November 1, 2014 - Petach Tikva Museum of Art - 10th anniversary of its reopening
November 1, 2014

10th anniversary of its reopening

Yasmeen Godder, CLIMAX. Presented as part of Set in Motion

10th anniversary celebration

Petach Tikva Museum of Art

30 Arlozorov St. 

Since it was reopened in winter 2004, the Petach Tikva Museum of Art has been an influential institute in the Israeli art scene and a lodestone for local and international art lovers. In addition to engagement with universal themes pertaining to life today, it poses an alternative to the large museums via exhibitions addressing the local cultural space and the geopolitical setting. While promoting an interdisciplinary critical discourse, the Museum serves as a platform for young artists whose artistic language reflects a different gaze in an original voice.

In keeping with its social agenda, in recent years the Museum has taken a set of actions intended to shed light on “blind spots” in Israeli culture and to introduce the possibility of a new relationship between the hegemonic and the marginal, between center and periphery. The consistent scrutiny of the margins, as a position and a praxis, yielded exhibitions and projects centered on themes not often dealt with in art institutions in Israel and a constant unraveling of traditional definitions. Rather than merely reflecting the occurrences in the local art field, these processes were meant to set new paths. The Museum “trespasses” also in its approach to the museum space, challenging media boundaries and undermining conventional modes of display. The Museum’s open, experimental space changes from one exhibition to the next. Over the past decade it has fostered an interdisciplinary viewing experience combining visual art and cinema, architecture, dance, and performance.

We, at the Petach Tikva Museum of Art, believe that the contemporary municipal museum should function as a laboratory—a process-minded place of experimentation and a tool with which to explore the public space. Among its various objects of study, the museum establishment itself is also scrutinized, constantly repositioning itself with alert dynamism in relation to the multiplicity of world views and ideologies teeming around. 

In the past decade we have staged over 70 exhibitions at the Museum. 
This is the time for an interim conclusion, a springboard to the fascinating places we will visit together in the future.

Drorit Gur Arie, Director & Chief Curator

About the Museum
Petach-Tikva Museum of Art is a contemporary art space, featuring works by Israeli and international artists in diverse media. The Museum addresses a wide spectrum of themes from the Israeli cultural sphere, alongside universal issues pertaining to global society in the contemporary era, while promoting innovative approaches to the museum space and the breaching of traditional conventions and boundaries between different artistic mediums and their modes of presentation.

Petach Tikva Museum of Art celebrates 10th anniversary of its reopening
Petach Tikva Museum of Art
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