role in the history of the way we have examined and exhibited the world. A historical perspective on the spirit of curiosity that abounds in the exhibition Le Bord des mondes.

And also
– David Raymond, artist, writer and poet, examines Bridget Polk‘s “balancing rock” installations, a “singular art” at the crossroads between sculpture, performance and meditation.
– Laurent Derobert, inventor of “existential mathematics,” discusses the relationship between math, art and love with the mathematician Edward Frenkel and the artist Peter Coffin.
– Philippe Rekacewicz, geographer, cartographer and journalist, guides us in the perusal of a map to an imaginary world invented by Jerry Gretzinger.
– Sandra Maunac, curator, retraces the history of Kinshasa Sape, while revealing its close connections with the city’s music scene.
– Can human nature be artificially produced and reproduced? Hiroshi Ishiguro, who creates “geminoid” robots, talks with composer Keiichiro Shibuya, author of an opera written for the vocal synthesizer software Vocaloid.
– With his “beach creatures” able to move and survive autonomously, Theo Jansen throws our anthropocentrism into fresh perspective.
– Frédérique Aït Touati, a literature and science history researcher and stage director, dives into the heart of Tomás Saraceno‘s spider webs and into the history of modern forms of knowledge in order to consider the liaison between the infinitely large and the infinitely small.
– The food essayist Bénédict Beaugé supplies an in-depth analysis of one of the renowned chef Pierre Gagnaire‘s dishes.
– Jean-Paul Thibeau, artist-researcher, tells about his meeting with Jean Katambayi, an artist-hacker-DIYer.
– Jane Venis, sculptor and writer, offers a study on the founding principles of chindogu, weird objects invented by Kenji Kawakami.

As well as CKY, Carlos Espinosa, Rose-Lynn Fisher, Game of States, Iris van Herpen, Zdenek Kosek, Jesse Krimes, Kusköy, Charlie Le Mindu, Arnold Odermatt, Le Prince noir, George Widener.

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PALAIS Magazine Issue 21 out now
Palais de Tokyo
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