August 7, 2013 - Higashiyama Artists Placement Service (HAPS) - Honesty and Modesty
August 7, 2013

Honesty and Modesty

Honesty and Modesty
August 2–September 1, 2013

Higashiyama Artists Placement Service (HAPS)
339 Yamazaki-cho Higashiyama-ku, 
Kyoto 605-0841, Japan

HAPS Studio (the former Shinmichi Elementary School) 
130 Komatsu-cho Higashiyama-ku, 
Kyoto 605-0811, Japan

109 Rokuro-cho Higashiyama-ku, 
Kyoto 605-0813, Japan

576 Bairin-cho Higashiyama-ku, 
Kyoto 605-0863, Japan

T +81 75 525 7525
info [​at​]

Higashiyama Artists Placement Service (HAPS) presents Honesty and Modesty. Presented at HAPS’s newly renovated Kyoto machiya office, a former local elementary school, the community center, and a cafe on August 2 until September 1, 2013. Featuring events, lectures, discussions, and a symposium presented by professional artists, curators, researchers, students and activists from various creative fields. HAPS is proud to bring Honesty and Modesty to Kyoto. This event marks the grand opening of HAPS. 

In a historical reflection on the art paradigm that is focused on modernization and globalization in Kyoto, given the fact that the art system is contradictory with formation of creativity today, it is all the more crucial to examine the concept of the “artist.” Honesty and Modesty will pose questions like: What defines an artist? What is the artist’s role? How does artistic creativity act in and out of the art world? This provides the opportunity for open dialogue, to reconsider and generate ideas that will allow a radical re-formulation of the notion of ‘artist’ as creative agencies. 

The participating art professionals include:
Wataru Asada (daily editorial creator, flexible specialist), Mizuki Endo (Executive Director of Higashiyama Artists Placement Service/Independent curator), Yukio Fujimoto (artist), Fumie Haruyama (Co-founder of Kazenone), Yuko Hasegawa (Chief Curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo), hyslom (artist), Naoki Ishikawa (photographer), Hiroshi Ito (individual entrepreneur), Zon Ito (artist), Kagamisekaisha (artist), Izumi Kagita (artist), Yukie Kamiya (Chief Curator of Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art), Hiroki Kehara (artist), Shinji Kohmoto (Artistic Director of Parasophia: Kyoto International Festival of Contemporary Culture 2015), Toru Koyamada (artist), Osamu Nakagawa (Professor, Kyoto Institute of Technology), Kazuto Nakatani (Reasearch Fellow PD, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science), Fumio Nanjo (Director of the Mori Art Museum), Kohei Nawa (sculptor), Tetsuya Ozaki (Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of REALTOKYO/REALKYOTO), Kyohei Sakaguchi (architect/author/artist), Tomohisa Sato (Associate Professor, Kyoto Bunkyo University), Yukihiro Sugatani (Office manager, the Community Association of Rokuhara District), Sakiko Sugawa (Co-founder of Social Kitchen), Shiro Takatani (artist), Koki Tanaka (artist), Akira Tatehata (President of Kyoto City University of Arts), Masaaki Yoshino (artist)

Organized by Higashiyama Artists Placement Service (HAPS)
Special sponsor: Asahi Breweries, Ltd.
Supported by Agency for Cultural Affairs, Asahi Group Arts Foundation
In cooperation with Shibayo, the Community Association of Rokuhara District

About HAPS
HAPS is a non-profit organization, established in 2011. The organization’s main priority is to support Kyoto-based artists in attaining studio space, exhibition opportunities, networks, and affordable accommodation. This is achieved through exploring definitions of the ‘artist’ and looking at alternate ways creatives can enhance their ‘soft power.’ HAPS contributes the employment of artists and provides a platform so Kyoto’s creatives can make an active contribution to society. HAPS provides the practical advice and support needed for Kyoto’s artists to flourish.


Honesty and Modesty at Higashiyama Artists Placement Service (HAPS)
Higashiyama Artists Placement Service (HAPS)
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