September 29, 2012 - The Catalonia and Balearic Islands Collateral Project at the Venice Biennale - Praise for Vogadors
September 29, 2012

Praise for Vogadors

Praise for Vogadors, Architectural Rowers
August 29–November 25, 2012 

Opening: Monday August 27, 6:30pm

Cantiere Navale (Isola San Pietro)
Castello 40, 30122 Venice
Transport: Line 1, Giardini
Lines 5.2, 4.1, San Pietro di Castello
Hours: Daily except Mondays, 10–6pm
Admission is free

Domus: E. Baraona
“In today’s volatile and constantly-changing times, it is clear that the Vogadors pavilion is not just an exhibition of architecture, but rather an almost literary journey that tells us a story. It is interesting to reflect on how contexts, the projects and their background coherently reflect the leitmotiv of the pavilion, inspired poetically by the words of Jorge Oteiza: “Whoever makes progress, creating something new, does so like a rower, moving forward, but rowing opposite to the direction they are facing, looking back to the past, to what already exists, so that they can reinvent its foundations”

Archdaily: I. Vinnitskaya
“For the first time, the Institut Ramon Llull will be presenting an exhibition dedicated to Catalan and Balearic architecture entitled “Vogadors”, featuring nine projects from nine different architects that epitomize the contemporary and avant-garde works from the regions. The exhibition is inspired by the Mediterranean Sea, which is the main geographical feature of the regions”

IL giornale dell’architectura, 13 Biennale di Architettura di Venezia 2012 D.T. Ferrando
“The debut of the Catalan and Baleraic architecture at the Biennale reflects their demands: autonomy, tradition, ability to react to the crisis and central role on the international scene”

El Mundo: V. Graell
“A collectively shared culture and tradition that have attracted much interest in Venice and that, as stated in the epilogue of the exhibition, is already visible in the Bofarull House of Jujol Bofarull, a legacy followed by Enric Miralles in its iconic “casa de la Clota”

La Vanguardia: L. Moix
“A commitment to architecture inspired by traditional materials employed in Catalan buildings, but used in new ways, with new textures and thinking primarily on user’s needs. Successful start”

El País: R. Bosco
“Catalonia and the Balearic Islands feature nine stellar projects, Badia and Arranz curated a proposal that links past and future”

Commisioner: Institut Ramon Llull
Curators: Félix Arranz and Jordi Badia

The Catalonia and Balearic Islands Collateral Project at the Venice Biennale
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