December 10, 2014 - apexart - Three winning exhibitions of the Unsolicited Proposal Program
December 10, 2014

Three winning exhibitions of the Unsolicited Proposal Program

Photo courtesy of apexart.

18th Unsolicited Proposal Program:
winning exhibitions

Following a month-long voting period in which 170 jurors from around the world evaluated 472 proposals investigating diverse subjects in a crowd-sourced, meritocratic process that focuses on the strength of the idea, apexart is thrilled to announce the three winning exhibitions of our 18th Unsolicited Proposal Program. These three exhibitions will be presented at apexart as part of our 2015–16 exhibition season.

Tom Williams and Robin Paris work with Tennessee death row inmates to communicate their circumstances to those on the outside with an exhibition featuring the prisoners’ designs for their own memorials alongside representations of the lives they would pursue if they were free.

Miguel Díaz-Barriga and Margaret Dorsey bring together artists, architects, and activists who have reimagined designs for the US-Mexico border wall or fought its construction, addressing the role of art and architecture to draw attention to important issues of eroding democracy.

Shona Kitchen, Aly Ogasian, and Jennifer Dalton Vincent explore how the nature of expeditions has translated into the modern day with archaeologists, engineers, scientists, and artists exploring a variety of realms, geographical and beyond, while maintaining the same eager hunger to uncover the unknown as the world travelers of early expeditions.

Visit us online to read the winning proposals in full and to learn about our upcoming Franchise Program open call that accepts ideas for group exhibitions, mounted anywhere in the world outside of New York City.

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