November 4, 2014 - ArtReview - November 2014 Power 100 issue—out now
November 4, 2014

November 2014 Power 100 issue—out now

ArtReview November 2014 Power 100 issue—out now

In Art Previewed

Ten exhibitions on through October you don’t want to miss: Sturtevant at MoMA, New York; Martin Boyce at Johnen Galerie, Berlin; Christian Friedrich at De Hallen, Haarlem; Sean Landers at Petzel, New York; Janus Høm at 1857, Oslo; Andrea Büttner at Museum Ludwig, Cologne; Conflict and Collisions: New Contemporary Sculpture at Hepworth, Wakefield; Diego Thielemans at Wiels, Brussels; Marinella Senatore at MOT International, London; Shanghai Biennale. By Martin Herbert.

Points of View: Our writers on what’s happening in the art world and beyond: J.J. Charlesworth on national cultural institutions; Maria Lind on the theatrical documentary practice of Chto Delat; Sam Jacob on the changing nature of power dressing; Jonathan T.D. Neil on money, art and climate change; Andrew Berardini on swimming-pool cool; Mike Watson on art documentary and conflict; Jonathan Grossmalerman: Warhammer; Kimberly Bradley on Savvy Contemporary, Berlin.

Great Critics and Their Ideas
The god Dionysus on art in the 1970s exploring gender roles. Interview by Matthew Collings.

Other People and Their Ideas
Stephan Kalmár, executive director and curator of New York-based not-for-profit Artists Space on the state of museums in New York and the “perversions” of the art world. Interview by Tom Eccles.

Great Collectors and Their Ideas
Thomas Girst, curator, lecturer, editor and head of cultural engagement at the BMW Group. Interview by Mark Rappolt.

The Law and Its Ideas
In the ninth in our series of legal issues that shed light on the often-opaque relationships that underpin the art market, Daniel McClean discusses the censorship of the Chapman Brothers sculpture Piggyback (1997), by its removal from public display at the MAXXI contemporary art museum in Rome, in August this year, for “promoting depictions with a clear paedo-pornographic context behind the art.”

In Art Featured

Calvin Tomkins
Art reporter and staff writer for The New Yorker since 1960, Calvin Tomkins talks about art today, Marcel Duchamp, and the Duchamp counter-revolution. Interview by Bridget McCarthy.

2014 Power 100
This year’s ranked list of the contemporary art world’s 100 most powerful figures, with profiles of each entry, including an extended profile for this year’s no. 1, Director of Tate, Nicholas Serota, plus accompanying features including:

An introduction to the 2014 Power 100.

What is left of the distinction between private and public in terms of galleries and museums, by J.J. Charlesworth.

Writer and curator Pi Li on art fairs, mega-galleries and why Chinese art can’t flourish without freedom of expression. Interview by Aimee Lin.

Neal Brown muses on what an ArtReview Moral 100 might look like.

The waning of Qatar’s love affair with global art in the shifting sands of its politics, by Kevin Jones.

How informal solidarity is keeping India’s art scene together, by Rosalyn D’Mello.

Allan Schwartzman—Cupidity’s Cupid
As the art world globalises, consultancy is on the rise. ArtReview catches up with one of its leading exponents.

Art in Context IV Osei Bonsu. The British-Ghanaian indpendent curator and writer, based in London, on Raw Material Company in Dakar. The fourth installment in our yearlong, monthly survey in which artists, curators and cultural commentators explore the question of what African art (of the contemporary flavour) does or can do within various local contexts across the continent.

The Strip: Anew work from Richard Graham, introduced by Paul Gravett.

Off the Record: Gallery Girl – at Tate Modern

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