November 29, 2014 - Daimler Art Collection - Willi Baumeister International
November 29, 2014

Willi Baumeister International

Exhibition view, Willi Baumeister International, with works by Willi Baumeister and Georges Vantongerloo, Daimler
Contemporary, Berlin, Germany. Photo: Hans-Georg Gaul, Berlin.

Willi Baumeister International
Willi Baumeister and European Modernity

November 21, 2014–March 29, 2015

Daimler Contemporary Berlin
Haus Huth
Alte Potsdamer Straße 5
10785 Berlin
Hours: Daily 11am–6pm 
Free admission

The foundation stone for the Daimler Art Collection was laid in 1977 with the acquisition of a painting by Willi Baumeister. The collection was built around the works of the Southern German avant-garde artists until the 1980s. We are therefore delighted that the Willi Baumeister International exhibition has been brought to Berlin through a collaboration between the DAC, the Stuttgart Art Museum and the Willi Baumeister Archive, and can be supplemented with works from our collection. It is the first solo exhibition of Baumeister’s work in Berlin since his Retrospective in the National Gallery in 1989.

Stuttgart-born Willi Baumeister is among the most important German artists of the post-war period and was an eloquent spokesman for abstract painting. The exhibition reflects his international relationships with artists, gallery owners, collectors and art historians. The focus is on the main groups of Will Baumeister’s works, starting from his constructivist phase to the Mauerbilder and on to the late “Montaru” pictures and the “Afrika” series. These exhibits are supplemented with works by artist friends like Oskar Schlemmer, Hans Arp and Fernand Léger. Archive records, letters, historical publications, newspaper articles and photographs also show the extent of Baumeister’ attracted attention and provoked discussion at home and abroad. 

Works by Willi Baumeister from 1909–1955
Baumeister’s artist friends from the Daimler Art Collection: 
Hans Arp (France) / Max Bill (Switzerland) / Camille Graeser (Switzerland) / Otto Meyer-Amden (Switzerland) / Oskar Schlemmer (Germany) / Georges Vantongerloo (Belgium)

Artists from the Baumeister Collection: 
Josef Albers (Germany) / Hans Arp (France) / Julius Bissier (Germany) / Georges Braque (France) / Carlo Carrá (Italy) / Marc Chagall (Russia) / Albert Gleizes (France) / Roberta González (France) / Camille Graeser (Switzerland) / Hans Hartung (Germany) / Wassily Kandinsky (Russia) / Paul Klee (Switzerland) / Franz Krause (Germany) / Le Corbusier (Switzerland) / Fernand Léger (France) / El Lissitzky (Russia) / August Macke (Germany) / Juan Miró (Spain) / László Moholy-Nagy (Hungary) / Amédée Ozenfant (France) / Pablo Picasso (Spain) / Oskar Schlemmer (Germany) / Kurt Schwitters (Germany) / Michel Seuphor (Belgium) / Gino Severini (Italy) / Zao Wou-Ki (China)


Willi Baumeister International at Daimler Contemporary Berlin
Daimler Art Collection
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