June 10, 2014 - Artissima - ONE TORINO: Tate Modern announces new Director
June 10, 2014

ONE TORINO: Tate Modern announces new Director

Any resemblance to real persons* or actual facts in this title is purely coincidental. Thank you for paying attention and for opening this email anyway. Don’t be disappointed, we’re giving you some other news.

Commissioned by: Artissima, International Fair of Contemporary Art
November 6, 2014–January 11, 2015

Preview: November 5, 7pm

Palazzo Cavour
Via Cavour 8
10123 Turin


Coordinates: 45° 03′ 54” N7° 40′ 57” E
Distance to the moon: 149.597870691 million km
Curators: Maurizio Cattelan, Myriam Ben Salah, Marta Papini
Artists: 37 contributions
Abstract: Bringing together Turin’s uncanny remembrances and Palazzo Cavour’s bizarre ghosts in the most subjective, obsessive, and irrationally non-exhaustive way possible.
Featuring: Museum of Criminal Anthropology “Cesare Lombroso,” Museum of Human Anatomy “Luigi Rolando,” Casa Mollino Museum, Mountains Museum “Duca degli Abruzzi,” The National Automobile Museum, Fruits Museum, Unité d’habitation Olivetti (Talponia), Turin Museum of Natural History, Aldo Mondino Archive, La Gaia Collection
Quote: “I am deceived by the past, tormented by the present, scared by the future.”
Inspiration wall: sex, power, death, shit
Number of rooms: 20
Estimated surface: 1,000 sqm
Working titles: Feels like Sunday, Nasty Buffet, What the world would be without, From dust to dust, Shit and die
Publication: 128 pages, 21 x 28 cm, four colors, full HD
Website: shitndie.tumblr.com

* We would like to congratulate the current Director of Tate Modern for still being at his position.

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