March 21, 2014 - Casa Daros - Fabian Marcaccio
March 21, 2014

Fabian Marcaccio

Fabian Marcaccio, Paintant Stories, 2000. Oil, silicone, solvent base inks and polymers on vinyl, wooden structure, approximately 4 x 100 m. Daros Latinamerica Collection, Zürich. Photo: Thomas Lenden, Amsterdam. © the artist.

Fabian Marcaccio
Paintant Stories

March 29–August 10, 2014

Casa Daros 
Rua General Severiano 159
Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro
Hours: Wednesday–Saturday 11am–7pm,
Sundays and holidays 11am–6pm

The exhibition Fabian Marcaccio – Paintant Stories opens the season at Casa Daros dedicated to painting. The work Paintant Stories by Argentinian artist Fabian Marcaccio extends some 100 meters long by four meters high and will be on display until August 10.

Fabian Marcaccio was born in Argentina in 1963 and is now based in New York. He uses modern techniques in an attempt to redefine painting, extending its parameters in time and space. His Paintant Stories is in every way an exceptional work. Over a length of approximately 100 meters the artist unfolds a universal panorama of contemporary existence, with all its contradictions and conflicts. Marcaccio presents the human condition as a network of discontinuities frozen at a single moment in time. Plunged into a series of microcosms and macrocosms, the viewer is simultaneously exposed to infinity and fragmentation, chaos and order, the concrete and the abstract. With our attention constantly being captured by a wide range of allusions and associations, we are unable to grasp this multifaceted work in its entirety.  

Paintant Stories will be set up so as to wind through the exhibition spaces of the first floor of Casa Daros. At a given point, the work will pass through the outside wall and cross the institution’s indoor courtyard in suspended form.

During the period in which Paintant Stories will be on show, Casa Daros will also offer the exhibitions titled Luiz Zerbini – Paintings, to run from April 25 to May 25, Guillermo Kuitca + Eduardo Berliner – Paintings, from May 30 to June 29, and Vânia Mignone + René Francisco – Paintings, from July 4 to August 10.


Fabian Marcaccio at Casa Daros
Casa Daros
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