May 26, 2013 - La Kunsthalle Mulhouse - Daniel Gustav Cramer
May 26, 2013

Daniel Gustav Cramer

Daniel Gustav Cramer, Three Sheep, 2013. Series of 10 photographs, c-prints, on fuji archival paper. Courtesy Boltelang, Sies & Höke, Vera Cortes and the artist. © Daniel Gustav Cramer.

Daniel Gustav Cramer
Ten Works
May 31–August 25, 2013

La Kunsthalle Mulhouse / La Fonderie
16 rue de la Fonderie
68093 Mulhouse

T 33 (0)3 69 77 66 47
kunsthalle [​at​]

This summer La Kunsthalle Mulhouse will host Daniel Gustav Cramer’s first solo exhibition in France, Ten Works. The exhibition is part of a series, in which each show is titled by the amount of works exhibited. Between various kinds of artworks, including photographs, texts, book works, paper works and sculptures, almost all on display for the first time, this exhibition transports the spectator into a poetic universe and a space-time, which continually focusses on the nature of memory as a way to question and relate to one’s individual place.

Daniel Gustav Cramer often begins with a story or an image which evolves imperceptibly. Using series, fragmentation and ellipsis, he creates temporal interstices from one sequence to the next, in-between places which stimulate the imagination. He invites spectators to enter into these narrow openings and to locate their own detours. Daniel Gustav Cramer’s works are not directive; they bury themselves in foggy decor stitching a labyrinth of little moments freed from beginning and end.

In Mulhouse, Daniel Gustav Cramer continues his search for the tangible through his use of written and visual narratives. In his stories, the role of the physical presence of human beings is increasingly reduced, sometimes vanishing entirely to the point of leaving nothing but a vacant space.

The exhibition is made up of small, simple, in a way, “dry” things, of tensions and minuscule variations. Even though each work has a character of being complete in itself, once they appear united in the exhibition, they transform into fragments striving for a single picture. Far from any spectacular effect, Daniel Gustav Cramer´s works tend to have a closeness to forms of minimalism and abstraction. His objects and images remain at distance, the space between the subject and the observer is a part of the experience of the work. There is a fragile balance between the subject and its meaning which seems an essential key to enter the realm of the work.

Born in 1975, Daniel Gustav Cramer lives and works in Berlin. In 2012, his work was shown in various exhibition venues including Kunsthaus, Glarus (Switzerland), Badischer Kunstverein in Karlsruhe (Germany) and at the Kunsthalle in Lisbon. He also participated in dOCUMENTA (13) in Kassel (Germany). Since 2007, he has been working in partnership with Haris Epaminonda on The Infinite Library, a project which has taken the form of books and an archive.

Curated by Sandrine Wymann

Enquiries/Press office: Clarisse Schwarb, T 33 (0)3 69 77 66 28 / clarisse.schwarb [​at​]

La Kunsthalle Mulhouse is supported by the City of Mulhouse, the Department du Haut-Rhin and the Direction Régionale des affaires culturelles.


Daniel Gustav Cramer at La Kunsthalle Mulhouse
La Kunsthalle Mulhouse
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