July 23, 2014 - Daimler Art Collection - New website
July 23, 2014

New website

Conceptual and Applied with works by Luca Trevisani. Exhibition view, Daimler Contemporary, Berlin, Germany. Photo: Hans-Georg Gaul, Berlin.

Daimler Art Collection DAC
new homepage


An extensive presentation of more than 350 artworks by German and international artists

The website’s new database concept enables comprehensive, well-targeted research

The Daimler Art Collection has completely reworked and developed a new concept for its internet presence. The newly designed website provides digital information about the numerous activities of the Daimler Art Collection, and allows the collection to be experienced as a whole whilst also opening it up for research. A selection of the items in the collection—more than 350 artworks by about 200 German and international artists—is presented extensively on the internet pages. The artworks are presented as professional image reproductions, with tags and with brief explanatory academic texts. An intelligent search function plus logical links within the stock of data allow this new internet presence to be used as an informative database, allowing the varied activities of the collection to be easily researched. In total, the Daimler Art Collection comprises around 2,000 artworks by approximately 700 German and international artists, which are to be gradually made accessible online in the future. With its diversity of linked visual and textual information, the new internet portal is one of the most complex online presentations by a European corporate collection. 

Dr. Renate Wiehager, director of Daimler Art Collection, declares: “The Daimler Art Collection is part of our social and cultural activities. Through the redesign of the internet presence, we can combine art of different epochs and cultures with a contemporary and informative artwork presentation system.” Permitting a retrospective view of more than 70 exhibitions held since 2001, such as the exhibition series “The Sixties,” “Minimalism and After,” “Conceptual Tendencies,” “Photography, Video, Mixed Media,” “Private/Corporate” and the world tour (complete with an education program) conducted by the Daimler Art Collection since 2003, the new internet presence provides a comprehensive view of the collection’s numerous international activities. 

The elegant and understated design, created by Uli Schöberl, firm a++ (Berlin) and Christian Ganzenberg (München), gives users a good overview and ease of targeted research on the background information concerning the origins of the collection, its development and its most significant features and current goals. More than 60 exhibition publications and Daimler Art Collection artist books can be bought from the new online shop. The design of the new internet pages is responsively programmed, so that the representation of the content automatically adapts itself to the end-user device (smartphone, tablet or computer).

In connection with the redesigning of the internet presence, the Berlin design firm StudioAnti has also designed a special Daimler Art Collection word and picture logo. Using minimal resources, this typographic design encapsulates a personal and unmistakable profile for the collection. The inauguration of the new word and picture logo reasserts the style and presentation of the Daimler Art Collection, reflecting the identity that the collection has developed for itself. 

The Daimler Art Collection, established in 1977, is today regarded as one of Europe’s leading corporate art collections of international significance. The collection’s principal focus is abstract art of the 20th century, from the Stuttgart artistic circle of 1910 to Bauhaus, Constructivism, Concrete Art, Minimalist Art, Conceptual Art, Neo Geo and the latest contemporary art. Other key areas of the collection are given by the theme of the automobile in art and international photography and video art, as well as the complex of around 30 major public sculptures on display in Stuttgart, Sindelfingen and Berlin. The opportunity to explore the collection in greater detail is made possible by exhibitions staged at Company sites, at Daimler Contemporary on Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz and in international museums, as well as by various sponsorship awards for young artists.

The new bilingual internet presence can be found at www.art.daimler.com.
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New website for the Daimler Art Collection
Daimler Art Collection
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