August 23, 2012 - Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (Shenzhen) - “Urban Boarder”: Curator wanted
August 23, 2012

“Urban Boarder”: Curator wanted

UABB Shenzhen 2013: Curator wanted​
Proposal submission deadline:
September 24th, 2012

Organized by Shenzhen and Hong Kong, the Urbanism Architecture Bi-City Biennale (UABB) promotional event will be held right after the opening events of the Hong Kong Exhibition at the 13th Venice International Architecture Biennale (Venice, Italy, August 27th, 2012). Organizer committees from both sides will present the new epoch: “Common Title, Common Statement, Common Theme of UABB and announce that a Curator is wanted for 2013 UABB*Shenzhen.

The 2013 UABB academic committee proposed a general direction for the theme of 2013: “Urban Boarder,” and the chief curator candidates are invited to develop their unique 2013 biennale theme based on this general direction.

Notes on “Urban Boarder”
2013 UABB Academic Committee
The precondition of “Urban Boarder” is the pluralistic value of cities.

The world’s speedy urban development and urbanization embodied a kind of ‘main stream’ trend and similarity. However, the diversity, differentiation and uniqueness of cities is being ignored, or even perspectives: in the context of sociology, it implies the margin of urban space, brink groups, and non-mainstream life style; in the context of political science, it implies the adjustment in the system of organizing urban public resources and the ways such resources are distributed; in the context of urban geography, it also refers to the UGB (Urban Growth Boundary), areas in-between, and the relationship between city and nature.

2013 UABB will take “Urban Boarder” as its theme, which would reveal the diverse possibilities of urban culture, urban space, urban life style and their related issues.

For more information please refer to Curator wanted for 2013 UABB*SZ.

The final deadline for the proposal submission is September 24th, 2012. Academic committee will be held the following week to review the proposals and vote.

To obtain relevant documents and consult information about the Curator wanted of UABB*SZ, please contact: Shenzhen Biennale of UrbanismArchitecture Organizer Committee Office
Ms. Mi Lan, Ms. DONG Chaomei: T 86 755 83953209
lan.mi [​at​] szhkbiennale.orgCM.dong [​at​]

Press contact
Ms. DONG Chaomei, Shenzhen Biennale of UrbanismArchitecture Organizer Committee Office: 
T 86 755 83953209CM.Dong [​at​] / press [​at​]

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Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (Shenzhen)
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