May 11, 2012 - Today Art Museum - 2012 Focus on Talents Project exhibition
May 11, 2012

2012 Focus on Talents Project exhibition

2012 Focus on Talents Project finalists exhibition at Today Art Museum, Beijing
13–27 May 2012

Second Floor, Building No. 2
No. 32 Baiziwan Road, Chaoyang Dst
Beijing, China

T + 8610 58769690

Jointly organized by Today Art Museum and Martell Art Fund, the award ceremony for “2012 Focus on Talents” as well as the shortlisted exhibition were held at Today Art Museum in Beijing. The shortlisted exhibition will open to the public from 13 May to 27 May. Judging committee members Lv Peng, Karen Smith, Tan Ping, Wu Hongliang, and Xu Lei, as well as Zhang Zikang, Director of Today Art Museum, and Kathie Wang, Communications Director of Pernod Ricard (China), were amongst the attendees.

As China’s first non-profit, non-governmental art museum in China, Today Art Museum has been cultivating talented young artists and promoting the contemporary art development in the long term. Founded in 2007, Martell Art Fund upholds the spirit of Martell, the famous French cognac brand, which has long been supporting the art world. The cooperation between Martell Art Fund and Today Art Museum to launch “Focus on Talents” is aimed at continuously promoting the development of Chinese contemporary art and outstanding young art talents.

The judging committee of “2012 Focus on Talents” is composed of a team of professional judges, who are responsible for the recommendation and selection of talents. The judges participating in the selection include Fan Di’an, Director of National Art Museum of China, artist Chen Danqing, curator Huang Zhuan, curator and critic Lv Peng, curator Karen Smith, Tan Ping, artist and the Vice President of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Wu Hongliang, Director of Beijing Fine Art Academy, as well as Xu Lei, artist and the Art Director of Today Art Museum. To ensure the fairness and equity of the selection, the committee members will not take part in the recommendation of artist candidates.

After works submission, expert recommendation, and committee review, a process which has lasted nearly six months, ten outstanding young artists have been chosen from more than 400 candidates. They are: Chen Fei, Chen Zhou, Hu Yun, Han Bing, Li Wei, Liu Guoqiang, Pan Honggang & Hu Youchen, Wang Haiyang, Yan Xing, and Zhao Jingyan (in alphabetical order by last name). The shortlisted artists’ works encompass paintings, videos, installations, and other forms, displaying the wealth of imagination and experimental spirit of contemporary young artists. In addition, the year 2012 marks the centenary of Martell’s classic product—Cordon Bleu. The 10 shortlisted artists are invited to commence their creation themed on “One Hundred Years” and expand the inspiration and imagination to the past, present, and the next one hundred years. Their works are displayed with the shortlisted exhibition works, showing the diverse talents of the artists.

The artwork of the final “Talent Award” winner will continue to be collected by Martell Art Fund and donated to Today Art Museum for collection. Besides, to further encourage and identify the creation of young artists, “Talent Award” winner will be funded by Martell Art Fund for its solo exhibition or art studio exchange program in France. At the same time, Today Art Museum will also invite cultural scholars and art education experts, etc. to participate in this program and discuss the future of China’s contemporary art development with higher education institutions and art institutes.

For nearly three centuries, Martell, the world-renowned cognac maker, has always been closely connected to the art world. Following the awards announcement of “Focus on Talents” in May, the award ceremony of “2012 Martell Artists of the Year” will be held on 26 June at Today Art Museum. This will provide an extraordinary experience for the true life connoisseur.

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2012 Focus on Talents Project exhibition at Today Art Museum, Beijing
Today Art Museum
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