May 15, 2020 - Copenhagen Architecture Festival - Co-hacking! Housing the Non-Human
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May 15, 2020
May 15, 2020

Copenhagen Architecture Festival

Copenhagen Architecture Festival

Co-hacking! Housing the Non-Human
Copenhagen Architecture Festival

This is week four of the polite hack. We expect more. Please. And the hackers announced new stuff:

"This time we broadcast from the exalted corridors of the grand ETH in Zurich: a co-hack with the TV channel, or s+. A short-term attempt by the Brandlhuber-studio to get some reality into academia and a long-term attempt to get some arguments out of the bubble. Introduce skin in the game and then play it with others. The Other. As in humans and non-humans. The topic of the chair’s semester is Housing the Non-Human. Nice. Co-existing. Co-habitation. Non-humans as in animals and plants. But also as in robots. And what about ghosts? Green-Porn. Really. Watch! Watch more TV."

Introducing amongst many others: Tatjana Bergmeister, Arno Brandlhuber, Ted Chiang, Marta Fernandez, Olaf Grawert, Donna Haraway, Roberta Jurcic, Anton Krebs, Blanka Major, Laurens de Munck, Joanna Pope, Isabella Rossellini, Matteo Stocco, and Christopher Roth… And we salute Marcus Hutchins.

You'll find more about the hack in the "About" section. And: this has something to do with the Danish / German friendship year.


What else to watch and expect
For the fifth week in a row, you can read the festival's collection of 47 letters under the title "Dear Frank Jensen" addressed to the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen (in Danish) with ideas and concrete proposals for a green transition of Copenhagen.

For the sixth consecutive week, you can read incoming essays about the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the built environment. 

In a few weeks, we start our series of recorded talks titled "The Pandemic Resilient Cities" in collaboration with WHO, EAHR and Think-Fast.

And...Our website will contain a more comprehensive section on film and architecture—a field we have focused on since the start of the festival in 2014 with, among other things, the screening of more than 300 different architecture-related film titles, summer schools and workshops that have explored the field and since February 2020 an affiliated PhD student who is exploring the field further. We have also invited some of the world's foremost researchers and practitioners of the field to talk about how they use film as part of their teaching at architecture schools around the world. More on soon!

Copenhagen Architecture Festival
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