November 16, 2012 - Canadian Cultural Centre - In the Middle of Nowhere
November 16, 2012

In the Middle of Nowhere

Pascal Grandmaison, Ouverture 04, 2006. Courtesy Galerie René Blouin, Montréal.

In the Middle of Nowhere​
Pascal Grandmaison, Isabelle Hayeur,
Thomas Kneubühler

November 14, 2012–March 22, 2013

Canadian Cultural Centre
5 rue de Constantine 
75007 Paris, France
Hours: Mon–Fri, 10–6pm; Thu, 10–7pm

T+ 33 1 44 43 21 90

As part of the Mois de la Photo à Paris, November 2012.
“In the middle of nowhere” is a paradoxical expression that has a wide range of connotations (from irony to poetry, from disenchantment to contemplation): it is used to refer to an object or a place from a relatively unplaceable space. It indicates a remote thing or location that is out of the ordinary or that juts out unexpectedly from the flat immensity plane. Literally an unplaceable place—an absurdity, a paradox, a deception, an illusion, a brightness—which represents a fabulous subject for photography.

Here, photography demonstrates its power to represent space-time continuums outside our everyday world, outside its flux, noise and inattention. For Pascal Grandmaison, Isabelle Hayeur and Thomas Kneubühler, the framing is a crucial process that proposes another way of dividing up reality to take us elsewhere. Not towards some form of exoticism but, on the contrary and more colloquially, to the middle of nowhere.

The exhibition brings together fifty-three photographic works from various series produced between 1998 and 2011.

The exhibition In the Middle of Nowhere is organized with the support of the Galerie René Blouin (Montreal), the Galerie Division (Montreal) and the Galerie Eponyme (Bordeaux).

Curator: Catherine Bedard



In the Middle of Nowhere at Canadian Cultural Centre, Paris
Canadian Cultural Centre
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