March 7, 2012 - SITE Santa Fe - Time-Lapse
March 7, 2012


SITE Santa Fe Presents Time-Lapse
featuring the online exhibition March 2012
through May 20, 2012

Time-Lapse challenges the notion that an exhibition is a fixed entity with artworks that remain consistent throughout the time the exhibition in on view.  Time-Lapse explores the possibility of a more dynamic exhibition environment by including artworks that change over time and utilizing curatorial structures that are based on change. With hourly, daily, and weekly alterations to the works in the show, no two days of Time-Lapse will be the same.

The concept of change over time is integrated into the structure of installations in SITE’s galleries by Byron Kim, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Eve Sussman| Rufus Corporation, and Mary Temple. In Kim’s Sunday Paintings, each Sunday since 2001, Kim creates a painting of the sky from wherever in the world he finds himself. The skyscapes are coupled with diaristic text, creating a dialogue between the infinite and the everyday.  Each week of Time-Lapse, Kim will send a new Sunday Painting to SITE. Lozano-Hemmer presents Pulse Index and Microphone, two technology-based works that depend upon audience participation to take form. These pieces record participants’ fingerprints, heat rates and voices, which in turn create the visual and sonic material of the artworks.  Eve Sussman| Rufus Corporation’s whiteonwhite: algorithmicnoir is an experimental film noir that is edited in real time. A custom-designed computer algorithm draws from a database of 3,000 film clips, 80 voice-overs and 150 pieces of music to create a continuous-play film that never presents the same juxtaposition of images, words or music.  In Temple’s Currency project begun in 2007, each day the artist makes a portrait of a political figure depicted in the news and creates accompanying text that is an amalgam of the headline and the image caption.  During Time-Lapse, Temple will scan her daily drawings and send a digital image to SITE, where the image will be printed out and added to a growing rid of drawings on the gallery walls.

March 2012
In 1969, Seth Siegelaub, pioneering supporter of conceptual art, organized March 1969 a.k.a One Month, an exhibition that existed only in catalogue form. Siegelaub invited 31 artists to contribute a work; one for each day of the month. March 2012 is an homage to Siegelaub¹s ground-breaking exhibition, updated for today¹s virtual, technological world. March 2012 is hosted on the homepage of SITE¹s website. Each day during March one work by a different artist will be featured.

Participating artists include: Axle Contemporary, Daniel Bejar, Beth Coleman + Howard Goldkrand, Ron Cooper, Faith Denham, Brent Green, Hillerbrand + Magsamen, Jennie C. Jones, Tellervo Kalleinen + Oliver Kochta- Kalleinen, Conor McGarrigle, Linda Montano, neuroTransmitter, Huong Ngo, Paul Notzold, Geof Oppenheimer, Ben Patterson, Dawit L. Petros, Adrian Piper, Liliana Porter, Postcommodity, Mark Tribe, and Donald Woodman.

Seth Siegelaub in conversation with Lucy Lippard
Sunday, March 18, 2012, 1 PM

In 1973, noted writer, activist and curator Lucy Lippard included Seth Siegelaub’s March 1969 a.k.a One Month in her book Six Years: The Dematerialization of the Art Object. Join us for a conversation between Lippard and Siebelaub, who will participate via Skype from the Netherlands.

The Time Capsule Lounge is home to an evolving series of activities and events including film screenings, performances, discussion groups, lectures, and a time travel library. SITE has partnered with artist collective Meow Wolf; musicians Brian Mayhall, and Brendan Carn & Colin Woodford; Jason Silverman, Director of the Cinematheque at the Center for Contemporary Arts, and Cynthia Melchert of Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe.

Time-Lapse is co-curated by Irene Hofmann, Phillips Director and Chief Curator, and Janet Dees, Assistant Curator.  Support for Time-Lapse is provided by Lisa and David Barker, Barker Realty.  Support for Byron Kim’s project is provided by Rosina Lee Yue &  Bert A. Lies, M.D.

Press Contact: Anne Wrinkle,  (505) 989-1199, ext. 22; wrinkle [​at​]

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