January 13, 2020 - Fondation Lafayette Anticipations, Paris - 2020 programme of exhibitions, performances, festivals, concerts and workshops
January 13, 2020

Fondation Lafayette Anticipations, Paris

© Martin Argyroglo / Lafayette Anticipations, Paris.

2020 programme of exhibitions, performances, festivals, concerts and workshops

Fondation Lafayette Anticipations, Paris
9 rue du Plâtre
75004 Paris


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In 2020 Lafayette Anticipations continues to promote contemporary artistic creation at its most surprising, inspiring and challenging. Solo shows by Rachel Rose, Martin Margiela and Wu Tsang turn their attention to our existence as individuals. They offer a singular perspective on how we construct ourselves as beings, through themes such as childhood, absence or genders. Each of these projects, further developed by a regular programme of events, conveys wide-ranging gestures by the artists who are invited to take possession of and transform the Lafayette Anticipations building. In constant flux, the foundation is at the service of all disciplines, which it celebrates in four festivals. International artists, musicians, performance artists, dancers and the public share alternative visions of today's world, echoing the diversity and the multiple perceptions that shape our present.

Closer Music

January 31–February 2
Lafayette Anticipations throws open its doors for three days of celebration, experimentation, dance and trance in the second Closer Music festival. A line-up of some of the most experimental artists on the international scene, creating contemporary, hybrid and polymorphous music. The festival features live performances by Nicolas Godin, Not Waving & Dark Mark, Teto Preto, Mhysa, Tom of England, Alessandro Cortini, Lavascar, Maria Teriaeva and Jean-Luc, as well as an exhibition, performances and workshops with Jagna Ciuchta, Jean-Biche, Bertrand Lamarche and Katia Kameli.
Curator: Etienne Blanchot

En Pratiques
Exhibition, performances, workshops

February ​8–16
En Pratiques rolls out its first edition on the theme of "communities". Ephemeral or established, political or poetic, inclusive or exclusive, fragile or immutable, communities are the binding forces on which societies are built. Through a programme of workshops for children and adults, performances, discussions, films and an exhibition, Lafayette Anticipations invites us all to share experiences, techniques, learning and emotions in a spirit of participation.
Including: Dimitri Chamblas, Lenio Kaklea, Roxanne Maillet and Géraldine Gourbe, Reto Pulfer, Chloé Quenum and Théo Robine Langlois
Curator: Gilles Baume

Rachel Rose

March 13–May 10
Rachel Rose explores our relationship to landscape, storytelling, childhood and spirituality, enquiring into how we exist as humans within the world. For her first large-scale exhibition in France, the artist presents five video installations and a series of sculptures that transform every space of Lafayette Anticipations into an investigation of different ways of being.

This exhibition is adapted from Rachel Rose’s solo show at the Fridericianum in Kassel, Germany (October 25, 2019–January 12, 2020).

Kaleidoscope Manifesto

May ​22–24
Lafayette Anticipations again teams up with Kaleidoscope, the Milan-based magazine of contemporary art and visual culture, for a three-day festival of encounters, workshops, concerts and performances.

Martin Margiela

June 12–September 13
While art is heavily referenced in Martin Margiela's conceptual fashion, from trompe l'oeil to white monochromes to runway shows conceived as happenings, the pioneering designer's artistic practice has never been publicly revealed. His drawings, sculptures and collages develop the same theories of fragmented bodies, anonymity, recycling and experimentation that are the hallmark of his collections. New productions take possession of the foundation's exhibition spaces, which visitors are invited to discover as a total work of art.

Echelle Humaine

September ​21–27
Because they set out to surprise, challenge, proclaim and delight, the choreographic proposals in Echelle Humaine, now in its third consecutive year, bring vividly to life the pleasure of—and the need for—contradiction and discussion. Using movement and action, they are a reminder that the norm is always a matter of opinion.
Curator: Amélie Couillaud

In partnership with Festival d’Automne à Paris

Wu Tsang

October 21–January 3
Wu Tsang brings new attention to invisibilised stories and marginalised trajectories. Her films explore and propose new worlds beyond the usual racialised and gendered representations of the individuals. For her first major exhibition in France, she transforms the foundation with a new film produced at Schauspiel in Zurich, and a video, One Emerging from a Point of View, filmed on the Greek island of Lesbos, which explores issues surrounding migration.

Fondation Lafayette Anticipations, Paris
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