September 2, 2012 - Magasin III Museum for Contemporary Art - Anton Henning
September 2, 2012

Anton Henning

Anton Henning, Komposition mit Pin-ups No. 1
2011. Courtesy: Collection Horn.

Anton Henning
Too Much Skin, Taste & Turpentine

September 7–December 9, 2012
Curator Richard Julin

Magasin 3 Stockholm Konsthall
Frihamnsgatan 28
115 56 Stockholm, Sweden
Hours: Thur 11–7pm, Fri–Sun 11–5pm

Magasin 3 has the pleasure of introducing German artist Anton Henning in his first solo exhibition in Scandinavia. Too much Skin, Taste & Turpentine is the largest exhibition that Magasin 3 has arranged by a single artist.

“Anton Henning’s ingenious way of playing with the present and the history of art is unique,” says exhibition curator Richard Julin. “It’s almost impossible to put his real significance into words. The exhibition we’ve created is the best text about his art, for it’s in the various rooms that you get the total art experience that always arises from an encounter with Henning. He’s just as unafraid to upset as he is to delight, and leaves no one unmoved.”

Anton Henning’s work is often described as a Gesamtkunstwerk—a total work of art—and constantly challenges notions of good taste, especially with the many nude portraits he calls “Pin-ups.” He also comments on the nudist culture that emerged in Germany during the 1920s and 30s. Voyeurism is a recurrent theme in Henning’s work, and so the salon, with Henning’s paintings, furniture, lighting and objects, becomes an arena for observing and being observed. He freely synthesizes painting, drawing, sculpture and video into large environments and shifts fluidly between abstract expression and figurative elements to create his own idiosyncratic world of representation. Anton Henning has a special relationship with modernism and artists such as Marcel Duchamp, Francis Picabia, Pablo Picasso, but moves with ease through art history and the present.

Artist talk
Friday September 7 at 5pm
Curator Richard Julin talks to Anton Henning about his artistry and the exhibition.

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Magasin III Museum for Contemporary Art
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