May 18, 2020 - Julia Stoschek Collection - Julia Stoschek presents her media art collection online
May 18, 2020

Julia Stoschek Collection

From left to right/top line to bottom line, courtesy of: 1, 35: the Estate of Barbara Hammer. 2: Basel Abbas & Ruanne Abou-Rahme. 3: Cao Fei. 4, 17, 24, 26: Christian Jankowski. 5, 10, 15, 25: Jen DeNike. 6, 19, 33: Lutz Mommartz. 7, 22, 23: Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg. 8: Britta Thie. 9, 31: Wolfgang Tillmans. 11, 34: John Bock. 12: Jon Rafman. 13: Kate Gilmore. 14: Keren Cytter. 16, 20: Manuel Graf. 18, 28: Peter Fischli & David Weiss. 21: Monica Bonvicini. 27, 29, 36: Tobias Zielony. 30: Beatrice Gibson. 32: Elizabeth Price.

Julia Stoschek presents her media art collection online
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The Julia Stoschek Collection is making its collection of over 860 works by 282 artists available online for free and without any restrictions. As one of the largest private collections of time-based media art in the world, the Julia Stoschek Collection strives to advance the consistent democratization of this art form.

“A maximum of 15 percent of the collection can be displayed at the same time at our locations in Düsseldorf and Berlin. For me this digital presentation of the collection is a longtime dream come true. Art is meant to be seen,” says the collector Julia Stoschek.

To date over 68 film- and video-based works by 25 artists from the collection can be viewed in their entirety in the Online Collection Catalogue at Among the works in this first selection are pieces by John Bock, Monica Bonvicini, Keren Cytter, Jen DeNike, Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg, Cao Fei, Fischli & Weiss, Kate Gilmore, Christian Jankowski, Jesper Just, Lutz Mommartz, Elizabeth Price, Wolfgang Tillmans, Andro Wekua, and Tobias Zielony. “Due to the audiovisual component, time-based media art is predestined for viewing on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. We aim to reach people who are still unfamiliar with this art form. Viewers can already experience over 15 hours of film and video art on our website,” says Stoschek. The collection’s spectrum ranges from early works, such as by Barbara Hammer, the pioneer of queer cinema in the 1970s, to recent works by Jon Rafman, who grapples with the depths of the Darknet.

Over the coming months works will be uploaded every week in close collaboration with the artists. Additionally, a new weekly online video format called “Julia’s Most Wanted,” in which Stoschek personally introduces one of the featured works, is also available. “In their beginnings film and video art were profoundly democratic media, without limits or restrictions for artists and viewers,” says Stoschek. “This is why I am especially pleased that artists are supportive of our approach. I am very grateful for this.”

The Online Collection Catalogue, which is now available in its entirety, can be used to search all 860 works and 282 artists in the collection for research purposes. The individual works are presented against a black background that is reminiscent of the black-box situation of a gallery. Additional information on the works is provided including illustrations and over 120 introductions in German and English. Installation shots also give an indication of how the artists intended the works to be presented in an exhibition. The website creates a presentation space beyond a visit to an actual museum.

The project is managed by Anna-Alexandra Pfau, Head of JSC Düsseldorf & Collection. The updated online presentation was designed by Studio von Monkiewitsch and Studio Michael Pichler and implemented with the help of Tim Rodenbröker and Christian Trick.


For more information, please contact:

Project Management: 
Anna-Alexandra Pfau
Head of JSC Düsseldorf & Collection
pfau [​at​]

Press & Public Relations:
Robert Schulte
press [​at​]

Julia Stoschek Collection
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